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09/11/2013 at 13:56

I span and swam

mikasa - well done

buttercup - a nice early morning run round Prague would be lovely - I love being in cities really early in the morning just as everything is starting to come to life

09/11/2013 at 14:17

Congrats for getting the job Mikasa and top marks for shepherding newbies at Parkrun, my debut run was in the region of 40 minutes but was a definite run/walk some time ago.

Buttercup, take is easy, remember training plans are not written in stone.

MC, nice spin and swim.

I have swum, then walked up Box Hill to spectate the Winter Ball Buster Duathlon. It started out sunny then the rain started and continued. I met up with Cheerful Dave, shouted at 3 racing pirates, drank hot chocolate (needed to keep warm), more talking and shouting then walked back down the hill but on the road as the paths would have been too slippery for me.


09/11/2013 at 18:31

Shepshed 7 Race Report

The day dawned all blue sky after a couple of days of rain – WIN.  It was a bit blustery but all good. SuperCaz and Andy turned up on the doorstep looking a bit chilly so I took them in and phaffed around getting myself ready and then we were off – not very far as the start line was only down the street really.  We got ourselves registered and realised there was no baggage drop area and apparently the locals were honest and everyone just left their bags in the school hall.  We were shepherded down to the start line – it was quite chilly by this point and we had to wait a bit but all good – waved to husband and eventually they fired the gun and we were off!

SuperCaz had previously said for us to run our own races (paraphrasing ) so I made a speedy start – really got to learn to pace myself better!  I look like Im in pain in the photos I’m not I was just thinking about where my feet were going – the start line and first half km ran across the schools soggy rugby fields and the wind had picked up since leaving home.  The course consisted of two laps that exited the school grounds and headed out on to Butthole lane, over the M1 and through rape fields and skirted the side of the Garendon farm before running through the estate, past the duckpond and up a low gradient hill, past the folly and up a steeper hill and under the M1 again and through quiet side streets up to the High School. 

Much like the Royal Parks half I saw someone I could keep up with and mentally latched onto them (thank you Sarah of the purple shirt).  I lost Sarah, as she kicked up a gear when her friend ran past her.  I ran for a while with the herd – as we reached the school for the first time (I for some reason thought it was one lap round ) I heard the MC boom over the speakers “Well done Laydees only one more lap to go” WTF?!! Arrrghh Suckitup Buttercup - get over it and get around!!  By this time the wind had picked up a lot and the tape outlining the course across the fields sounded like it was going to take off and the ground had got a lot more slippery.  Running through the fields I could hear really loud footsteps behind me and really heavy breathing – thinking to myself it’s a race not midnight on some dodgey back street of Loughborough hope they’re okay, as this guy who was running bent over passed me – WTF?? Rock on brother

Looked at my Garmin as I was running past the duckpond which said 46 mins for 8ish kms and I went hmm I can do that (I wanted to do better than my time in the Royal Parks half) so I put my foot on the gas a little bit more and then I realised that there was the big hill of the course up ahead standing between me and a PB.  May have said naughty words in my head and decided to try a bit harder and passed a few people on the way up the hill.  I surprised myself with the power I had in my legs at this point and didn’t slow down.  I wasn’t looking at my Garmin when it went past the 10K mark and I thought I had taken 60 mins to do it in and thought Im okay with that. 

It was at this point I caught up to the lady in pink (who had previously overtaken) and passed her.  I hit the top of the hill and just let myself run fast downhill, and then running under the M1 overpass and heard footsteps behind me – it was the lady in pink who wasn’t so keen on me passing her and had kicked up a gear.  Fair snuff – I am running my own race Mrs go hard as she passed me again and ran off about 100metr

09/11/2013 at 19:24

Hey where's the rest Buttercup???

