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25/01/2011 at 13:44

You're all so nice to me! I'm filling up!

I have had my comeuppance though - paying for running with a cold - the cold weather on Sunday has shifted my cold onto my chest. Feels like i'm being sat on. No training for me tonight.

The Sprint i'm looking at is at Ribby Hall, Wrea Green, nr Kirkham, Lancs in March - date yet to be set, but its run by Tim Armit in association with Fylde Tri Club. He runs 3 events a year - Ribby Hall in March, St Annes Tri in April, then Fleetwood Tri in September. He is calling them Fylde Tri-logy, I think. All sprints with pool swims.

The Gt North West half marathon in Blackpool is a good one, on Sun 27th FEb. I'm fancying that one but only coming back from holiday the day before, so might go for the St Annes Twin Pier half on 13th March. There is also the St Annes Ultrafit Fire Station 10  miler on 20th March. I'll definitely do one of these! Blackpool half has good PB potential - very flat but often windy.

JEvaNs - you are very organised! My weekly goal is often "do something", which usually equates in a perfect week to a club run on Tuesday nights (6-8km), swiss ball work on a wednesday at home (even 10mins kills me), run on own on a thursday (6-8km again), swim friday (pool, up to 1.5km if feeling tip top), club bike ride saturday morning (50-80km), run sunday afternoon (5-8km), rest monday. More usually it ends up as 2 runs only, short swim or no swim (oops), and bike ride if its dry (turbo for an hour if not). Very rare that each week goes to plan! 

25/01/2011 at 15:42
Hi Gingergav,

I find it very hard to be organised to, I find the more I plan the less I do. Although going through a bad patch at the minute, since being ill over Dec/early Jan I've lost my get up and go I just can't shake this last bit of virus just feel knackered all the time plus still got lots of mucus which isn't good.

Still gonna go and put my gear on now and just try and do 5k off road, will let you all know how I get on.

I to have a half booked for march 5th but at the mo can't run up the road lol like I said earlier going to buy new trainers Friday hoping that will pick me up

Chilli I need some lights for bike that might give me a chance to get out on it. I hate this time of year wet,cold,dark early and miserable or that might be just me
25/01/2011 at 16:31
Go for it, Silver Trucker - you always feel better for getting out there, even if it's hard work. I often find the thought of going out when its cold and damp is worse than the reality! Picture the faces of people seeing you going past thinking "blimey, he's committed, running today"!
25/01/2011 at 17:06
Done it Gingergav 6.7k off road/on road hilly wet cold muddy run. It was certainly worth it, I could even say enjoyed it (apart from the gagging on flem several times ) shower now dinner relax then bed lol early start again up at 3am nice drive down to London
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25/01/2011 at 17:38
By the way I'm with start fitness have some great stuff that's affordable there brand is more miles
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25/01/2011 at 17:40
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25/01/2011 at 17:47
evening all.. no training here since the weekend.. got a thing called labryinitis so bed bound for the moment.. very pi55ed off about it !! good training over last weekend though.. hjopefully i will be better soon and can kick off again
25/01/2011 at 17:56

At least you got a good weekend in first I'm sure your be back on your feet soon
25/01/2011 at 18:39
bootsie  take care and remember to take it slowl and steady on your return.
25/01/2011 at 20:46

Bootsie - Sorry to hear that you are bed-bound - hope you're feeling better soon.

Gingergav - i think I was typing last night when you filed your post so missed it. Congratulations on a great run.

Jevans - that sounds very impressive. Am very interested to hear how you feel it helps. I looked up some different training programmes and found many of them too complicated to even finish reading through! Then I found one that suggested running 3 times and week, cycling 3 times a week and swimming 2 times a week. Make at least one day a brick session. Have one day off. I can cope with that simplicity so that's what I'm doing - roughly.

The good news is that Smidge slept last night and so did I. Just as good is the fact that I didn't wake up sore this week from my 10miles hilly bike ride.

Today being Tuesday meant a swim at lunchtime (46 lengths) and a 4 mile run this evening because I still can't quite fit in 5 miles before taking daughter No.2 to Brownies. Because I have introduced bike training over the past few weeks I have dropped my overall running mileage just slightly. However, the cross training is deffinitely making me stronger. My time for the hilly 4 miles has gone down from 42:35 to 38:40.

26/01/2011 at 12:40

Ooo, Bootsie - hope you start feeling better soon. I'm back in work today but still feel a bit giddy. Not sure going to the gym would be a good idea, but really want to get back into a normal routine! SteadyCj... Wondering if I should take the advice you have given to Bootsie....

I'm supposed to be going to Zumba tomorrow... Has anyone tried it? I'm not approaching it as a fitness thing as I know I will find it hugely frustrating and unstructured (apparently as many as 75 people gather in a massive gym hall to do it!). But my friend is adamant that I will love it. Hmm...

On my three week rotating training, I think I am generally doing 2-3 sessions on the bike (which may include spinning if that is more accomodatable!), 2-3 runs a week and 2 swim sessions, but I shift my focus each week to make sure I am increasing my endurance in all three. It just gives me confidence that I am improving in all three things and not just drifting, which I think I could do otherwise. E.g. I might have 4-6 weeks where my training has had to accomodate other things and potentially my running may not go over 10 miles a week and my longest run isn't more than 5 miles and that worries me as I know I need to increase my running mileage. So at least with a weekly focus, even if everything else goes out the window I know I have done my 8 miles running or 20 miles on the bike or very long swim each week.

