Triple (yes triple) Ironman lunacy this weekend

Zuppy,Lindi and Candy swim bike and run relay like fruitcakes

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13/10/2008 at 18:56
         At 5am at the end of the second night. I had a particularly bad stretch.  I was out on the course and I just could not stay awake.  I was falling asleep on my feet.  I was so exhausted after 46hrs. of racing I was afraid to take a 10 minute power nap with out someone around to wake me up.  After what felt like an eternity I finally stumbled into tent city and Jim led me to the van for that 10 minute power nap and guess what I did wake up on my own screaming "Where am I?"            At around mile 52 of the run I picked up my new friend from Ireland, Nialls.  He is an out and out stud.  He just swam the English Channel in 15 hrs a few weeks before and is a 2006  World Champion Age group Triathlete.  Nialls was going to pace me the last marathon.  He was all full of energy and it was contagious.     With 24 miles to go and with horrendous pain still going on in my feet. I decided it was time to go for another surge. When I walked or shuflled my feet hurt alot!!  When I ran they hurt like HELL!!!  But at least it would be over quicker!!!  I told Nialls no more talking I was going to focus all my concentration on forcing out the pain so I could run.  When we first started running the pain was unbelievable!!! But I knew from previous experience at Badwater it would eventually numb and it did.  We were running at between 9 to 10 minute miles. After 4 miles,  We were coming up to tent city for the 2nd time and Nialls asked me if we were going to stop.  I said the only one word for the first time in 40 mins." NOPE"!!!  We continued on for 2 more miles and I ran a 10k in under an hour after  50 hrs. of racing.  We went back to shuffling and walking.  With Nialls continually telling me I had one more surge in me!!!  With a little over 3 miles to go.  I said what the hell lets go out in style!!!  So I dug in Deep for one Last SURGE!!!   We ran the next 2 miles at about 9 minutes miles.  Then the last mile I gave everything I had left!!!   After we crossed the line in 56hrs and 39mins.  Nialls came up to me and he said you know that you ran that last mile in " 8 MINUTES!!!!".  
13/10/2008 at 18:56
I want to thank the 75 year old wonder Jim for coming out again and crewing for me.  He battled through his own demons he fought food poisoning out there for much of the race.  I never Knew how bad it was till after the race.  One tough hombre!!!!     I want to congratulate Dan Jenson on becoming the first parapalegic to finish a triple Ironman. ( Dan is missing one leg beneath the knee.)  He was Nails out there!!! Another friend of mine Joshua Zitmer had his blood pressure drop so low during the bike that they brought in an ambulance to check him.  They reccomended he quit..  Instead he rested 4hrs till his blood pressure got back to an acceptable level and was the 10th and final official finisher!!!  Dave Gaudette did not sleep the first night and on the run he got leaners disease. This is where your core muscles give out on one side and you lean at a 45 degree angle.  He walked for hours and hours with his wife supporting him till he finished!!!   Also congratulations to Jane Kupkopwski who although not an official finisher stayed on the course for 64 hrs and 10 mins. till she finished!!!  It was an honor to be around su ch determined and coragious athletes!!!!    Thank you Steve ( Race director) for bringing us altogether for this Epic Event and making us all feel like family!!!!       Thank you for your support!!!  Show up and Suffer!!!!  Bill   
13/10/2008 at 22:55
Err... Does that mean you've been "busted" zuppy?!
14/10/2008 at 13:24

How can Bill write a report without the phrase "Livin' the dream"?

I had planned to write a report... but I've been busy!

15/10/2008 at 23:46
Your very busy.
IronMelissa    pirate
16/10/2008 at 00:48
Bill is truly a wonder - I know it sounds cheesy but I learned a huge amount about how to compete at endurance events from him, and I can't think of him without smiling. The old flirt. Show us your willy Bill!
20/10/2008 at 15:15
IronMelissa wrote (see)
Bill is truly a wonder - I know it sounds cheesy but I learned a huge amount about how to compete at endurance events from him, and I can't think of him without smiling. The old flirt. Show us your willy Bill!
The flirting appears to have worked as my fiancee has just announced he's off to Alaska in February to run an ultra with his new best friend Bill.
20/10/2008 at 15:16
oh, and the race is in Wasilla, What is it with him and mad gun totting republicans?
20/10/2008 at 15:20
I thought Zuppy's knee was crocked and he was never running again...

no - hang on - this is Zuppy so nothing ever surprises.......the man who said at IMDE "I'll just do the swim and cycle into town".......
20/10/2008 at 18:07

Ouch, one can do nothing without ones freshly minted fiancee attacking. I mean I only said I would look into a wee little jaunt in the snow. And I refused to do the 100 miler with a sled. So I am being good.

Apart from the fact I am seeing the states, one redneck state at a time.

20/10/2008 at 18:09

And FB- I should have just gotten off the bike instead of spawning a monster who had to go out and beat my time, just to show me up.   wimmen!

25/10/2008 at 16:51

They don't look very happy with the race tee's, do they?

Bouncing Barlist    pirate
25/10/2008 at 17:35
Nah there all clearly staring down at his flies as he's obviously forgot to fasten them and his todger's hanging out.  Lindi and Mel's hands are fighting each other to avoid reaching out
27/10/2008 at 11:01
As you can see they are holding hand tight to stop reaching out
30/10/2008 at 04:37

Also for those of you interested,

Bill has signed up to do the English Channel in Sept 09. God help Dover.  

30/10/2008 at 09:07


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