09/11/2013 at 19:32

Gah forgot about that cut off thing

metres or so ahead of me.  As we hit the side streets again I, inappropriately, thought feck it! And ran to catch her – it was mostly all uphill gradient to the high school – I caught her as we entered the school grounds.  Unfortunately the ground by this point was rather soft and I had no trail shoes on – but tapped her on the small of the back and said come on then – she took one look at me and started running hard towards the finish line!  I laughed and sprinted as far as I could – obviously we both could’ve run the race faster as we sprinted to the finish line – she beat me by 1 second – loved it.  Loved the race photos of our finish too!

Gun time for the 7 miles was 1:09:02 but my garmin says the actual time was around 1:08:35 and after downloading my run data I found I had a new PB for my 10K of 58.45 (moving time) which I was stoked with.  I now need to revise next years run targets!  I think I must just run better in the cold than warmer weather!  Had a lovely run and Caz and Andy brought the team home with their game faces on – we are so running more races now Mrs!!  And we’re running this one again next year – aye MC!!

Edited: 09/11/2013 at 19:34
09/11/2013 at 20:50

Top work Buttercup. Becoming a wee speed demon!

Well done at the park run Mikasa.. Always difficult when decidedly damp! Same to you Steady with your top supporting. Is Dave truly cheerful?

Maths - how do you feel weird?

Im feeling poo today. Struggled through work, collapsed on the sofa when home. Not really moved since. Missed a bike and swim - irritated 

09/11/2013 at 20:57

oh, just lost my post!!

great report buttercup and well done. I'll join you next year

I am feeling fine now MrsD, spinning sorted me out! Hope you are ok, rest up


09/11/2013 at 22:10

Mrs D, call it a medicinal day off and hope you feel better in the morning.
Cheerful Dave was cheerful as he is back training again. The laps for the race are 8 miles long so it is a tough challenge, not many women doing it. Some were not dressed for the weather so many DNFs.

My legs are aching so more stretching and I will see how I feel in the morning for a ride. Mudguards still need to be attached to the bike.

09/11/2013 at 22:48

Congratulations on the new job Mikasa! Great news.

Well done Buttercup! Great report

I was sweeper at parkrun this morning too. Wasn't feeling well yesterday and spent most of it in bed so was pleased to have an excuse to plod round in my slowest time ever.

10/11/2013 at 09:09

chili - hope you are feeling better today

put the winter duvet on the bed yesterday and just couldn't get up early for a run this morning will go later though, will be nicer to run in the sun this afternoon when it is a bit warmer anyway and I have got some of my marking out of the way

10/11/2013 at 17:21

My bike ride this morning was in sunshine but it was cold. Very happy as I did 22 miles, 1000ft of climbing at an average of 12.6mph.
I really do need thicker gloves, tights and overshoes. My longer rides are probably going to be on the turbo when the weather gets worse.

Week 1 is done and only missed 2 sessions. I will aim for the same again this coming week as I want consistency more than anything.


10/11/2013 at 17:51

well done steady, maybe cleaning the oven should count as a strength session?

10/11/2013 at 17:59

MC, I don't know about that, but I will need to stretch the hamstrings out even more from the bending down and getting on hands and knees.

I missed doing a local 10k run this morning but did not feel bad about it at all, as I know that I could not run it at present and it is a bit lumpy. I am feeling that the regular rides are making my legs stronger, so I can build the running slowly.

My shins are aching so much now, not sure what to do apart from the usual, ice and stretches, may put on compression socks to see if that helps.

11/11/2013 at 11:55

Glad feeling better Maths. Hope Chili feels better. I had another 'medicinal' day yesterday. Turboed 30mins this morning to stir the cobwebs! 

Aw Steady, hope the shins play the game. I find that the most difficult pain to deal with. Plenty of 10k's about 

11/11/2013 at 12:05

slightly off topic - however was anyone else's energy gels started leaking?

got a bunch of high 5 ones on offer with long useby dates on them, but noticed this morning that a few of them have leaked through at the bottoms and covered the rest with wonderful sticky energy goodness.

is this the norm?

11/11/2013 at 12:11

Yeah I had that with Hi five gels - have been using 2ndsurge ones havent had that prob lately.