So, even though this is my fourth day when I probably won't be able to exercise, I know that I need to run, if nothing else, on any of the other days I am able to train. I think it's probably just psychological!!

26/01/2011 at 13:19

I quite like the idea of your three week rotation, or a variation thereon, JEvans.

I kind of suspect that I'm not going to manage multiple sessions of all three disciplines every week. Especially the swimming - not that I find the swim especially hard, but the timing of lane sessions and the getting to and fro put more constraints on it. Maybe if I make one week in three a swim focus week it'd help.

26/01/2011 at 13:59

lol its easy to dish out advice.. much harder to follow it.. doing better today.. managed a short trip in the car.. and been awake all day so far!

going to do a bit of piltaes today because my back is really suffering from being in bed and sitting all day.. didn't sleep much at all last night iwth th epain.. can't wait to get back to training!!! not rushing it because its only 3 1/2 weeks to brighton half marathon.. tihnk i have enough trianing in the bank for it so just need to get to it fit and healthy now!

26/01/2011 at 17:06

Bootsie - glad to hear you're on the mend and being rational. Better to go into a race undertrained than overtrained.

My training plan goes in a 4 week rotation, with the 4th week easing off a bit to recover for the next 4 which are slightly harder and so on.

Today being week 2 on plan a 35 min run, reality 35 mins on treadie which consisted of run 4 mins walk 1 min, with 5 mins w/u and c/d on bike. Managed to keep the speed consistent at 5mph for the run sections.

JEvans- have heard Zumba is good but as it is dance based and i have 2 left feet, would make a good comedy if i gave it a go, thats why i do running.

26/01/2011 at 18:58
Hi everyone, first post, thought this was as good a place as any to swing in...

I'm looking forward to my first tri in May. It's a wee sprint effort. Feeling ok about the swim, I did a bit of swimming in my yoof and it seems to have come back to me. The bike should be ok, although as a mountain biker my first go on a road bike the other week was 'interesting' (no suspension ). My running, however, is rubbish. I'm really slow and once I get to 3/4 miles that's me done. I'd like to start going a bit further so that's what I'm working on at the moment.

I'm thinking I should build up a base first before trying to go faster. Is that the case, or should I be looking at speed too?
26/01/2011 at 19:16

Sounds like you are on the right track there JEvans!

I have kind of been to a Zumba class. I was actually supposed to be helping lead an NCT session in the next room but it was boring so I sneaked into the back of the Zumba class. To me it felt like areobics to thumpy dance music. And yes there were 75 other ladies all in a big hall. Although it was billed as 'dance' based it didn't seem particularly dancey and wasn't hard enough to break in to a sweat. Whilst it might exercise different muscles it wasn't enough to increase my heart rate too much.

Bootsie - still sounds rough but good to hear you are feeling a bit better.

Just run 5 miles. Having a bought my first pack of jelly babies two weeks ago I thought I'd try them out and stuck 3 in my pocket. The first one I ate running up hill and it stuck in my teeth and I couldn't breathe properly and nearly gagged. The second one I ate running along the flat and decided it was better if I forgot my manners and chewed with my mouth open (surprisingly difficult to do!) The third was coming down hill and I was getting the hang of them by then. lol

Tomorrow I'm planning a long bike ride . Okay, long for me - 20 miles on the flat - but not goign too far from home cos I still haven't learnt how to change a tire. Am going try a mars bar, which being a chocoholic sounds much more appealing

26/01/2011 at 19:17
Ooo, drop back weeks. I remember those from running and in my experience I tend to naturally have a drop back due to life and other things (does this week count, since I am ill?). I do need to be more mindful of it though and wonder if my illness is partly my body saying "hang on a minute guv - i'm not used to this!" though I would retaliate with "get used to it!!" ....if I weren't so shattered....... !

Clairey - hello! Don't worry about speed at all, because your legs will be jelly after the ride and as much as you will want to run fast, it won't feel fast in the race (in my experience anyway - 2 sprint tris, 4 years apart!). If anything, run slower to help you run for longer. I used to build up by 5-10 minutes a week on my running and learnt that time on feet is far more important than distance. You may also want to try a run straight after a bike session, just to get used to the sensation.
26/01/2011 at 19:21

Hi Clairey! Welcome. Great to have you join us. Sorry, I was typing when you posted and missed it.

Umm, I'm not very experienced, but would deffinitely advise you go to for a base. How much running have you done so far? Or are you building from scratch? Many find a run/walk programme helps best. They have some beginners training programmes in Runners World site. I used the Bupa one. 


26/01/2011 at 19:23
Ha ha Chili - "not too far cos I haven't learnt how to change a tyre"

I forgot about how difficult it is to eat while running, but yes, eating with mouth open sounds familiar!
26/01/2011 at 20:04
Hi Clairey, unless your going for elite I wouldn't bother to much about speed for now. Start building your base like JEvaNs said by time instead of distance and do some brick sessions. Which means when you get back from bike ride go for a run straight away, again start small 10 minutes you will be surprised how strange and hard it is

Chilibean, only 3 jelly babies lol I normally take 12/16 with me just be careful on hot days cause you'll end up with one big one lol
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