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25/04/2012 at 09:25
"Welcome to Miami....., Florida looks nice in November"

you'd better be quick on getting an entry then - usually sells out in less than 5 MINUTES!! or know someone who can get you in via the back door....
seren nos    pirate
25/04/2012 at 09:32
i had a bad day in London 2008 marathon and was in so much pain that i swore i would never go further than a half marathon again....

thought that triathlon might make it easier for my knees by cross training so entered a sprint 2 weeks after the marathon...talked to rio on here and found myself entering the bala middle the following month and having to rush out for a road bike.......

met the pirate masses there and wasn't long beofre i was signing up for IMCH the following year.....

i was needing a challenge.....but i personally couldn't have done it when my kids were young.....it was the right time for me....entered so many things now with the pirates ...things i would never ever of thought i was capable of..but you never know unless you try........although if you do fail its nice feeling

25/04/2012 at 09:35
I never knew what one was until I came on here. Read a bit of kk's thread and thought I like the sound of that!

So like everything else, it's her fault!
Nurse Ratched    pirate
25/04/2012 at 09:50
Thanks Seren. With a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, me working evenings and hubby working full time shifts, I really do only have a guaranteed 5 hours a week free! Plan is oly in July, 1/2IM next year (keeping up the running, swimming & biking in between times), and IM 2014.
seren nos    pirate
25/04/2012 at 10:07
some can do it and have done it....but i think you have to work out your own priorities and waiting for children to grow older is a valid reason...

it does take a lot of desire and hard work to get there so you and your partner need to be at a stage that it is workable...

good luck for this years plans
25/04/2012 at 14:02

Look at the woman at 8:42 of this video: IMKY 2010 Highlights

I was volunteering as a finish line catcher at the 2010 event and caught this young lady.  Long story short:  she had just recently completed chemotherapy.  I knew almost immediately that I had no excuse for not trying an Ironman.

Nurse Ratched    pirate
25/04/2012 at 16:03
And try (and succeed in) an Ironman is exactly what I'm going to do. So there ; p !! I take my hat off to that amazing lady. She will have had her own reasons for choosing to do an IM at that point in her life, just as I have mine for choosing to keep IM distance 'til 2014, and do other tri's meantime.
Edited: 25/04/2012 at 22:22
Nurse Ratched    pirate
25/04/2012 at 22:26
So how many of you ran your first ever marathon as part of IM?
Edited: 25/04/2012 at 22:27
25/04/2012 at 22:57
My first marathon was indeed during IM. My second marathon is Saturday.
25/04/2012 at 23:13

Never ran a marathon but will be doing it as part of my event on 10th June.

Entered Liverpool marathon in October as my first stand alone marathon

Nurse Ratched    pirate
26/04/2012 at 00:06
Which one, IronYank?
26/04/2012 at 00:14
I'm doing the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in the place I live: Louisville, KY. Home of the Kentucky Derby. But we pronounce it Derrrby not Darby

I'm hoping for a 4:45. Weather should just about be perfect (doing calculations in my head....) starting weather is about 8C and a high of about 20.
Nurse Ratched    pirate
26/04/2012 at 00:32
Considerably warmer than it is here in The Holy Land, where we also pronounce our rrrrrrrs!

Best of luck
26/04/2012 at 08:56

Being injured and not being able to run so I was cycling and swimming at the time to keep fitness levels up and someone said the fateful words ...."so why don't you try tri, you're already doing all 3 things"  that and pirates.

Iron Muffin    pirate
26/04/2012 at 10:31

I have never done a marathon and hope to finish one at Outlaw this year.

I have young(ish) kids 3 and 5. For me, the timing feels right for a first IM. They are not yet at an age where their activities rule the weekend and they are old enough to make it feel possible.

Like has been said by many wiser than me on here, it is the long bike that is tricky. My husband is great at motivating me out of the door early on a Sunday and it is my remorse that gets in the way.

Nurse Ratched    pirate
26/04/2012 at 11:50
Yep, the bike is the daunting bit. I find it hard to imagine spending that long in the saddle. That and being scared since taking a tumble last year!
26/04/2012 at 12:30

I'm doing it to lose blubber & give me the motivation to stay off the smokes.

Was going for a 2014 IM but Pirates showed me the error of my plans & so i'll be doing it 2013 now.

 Whats the average age of people doing/done Ironman Tri's? I'll be 45 when i do it.

26/04/2012 at 12:42

and why not 2012 Sausage ?

I was 50 when I did my first

26/04/2012 at 12:42
40's seem to be popular.
Iron Muffin    pirate
26/04/2012 at 12:55

39 for me.

Mid life crisis anyone?

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