Cake    pirate
11/11/2013 at 12:12

Bud don't use gel's but from experiance it's not uncommon daft quation but have they been stored somewhere with a varible temp? If they have I bet that's what's caused it.

mathschick wrote (see)

where has everyone gone? 

Mind you - I am trying to read through the Pirate Race Team thread, although I am only half way through and it seems to have gone off the rails a bit

 Gave up on it sometimes folks lose persective because they are target fixated on there own goals. Id just ignore the thread it's not refective of the pirates as a whole and for some of it think folks have ever missed the point or got the wrong end of a stick.

11/11/2013 at 12:21

Buttercup - loving the write-up, way to sprint finish, so pleased you got some cool photos as well. 

Hi guys,
I'm just gonna take a bit of a break from forum life, I'm constantly bouncing off of injuries and cold bugs at the moment, it's just become silly and it's destroying any consistency and giving me nothing useful to contribute. 

I'll go rebuild my base, get used to my new clipless pedals etc. and once I get back to a more positive place again,  I'll feel better about joining in. 

No biggy, I just didn't want to disappear for a few more weeks without a word.

Cake    pirate
11/11/2013 at 13:00

South Yorkshire canoe triathlon race report


Bookie pointed this out to me a bit back and was integed by the idea. So entered it for a laugh. I’m a ex canoe instructor so for once I through I might not be out of the water last?


Pre race. We got lost on the way and had some lovely views of the yorkshire countryside for about 30 minutes working out where to go. This was very embarrassing as it’s right on our doorstep and only about 10 miles away. Finally found the place and got there at exactly the same time as Tom and Mima duck off the mundane thread. Registered got put in wave 3 and waited for the race briefing. The briefing was short and sweet basically go to one end of the lake and back and head out for the bike. Enjoyed a lot the laughter as they pointed out heavy rain yesterday so the bike course was flooded in parts and heavy mud. Didn’t quite grasp what that actually meant.




Due to the organiser’s not know what standard the folks where the canoe’s where open top banana boat type things and absolute pigs to paddle.  Got rammed and spun around at the start from someone who didn’t know what they were doing so didn’t have a good start and had to try and catch folks up. Enjoyed being in the water a lot and miss my old salon canoe correcting dust at my dad’s. Finished near the back but not anywhere near the last person out of the water. The difference between the people who came with there own boat’s and boats there on the day was noticeable. Saw the technique of some of the paddling and think some of them had borrowed canoe’s and was there first time in the water. IF I ever do this race again I’m bringing my own boat.


T1 had a laugh kissed a marshall to his great concern and headed out on the bike.

Cake    pirate
11/11/2013 at 13:01



This was a mountain bike tri and assumed wrongly that due to the location it would all be on the trans Pennine trail it wasn’t. I should have got a thought when I notices I was the only person there with cleat’s on their bike. Was cross country with a bmx/mountain bike loops in some woods. I loved it but was the most technique bike route I’ve done since I was 10 and on a BMX and had to walk large parts of it with the amount of mud there. Many of the bikes where so caked in mud that there back trye’s where solid with it and was very hard going. I quickly fell to the back but managed not to fall over. Bu the second loop with some coaching from a very nice sweeper I had got the basic’s sorted a lot for a novice and was making some progress and even tried a bunny hoop at one point. Enjoyed it a lot but wasn’t exacly going to win anything. Anyone old enough think off kick start and you’ve found the level. Some of it would be classed as a black route if that help’s


Got back to the T2 point very muddy slightly fed up with myself for not checking the route better generally looking forward to the run.


T2 sarah ran away as she didn’t want a hug I thought that was mean of her.




It was mostly flat a laugh and quickly got the some of the other runner’s in sight my legs where shredded from the bike but sill did ok ish with 9 minute miles. Had a chat with another runner who had problems on the bike and after targeting him for a mile of so make sure I went the wrong way for the finish line as the poor bloke was terrified he was going to finish last. Sssshhhh I won’t tell if you don’t.


All in all this was a top race and they should do more. If I go back to it will be with my own bike and with BMX peddle’s just in case. It was brilliant!!!!!!!!.


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