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17/06/2013 at 21:09

Ok, so loads has happened over the weekend. Well done GG, Buttercup and LMH.  lovely reading the reports. 

Sounds like you've got a good mindset at the mo Maths. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. 

Chili - pounding out the mileage. 

Razor - cant wait to see you kick arse at Outlaw! 

Come on Paddy - we're waiting!!!!!!!

keep your chin up Mr Cat, am sending healing vibes ((((((())))))))

17/06/2013 at 21:11

Righto it will be an early start to Sat then will see you there then around 7ish - I will be biking there and back.  Will try and fit in at least a turn around the bike course as well before I head home.  

17/06/2013 at 21:15

Well, Go Ape was fab and hilarious at the same time. I was shattered after and my arms are killing me today. Give it a go Chili and take the kids if over 10. 

Some of blender done tonight. Only managed 45mins at which point I almost vomited. Thought I'd better stop - I know 'big girls blouse'! Off to Cerney again tomorrow for a pootle round the lake. Will do a long bike at the weekend to make up for shoddy effort tonight. 

17/06/2013 at 21:44

Yes it was but that was a borrowed top! I can see me doing Outlaw as first IM tho' less stress you sir are a stirrer!  I did think about IM France but...I think IM Switzerland in 2015 is more likely to have me there as a competitor!

17/06/2013 at 21:55

buttercup - will be great to finally meet you at the ow thing

MrsD - yep, now I am not ill I am back to my positive buzzing self! just back from a master swim - shouldn't have had a cup of coffee before going - thought I was going to puke that would have been embarassing

I think outlaw will be my first IM (if I ever make it) because of it being so close (like the bike route almost goes past my house!) makes it much cheaper

like the sound of switzerland though, we went there on holiday last year and loved it

17/06/2013 at 21:55

Nice report on Go Ape, Mrs Digger, its one of the things on my bucket list. I have no kids to take along, so it might look odd turning up on own.

The tip on kicking the last bit comes from my experience at my first ever tri where I got out of the pool and promptly fainted. You always learn something new in this sport.


17/06/2013 at 21:56

steady - feel free to take my kids to go ape - I am scared of heights so there is no way I am going!

17/06/2013 at 22:03

Steady, you can come with me... I loved it! Take friends, there were 7 of us and it was utterly hilarious. I have no sproglets to justify going either so roped friends in. Don't know if they've forgiven me yet! 

So, Outlaw next year is it ladies? 

17/06/2013 at 22:04

MrsD - you are a bad influence 

Razor51    pirate
17/06/2013 at 22:13

Mrs D, I hope I live up to your expectations.  

17/06/2013 at 22:24

You blooming better do 

Its been mentioned before Maths 


17/06/2013 at 22:25

Southport Sprint Triathlon (my first event)  130 entrants

I was in the last of two waves (of 60ish) to go. We had a standing start in the lake which isn't particularly deep. The course took us out around an island and back to dry land near to where we started. It was pretty grim walking out to the start buoy because the bottom was pure slim/sludge/mud/ duck poo.

I decided to start at the back of the pack and let the others get a start to give me some clear water to swim in. After the horn went I waited about 20 secs then started out (FC). I soon caught the closest swimmer and the next but then I kept swimming into people's feet. This start/stop process cost me 2 or 3 minutes. The water was pitch black for the first 200m and I couldn't see my hands under the water as I swam. This was really unnerving as it was my first OW swim.

As I got to the first buoy (100m) I had a little clear water and got into my stroke. I eventually looked up to see the second buoy (400m) and realised there were only a few swimmers within sight ahead of me.

I thought the majority must have already passed the buoy and disappeared around the corner of the island. I took a glance backwards however and saw that the masses were all behind me. Couldn't believe I was out front. I had only managed to start doing the distance a few weeks ago in the pool.

Anyway I kept going and maintained my position. coming out of the water 16th in my group despite drinking a gobful of duck/swan shite water and puking.
Standing up I realised my legs were like jelly. I'd heard about this on the bike to run transition, but didn't expect it on the swim. I'll have to try that kicking in last 100m tip next time.

I had a tip from a friend to start at the front and out wide on the swim but chose to ignore it for some reason. I think I was nervous of being at the front and having people swim over me. Next time I'll follow his advice to have some clear water straight away.

It turns out the swim had actually been 850m because they moved a buoy out to take the swimmers away from a family of swams and their cygnets. The swim time also included the run up a hill to T1 which took about a minute.

