Unluckiest bike day ever?

I want to hear your stories of (now funny) bike calamities after my day!

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07/06/2013 at 08:54

As a lad I was cycling along-side a friend of mine chatting away (not looking where I was going) when he suddenly declared, "you going to watch out for that car?", "what c.?", Bang!

I'd just ridden straight into the back of a neighbours Triumph Spitfire. It was an open top and that day it was 'open'.

I did a nosedive over the handlebars, and thumped both thighs heavily as I ended up head first in the passenger foot well.

The pain!

18/06/2013 at 12:42

I set off for work this morning when the wife shouted "have you got your phone" from the door, I turned to look at her and rode into the kerb and while trying to compensate for my loss of ballance fell into the road and the path of the bin men who all 4 sat in the front seat of the wagon were laughing and pointing as was the wife and probably the rest of the street, I got up bowed my head in shame and set off again, I didn't rub my poorly knee untill out of sight of the onlookers

Symes    pirate
19/06/2013 at 19:01

I'd have thought surviving and being injured to the extent thatyou couldn't take part in sport again would be much more unlucky


01/07/2013 at 13:34

First time contributor.

Thought I'd give people a chuckle, my bike at Cotswold113 2 weeks ago was a bit of a nightmare!!  As a 19.5 stone ex-rugby player, the bike is always a bit of a challenge, but even more so when you forget to flip the brake lock down on the rear wheel, somebody knocks the wheel in transition and the block sits on the wheel rim: managed 8 miles before realising I'd effectively being cycling with the brakes on!!  To make things worse I had a slow puncture with 15 miles to go and forgot my pump (d'oh!) so had to limp the bike back (felt even better when a policeman who was marshalling pointed out that I had a flat rather loudly to his mate stood across the road a mile from the end....legs shot away with only a half marathon to go, didn't feel too flash, serves me right for crap preparation.  

01/07/2013 at 16:35

I did it again, Saturday morning 5.30am outside my front door about to set off and fell off about 1 second after getting on, the wife said I'm getting good at it as there's less blood this time.

MTri    pirate
01/07/2013 at 17:11

Back in 2010, in sunny Bolton, I rode my bike hard, and completed 112 miles within the time limits stiulated, meant I had to get off and runa bloody marathon.  Repeated the offence again in 2011, and hopefully twice again this year.  I'll never learn

Blisters    pirate
01/07/2013 at 23:48

I mean, obviously I've only ever fallen off whilst clipped in when I've been stationary. That fall seems to take forever, but no matter how long it takes you still can't get your other foot out of the pedal.

No, this tale was about my daughter, who at 13 is on the verge of giving up exercise if her elder sister is anything to go by. Persuaded to use her bike again after a few months ignoring it, she falls off in a heap of hormonal anger onto the drive. It transpired that the handlebars were loose. Daddy fix it, and adjust all other moveable components too. Whilst getting the seat post right and properly tight the clamp snaps clean in two. Trip to bike shop. Spend twice as much as intended, on things I hadn't anticipated buying. Rebuild her bike, and she decides that she'll use her scooter.

02/07/2013 at 09:36

I once had a near calamity

2006 at Swanage Tri, my 1st race after having had cancer treatment, so important in many ways

during the week leading up to the event, I went out on my race bike to make sure all was OK and during the ride I heard something go "crack".  me and my missus stopped, had a good look and checked the bike over but couldn't see anything amiss so carried on.

come race day, I was belting along on the bike leg on some lumpy bits and all of a sudden it felt as if my saddle had dropped but being in race mode I carried on thinking it just felt very odd below me.

the road towards transition is down a steep hill where I hit 50mph - hammered into transition, racked the bike by the saddle - at which point the seatpost came adrift from the bike and the bike landed in a heap on the floor!!!   I carried on with the run as there was not much I could do but when I finished and checked it out, it turned out that the carbon seatpost had completely sheared at the clamp.    that was the crack I 1st heard, and the reason why it felt strange during the ride - basically I was holding the seatpost on by the pressure of my weight.

and then it struck home - what if the seatpost had come off as I was doing 50mph downhill???  that didn't need thinking about frankly.....

I spoke to bike builder when I got home - he said I should have received a recall notice as a batch of carbon seatposts were sub-standard.  I never got that notice but he supplied FOC a new carbon Thomson seatpost which has been fine since.

I think that wasprobably the closest I have ever come to having a mega-serious bike accident - thank dog it never happened.

so - if you hear something go "crack" while riding your bike and you can't see anything suspicious, check the seatpost - and frankly anything else like wheel rims etc where a small crack may not be immediately obvious but could lead to disaster.

I was lucky


02/07/2013 at 15:35

You can imagine how pleased we were to see that the office next door were having air conditioning fitted... the units were to be fitted near our south facing window... Deep joy; not only will we be driven mad by the noise, we will know it is so -they- can work in air conditioned comfort.

What is this to do with cycling you say?

Well, while the units were being charged up there was a loud BANG. Like a gunshot going off. Followed by engineers running around; panic ensued but no fault found....

But what is this to do with cycling you say?

The engineer insisted there was nothing wrong, whereas the office manager was not impressed. A heated conversation ensued when the words, "If you can't work out what happened and what is wrong then I suggest you find someone who can!"

What is this to do with cycling you say?

An interesting and somewhat distracting day over, I went to jump on my bike to find that when I hit a stone on the way to work in the morning I damaged the side wall of the tyre.

And at some point in the day the tyre had split and exploded.... I must have spent a good 5 minutes sorting it out with a bodged repair...

 Very frustrating

Another engineer turned up the following day, more head scratching.....

Edited: 02/07/2013 at 15:45
02/07/2013 at 15:43

03/07/2013 at 12:47

I can only narrow it down to one of 2...

There was the day that my freewheel seized on a group ride about 40 miles from home. I was pushed to the nearest phonebox (showing my age here) and abandoned by my clubmates while I waited for my parents to pick me up. After getting home I decided to go ourt mountain biking (this was at a time when 100 miles was the norm for me most Sundays so I felt I should do more than I had), about 5 miles from home a hedge had been trimmed on the canal towpath meaning multiple punctures in both wheels, only 1 spare tube and nowhere near enough patches. A lengthy walk to a phone box and then another wait for a somewhat pissed off father...

Or the day that while adjusting my MP3 player (yes, yes, I know!) I ended up with 2 fractured wrists, multiple abrasions and a few hundred pounds worth of damage to my bike and kit...

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