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13/09/2003 at 20:39
Went to my technique session today and was very impressed with the trainer. She is a triathlete herself as well as qualified coach. Started out warming up with breaststroke - turns out I have a good stroke except for my left leg which apparently would get me a DQ in a pure swimming race but is ok for tri.
Now to the all-important crawl technique - my left arm was entering the water far too short, and the right one was not bent at the elbow at all, coming out of the water in a straight-arm arc much too high. Plus I was lifting my head too high to breathe, which accounted for the stiff neck I always get after a long swim session. We worked on all of these and I managed to improve quite a bit. Leg kick using a pull-bouy she was quite satisfied with except she said they were too low in the water and told me to tense my stomach and buttocks muscles to raise them - it worked!
Later, viewing the video, I could see exactly what she meant and also saw the improvements I made using her suggestions. She gave me a training plan and structured skill exercises to work on - all in all I found it well worth the money and a great help. Now to put it all into practice.
WildWill    pirate
13/09/2003 at 20:44
IW - good stuff - so i take it you thought it was worth it?

cant wait till i go away on my swimming weekender
13/09/2003 at 20:56
Yes Will, I can definitely recommend it, if your coach turns out to be as knowledgable as mine was.
She recommended always starting every training session with drills, and working three times per week for optimum results.
Seeing yourself on video and having an expert explaining what you are doing wrong why you are doing it, and how to fix it, is defo worth the money.
Hope you get as much out of yours, Will
15/09/2003 at 09:32
Good one IW,

I've just completed a course run by local pool for stroke improvement, and it has made a huge improvement for me as well. I'm actually enjoying the swimming now, whereas before it was always a chore!
15/09/2003 at 15:35
Hi Twink - same for me! My races always go: hope I'm not last out of the water, how come everyone swims so much faster than me? Thank God that's over, now I can enjoy the rest.

Hopefully now, if I train all winter and continue to practice all the things I've learned, the story will change.
15/09/2003 at 16:24
Early days yet really for me re swimming... but next season with a winters training under me I'm hoping to get upto olympic dist tri's

Good luck to you too!!

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6 messages
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