Time: 18:59 Overall Pos: 57/125

T1 5:42
This was a horrible transition for me. I put on some compression for my calfs, socks, race belt, helmet, glasses, took on some water. I then grabbed my bike, realised I had forgot to put my cycle shoes on (yes I know!), and forgot my Garmin. All the time I had made up in the swim I lost here.

I have been looking for a road bike for a few months but haven't managed to find one. I therefore had a mountain bike with some slick tyres on. I felt ok and thought I was making good time but I was just constantly being passed by riders on road/triathlon bikes. They were overtaking at such a speed that I felt quite demoralised. They wee going at least half as fast again as I was. The ride was really bad on the return leg to transition.  The road was on the coast and there was no shelter from a brutal head wind. Some riders who normally average 30mph told me afterwards they were reduced to 15mph for that stretch.

Time: 55:32 Overall Pos: 119/125

T2 2:00
Putting down a slow swim time had mean I was at the far end of the transition area i.e. fastest from Bike In, but close to bike out. This meant I had quite a distance to run in my bike shoes when dropping off the bike after the cycle. I was quick in the swap to run once I reached my spot, but I reckon it cost me a minute here. Next time, bike shoes off as soon as I dismount.



Edited: 17/06/2013 at 22:26
17/06/2013 at 22:27


I had prepared for the bike/run transition by doing brick sessions in the gym the week before. 5km bike, 1km run, 5km bike 1km run. My legs were therefore ok. I was really tired but still had some energy. I quickly overtook a few people but then started to feel drained. I forced myself into my mental metronome zone and got a steady pace up again.

I was overtaken by a couple of people but gradually reeled them in and began to focus on runners ahead and set myself targets, catching them one at a time.

I make a point of overtaking people at a strong pace to try and dissuade them from having a go back. If I pull away quickly from them then I think I reduce the likelihood of them seeing me as a target they can catch. Once I get a bit of a gap I settle down again into the pace that I caught them with.

I was pleased with my run time considering how hard the bike was for me. I normally have that pace for 5km (when just doing a training run), so keeping the same time when I'd done a swim/bike before it was pleasing.

Time: 26:39 Pos: 80/125

Final position:
Overall time 1:48:52

112 of 125 overall or 31/34 in my category
I'm disappointed to be honest with that but I know where I can get better.


Next race:

I think I can improve my swim by 3min if i start out wide. T1 should improve by 2-3 mins.

My bike should come down by 12-13min with a proper bike and some training. I completely neglected the bike in my preparations because I was so worried about the swim. I think the bike performance cost me about 50 places.

Hopefully I can take a bit of time from my run too but not sure how much, maybe a minute.

If I manage the improvements above then I should be in the top third in my vet category and in the top half overall.


Sorry if this was a bit long, but I wrote it as a kind of diary to remind me of things too.

Razor51    pirate
17/06/2013 at 22:37

Great report Paddy, well done      

Mrs D, if I start to disappoint you, you have my permission to kick me up the arse 

Edited: 17/06/2013 at 22:40
17/06/2013 at 22:39

Paddy, it's your first event. It's all a learning curve. Great report! Well done 

17/06/2013 at 22:42

Well impressed PP, I'll be doing my first tri in Sept, and there are a couple of hints here - so thanks

PS anyone got a roadbike going (very) cheap in Devon, Mrs WS won't let me spend any more money on my mid-life crisis 

17/06/2013 at 23:21

Welcome Smurf... Have a look on eBay, gum tree places like that. Or local ads. I got my bike with the cycle to work scheme.

18/06/2013 at 07:13

Well done Paddy!

18/06/2013 at 07:51

Well I completed my first tri of the year on Sunday; Windsor (I was supposed to have done one in May but dodgy knees took care of that one!).

My race started at 6.16am so the alarm went off just before 4am & I arrived about 5.15am so plenty of time to check my steed was still in one piece (as you have to register & rack the day before) and setup and chill before squeezing into my wetsuit (which I’d only dug out & checked on Saturday night – oops!) and it was off down to the water for the start.

I did Windsor 2 years ago and have to say that the current this year felt stronger – at one point I’d done about 3-4 “swim-breathe” cycles & realised I was still looking at the same point on the bank so was like ok need to pull a little harder through here!  Also at the turn buoy, as soon as I turned sideways I got pushed straight towards the buoy (squishing the poor person next to me into it so was like “sorry!!”) but obviously it meant the 1/3 of the swim that was downstream to the exit point was quite pleasant!

