why am i such a carp cyclist?


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WildWill    pirate
05/11/2006 at 20:52
not realy i think the day makes a big difference ... i covered the distance wel over an hour faster than i ever maanaged in training

just keep plugging at it
05/11/2006 at 23:31
Did my first tri on a mtb with knobbly tyres (at 65psi) and was very demoralised by the road bikes sailing past with far less effort than mine.

Have you got toe clips? helps with the push down and pull up thing with the pedals... (clip on feet better still!)

There was a nice article about tri RW a while back and it said beginners most common mistakes were not pushing and pulling as you rode and being in a too high gear, giving you low cadence.

Watch all cyclists on the road too - you can really spot the 'good' ones once you start to look!

06/11/2006 at 12:22
Strongly recommend a turbo trainer - made me the mediocre cyclist I am today. But you should have seen me before.

06/11/2006 at 13:01
Pushing and pulling - you mean consciously pulling the foot up. If RW said that then I disagree - cyclists don't generally pull up with the foot except for short bursts maybe in sprinting, they just bring the foot up so there isn't pressure on the pedal.

Cadence is subjective - studies have shown that high cadence is mainly to do with lowering peak forces required to go very fast - so the better you are the more sense it makes to ride at high cadence - if you copy lance armstrongs cadence and you are riding at 15mph you are probably not doing yourself many favours.

Turbo trainers are fine if you don't mind doing several hour stints on them - personally I find it much easier to do a couple of hours on the road and you have the benefit of learning bike handling skills too.

I think the first step is to be able to do a decent length ride - say 40 miles, even if you need a cafe stop at first. Get that basic fitness and get confident on a bike, handling it, descending etc so you can start going out with a group.
06/11/2006 at 13:18
Do you have many hills to contend with?

I live in a very hilly place. So going down can be fun(bordering on pants changes sometimes) going up always feels slow and at time knackering. I get a flat course and the bike whizzs along.

Stick at it. remember give some effot and you can freewheel?

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21 to 25 of 25 messages
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