What to do about chips in carbon fibre frame

NB don't buy Specialized kit - its sh*te

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WildWill    pirate
04/03/2004 at 15:41
at least it'll not have cleats
04/03/2004 at 15:42
ba-doom tschhh

have you booked your flights to austria yet hogey?
WildWill    pirate
04/03/2004 at 15:57
I have no money at the mo' cos car is broken and ive just bought 6 skins of scotish leather
cougie    pirate
04/03/2004 at 16:10
That sounds like the guy from the first hannibal lector film. Scaryyy !
Monique    pirate
04/03/2004 at 16:20
How are you going to fix your bike with leather Will? What are you making with it, I need to know.
Monique    pirate
04/03/2004 at 16:21
Fix your car, not bike
04/03/2004 at 16:56
he might be making an evil looking leather mask

argh its the hogeyman
04/03/2004 at 16:59
I don't even want to 'think' about WW in a gimp mask....

WildWill    pirate
04/03/2004 at 17:02
I am having my three piece recovered

I have also just had a ring from the garage - they havejust discovered that my cam-shaft has also snapped
Monique    pirate
04/03/2004 at 17:19
That sounds expensive will
04/03/2004 at 17:23
three piece suit or three piece suite?

i am far from a mechanic, but if your cam shaft had snapped, wouldn't your car not work? how did you get it to the garage?

sounds like one of those dodgy operations who go round whacking bits of your car with a sledgehammer so they can charge you for fixing them

i'd go down there and kick off if i were you
cougie    pirate
04/03/2004 at 17:27
Yeah Will - you go get 'em. That'll scare the living daylights outta them !

(what's a camshaft anyway ? My bikes don't have them as far as I know)
Monique    pirate
04/03/2004 at 17:30
I think Nicko is a mechanic he might know.
WildWill    pirate
04/03/2004 at 17:31
If your cam snaps your car can still run on 3 cylindars (depending on where its snapped)

I had it towed to garage
WildWill    pirate
04/03/2004 at 17:31
The garge my car is it was recomended by a friend
04/03/2004 at 17:41
if you have an overhead cam, does it go through the car roof?

what if you have a convertible? do they have special invisible ones?
05/03/2004 at 18:35
look pedals are the dogs - why did nobody tell me that spds are crap before?

its a conspiracy i tells ya
cougie    pirate
08/03/2004 at 00:01
Bit harder to walk with Look cleats on though.

Tiled cafe floors plus pint mugs of tea plus fatigue + Look cleats = mess.

Which ones have you got ?
08/03/2004 at 10:30
my spds had 'protruding cleats' rather than recessed ones anyway... the looks are better all round

er, some black ones with adjustable float, and some silver ones

the cleats are red

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