Last time I did it I had a nightmare of a swim mentally; it was my first ever tri & was a rude awakening as to how slow a swimmer I am, as people from 3 waves later were passing me, which is quite a depressing shock, and while I had done a few open water swims in a lake, I think the nerves of being the first tri, facing a current & being swum over the top of etc was all a bit much & it took every bit of mental strength to not put my hand up & ask to get out!

But these days I just accept I’m crap at swimming & generally just go into my own little bubble & get on with it, but only 1 wave passed me this year & I even caught up with the slower swimmers from the earlier wave so that was a bit of a mental boost to the day!  My time was actually a couple of seconds slower than 2 years ago, but after mauling my shoulder last year which really put a dint in my swimming & the fact that the current was stronger this year, I was reasonably happy to come out with the time I did.

After the long run to transition managed to get my wetsuit off straight away (normally 1 or 2 limbs get stuck & it involves a lot of yelling & looking like an idiot before it comes off!) then once I’d stopped shivering managed to do my helmet up & get shoes on etc & off onto the bike I went.

The bike course on Windsor is lovely – pretty much flat with only a couple of small rises to slow you down but most of the time it was down on the aero bars & head down & away.  It was actually the first tri I’d used my tri bike on which was a bit of a novelty, but she felt absolutely lovely!  I passed lots & lots of people and only had 1 person pass me, which when I saw her calves was like “woah, she could be Chrissie’s body double”.  I made a mental note of her number & looked up her result & she won the female Olympic distance by a country mile so she was good!

So loved the bike course and loved using my tri bike, but disappointingly my time was only a minute faster than 2 years ago.  I know I did a pretty good time 2 years ago but as that was my first tri I remember consciously holding back a bit as I had no idea how my legs would feel for the run, but yesterday I decided to hammer the bike & it felt fast, so to only have come out a minute faster I was quite gutted.  But there was a bit of a headwind in places so that does play its part & I also probably faffed a few times getting the water bottle in / out and having a small cruise session while I was drinking, so it all adds up.

But anyway, it was back into transition & a change of shoes & off onto the run.  I’d forgotte

18/06/2013 at 07:52

But anyway, it was back into transition & a change of shoes & off onto the run.  I’d forgotten how dead ones legs feel (again, I’d clearly been very prepared for this as I’d not done a single brick session since my last tri in Sept last year!) & for some reason I couldn’t feel my feet at all, but just had to get on with it!  Once that nasty little hill up the castle was out the way and I was back on the flat I got into a rhythm & started to feel everything again & started to feel good.

The second lap felt faster than the first and the third felt faster than the second and then coming up the last section before the finish chute I saw someone ahead of me & thought right, I’m gonna get her, so put a turn of speed on & got past her in the finish chute, but then forgot just how long that finish chute at Windsor is and was like “seriously, where is the finish line as my lungs are going to burst in a minute!”.  Thankfully I held on & it was a big grin & thumbs up for the camera’s over the line!

I did however get another rude shock (even more than the bike!) when I saw my run time; 2 years ago my ITB went after the first lap so I had to walk large sections, but this year I ran the whole way & my time was only 13 seconds faster (and if it hadn’t been for the sprint up the finish chute I probably would have been slower)!!  I’m still quite baffled as to how that is as I felt really strong on the run and even at a slow run its faster than walking, so that really has got me scratching my head.

But, at the end of the day I got across the finish line unscathed & uninjured which is always the main thing, and the fact that my bike, run, T1 & T2 times had all improved from 2 years ago (albeit only marginally, but that’s still better than going backwards!) is a bonus.  Times & placing’s were:

Overall: 165 / 303 (248th in the swim, 81st on the bike, 180th on the run)

Female: 30 / 100 (73rd in the swim, 8th on the bike, 35th on the run)

Age group: 7 / 19 (14th in the swim, 2nd on the bike, 7th on the run)

Swim (750m): 23.45 (told you I'm a slow swimmer, although I can do 750m in ~18mins in a lake, which is still slow but the current at Windsor plays a big part)

Bike (30km): 55.33

Run: 31.06

T1: 4.34 (still lots of work to do there - gotta stop drying between my toes )

T2: 1.42

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