Where to get inner tubes

- for my road bike

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24/11/2003 at 13:11
Hi guys,

Not sure if I can ask this here but I've no idea where I can get spare innertubes for my road bike. The tire sizes are 700x20 if this makes a difference (I know very little of bikes - only they get me from A to B) I've tried Halfords but they don't have any in stock for a while. Is there anywhere on line? as I have a flat and a race coming up

Thanks in advance
24/11/2003 at 13:18

That's where we get ours from
24/11/2003 at 13:22
Rob you should be able to get them at any bike shop - don't ask for the cheapest as nice tyres and tubes are the cheapest way to make your bike ride better - do you have tyre levers - if not get some plastic ones unless you have very strong fingers and/or loose fitting tyres. Also at least one spare inner. I think that the smallest size is normally 18-23 or something like that so you'll have no difficulty as most road bikes probably use that size.
cougie    pirate
24/11/2003 at 13:26
700 * 20 really is skinny.

Try some 23's when you swap your tyres - comfier and better grip on corners.
24/11/2003 at 13:31
They came with the bike that I got, only cost me £50 nice and light too and as I don't race or train on the thing i didn't really want to spend a fortune (+ I'm a stoodent so broke)

Was offered it after the last triathlon last year and didn't want to turn it down at that price
cougie    pirate
24/11/2003 at 13:40
Bargain !

And 220 mag reviewed a pair of wheels for £400 a month or so ago, and said they'd be fine for training on, and gave them a good mark for value for money.

How out of touch are they ? What's wrong with a cheap pair of wheels - even new you can get them for £50 or so, and they'll be fine. Heavier, so you get a better workout, and you won't have to worry so much about them in the winter.

(sorry - but peeps with more money than sense annoy me !)
24/11/2003 at 13:43
Oh found out the club bought some spanking new ergos which arrive today - not sure how many.

I wouldn't mind heavier wheels, they won't affect my time that much anyway and I'm sure I wouldn't notice the difference - I'm a bit dim when it comes to cycling fast
24/11/2003 at 20:18
Edinburgh Bicycle Coop, they have an excellent web site and stock EVERYTHING bike
cougie    pirate
24/11/2003 at 21:11
Ordered my Xmas pressies from them. From my wife for me. Oooh the surprise !

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