TriTalkMan - May 2008

Free full/half Iron-distance event at Mkt.Bosworth

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06/05/2008 at 11:11

We did good! Although my stomach let go something awful (oops!)

More info later - including details of the pirate ship!

Will HeWon't He?    pirate
06/05/2008 at 11:36

This was a good thing to do, and there is no way I would have done something as hard as this on my own in training. Not really the distances, but the intensity. What follows is the somewhat piratey story of my 'race'

For me the swim was very very cold. Got round in 37 mins, which, although not stellar for some, was good enough for me.

T1 Then took a speedy 13 mins as I shivered, had somebody put my gloves on for me, and generally felt not very well.......

Started off on the bike freezing, and took a long time to warm up, so the plan to start easy and wind it up to IM effort then HIM effort went out of the window and I just tried to get warm as quickly as possible. Managed to miss the turn at Fenny Drayton on the first lap, but someone pointed me back in the right direction. I then managed to take what I estimate to be a 10k detour on the second lap, taking wrong turns, then overshooting the correct turn etc. Time for this 100kish effort was 3hr10 which was pleasing enough under the circumstances.

T2 in about 4 mins.

The run was what it was. On the way out I started feeling pretty weak, took in no fluid or fuel apart from a little blackcurrant given to me off the back of a support MTB, and having run out with one girl, proceeded to see her disappear into the distance on the way back as she stepped it up, and I fell apart. 50 mins on the way out, 53 on the way back for a 1:43.

All in all, not a HIM pb to say the least...... but an excellent workout, and a good test for France in 7 weeks. Pleased I could run at a decentish pace while feeling so rubbish, have a feeling that will come in handy in France

Drove back to London, couldn't sleep properly at night. Went for a quick swim the next day, feeling awful, then slept from 5pm till 11pm, and from 2am to 8am. Quick 2 hour spin yesterday, and I am back feeling OK now.

It was a good location, and I would recommend doing it if this comes up again.

06/05/2008 at 12:13

Fairly brief report from me...

- we were soooooo embarrassed to arrive with only 5 minutes to spare when were were staying less than 2 miles from the lake...
- Shiraz then proceeded to be a numpty - ripping her swim hat and so delaying our start by a minute or two (thanks for the swim hat, Symes!)
- the water was cold - first OW swim of the year for us and it took us a good minute before we felt comfortable with head down swimming
- the navigation in that lake was hard - especially on the way out from the start - no big trees to steer by.
- we did our five laps in roughly even splits... my right shoulder reminded me it was there throughout... Shiraz overtook me with half a lap to go - she's such a sneaky hobbit.
- time out of the water - 52 minutes - I suspect this was at least 10 minutes short of a full IM swim.

- T1 involved a nice long toilet stop, getting our bikes out the back of the car, pumping our tyres up, spilling our drinks, almost starting, then going back for some forgotten gloves, then another toilet stop - 26:09 - possibly something to improve on

- Shiraz and I stayed roughly together for the first bike lap (I looped back a couple of times - such a gent)
- the second and third laps were OK - kept myself amused looking at the birds of prey, the top secret helicopter base, the "bbq music of hercules" and the very cute llama farm. Got overtaken by someone (hello) just near the end of my third lap.
- stopped after 3:15 for some food and drink top ups, talked with Newark, waited for Shiraz... eventually turned around and found her coming into MktB - I think she'd been playing with the llamas?
- did the rest of lap 4 in reverse... then back in the normal direction for lap 5, then cut lap 6 short - just wanted to get above 100 miles - ended up in 102 in 5:50 ish - would probably have done the full 112 in just over 6:30.
- the last little short lap also found myself cycling parallel with the steam train for a while - cute.
- was very impressed with how much I'd eaten (800g of shortbread biscuits?!) and drank on the bike.

- T2 was just a few quick chats (sorry I didn't see most people - half distance is definitely the more social option)

- set off on a slightly modified run course - especially to avoid the first patch of mud
- right hamstring and left ankle were giving me grief - so I plodded forwards at 10 min/mile.
- got to near the half way point (bridge 58) and went off on a little road running - turned round when my Garmin said 6.75miles
- was quite smug that 10 min/mile felt comfy - could keep this going all day....
- wham... stomach cramp sets in... back on the canal and time to make use of one or two (or five or six) of those side paths...
- the final 5 miles are slow and painful
- note to self - leave feeling smug until the end
- big plus point though is... I see a snake - it's there sunbathing in one of my selected poo spots - poor thing almost gets a fate worse than death.
- manage to still keep mostly jogging (but there are two 13 minute miles in there!)
- half mara in around 2:20, back to the lake in 2:28 (just under 14 miles)

- Shiraz announces it's time for fish and chips (Batter of Bosworth - excellent name and excellent food too)
- The Bosworth Hall Hotel was very nice for a mini-break too - especially appreciated the Jacuzzi - and it was nice of them to lay on fireworks that evening.

Good event - thanks for organising it - will probably be back next year.

funkin-baby    pirate
06/05/2008 at 13:42
My report is far too long to post here.  You'll have to read it on my blog instead.
06/05/2008 at 16:28

good show swashbucklers. super pirate reports. all a great bunch as ever, good to meet you. shame there wasnt more of you tho.

 mojon on TripeTalk xx TriTalk is game to organise another one for Aug 23rd - any interest?

ideal if any one c0cks up their July 13 IM or just fancies another go etc..

and you've got a bit more notice this time...


08/05/2008 at 14:24

results have been compiled - eek, like a proper race now!

thanx TT's mojon.. 

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