Triathlon - what to wear (female)

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18/02/2004 at 09:12
Tri to Run did you purchase your normal UK ladies size? - (if that's the size measurements they use), or did you go one size smaller?
I'm not sure what size to purchase. To my clubs amusement, the last time I bought a swimming costume, it came down at the front when I dived in the pool (I'm only small, so I'm surprised they even noticed)...I don't want to go there again.
18/02/2004 at 11:26
Hi ET,

The sizes are just s/m/l, and are obviously geared around some very skinny triathletes. I had to buy a large, and I don't consider myself that huge, (my "normal" size yoyos between 12 & 14 depending on diet, exercise, time of the month, cut of clothes, etc). I did try a medium, but couldn't get it over my hips, so gave up trying to pretend.

I hope that helps, Jane

18/02/2004 at 12:27
I think its a bit like any clothes - the size on the label is something they make up when they stitch it in!

Orca is quite generous - I would buy their size 10 and vary between 10 and 12 depending on cut for trousers but am a definite 12 for the upper bits!
18/02/2004 at 12:27
At risk of hi-jacking the thread..........

I'd appreciate thoughts on socks.
Do you or don't you?
18/02/2004 at 12:31
Always on training runs, but never during a race. It would just take too long to faff getting them on over wet feet, and I figure any blisters I get will heal in the day or two of rest after the race anyway.

18/02/2004 at 12:43 you use talc in your bike shoes? Does it get lumpy like bad custard?
18/02/2004 at 12:46
Petal - no to socks for races (tris anyway)

I have some NB shoes that are v light (tri specific) and pull on (elastic laces and loop at the back for pulling them on) so it would be a shame to waste time with socks. I stand on a towel in T1 which gets some of the wet off then just pull the shoes on. No talc, though I do put bodyglide on my toes and heels at the start of the race (no socks with bike shoes either)
24/02/2004 at 14:34
Petal - yes I have used talc in both cycle shoes & trainers, but not very much. Not noticed it getting particularly lumpy, but then again in some races, (Trentham Gardens last year springs to mind), mud, twigs, leaves etc are going to be far more noticeable than any amounts of talc, no matter how well you wipe your feet after the swim.
24/02/2004 at 16:00
I don't wear socks for normal races but for long course I have to or I blister. Also, I have a neuroma under my right foot, the best way to deal with it is to pad it with cotton wool. Obviously I can't do that during the swim - so I tape a cotton ball on the outside of my sock under the bad toes, then pull the socks on before slipping me feet into the bike shoes.

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