Woodhall Spa Sprint Tri

6th June - D-Day !!!!

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09/05/2004 at 19:30
Got persuaded to do this by my husband with a bottle of wine on our anniversary!! This is my first tri and I reckon my bike ride will be the slowest of everybody!-I'm not confident on my bike. Is anybody out there doing this?
09/05/2004 at 19:50
Hi Wakey. Skidpan said you were doing this. I have entered and it's my first one too.

It's the swim I'm dreading the most. Look forward to seeing you there.
09/05/2004 at 20:04
FS - What time have you forecast for the swim?
Why are we putting ourselves through these disciplines? I'm not worried about the swim as long as I can do it slowly (like everything else!) but the getting out will be interesting!!
09/05/2004 at 20:15
I can't remember. About as long as I put for the run! I think it will be breaststroke most of the way.

Did you two go to the Lincoln Cycle Grand Prix today? It was fab. saw Rickster there. I guess you were probably at Lincs Track and Field with Sarah and Ian.
09/05/2004 at 20:24
No we didn't as Sarah, JCM, Helen532 and myself went for a 3.5k run, 10mile bike ride and then 3.5k run. Why am I wondering why I am so tired?
09/05/2004 at 20:43
Impressive stuff. I'm not actually running at the moment, so that sort of session is out of the question.

I managed a 30 mile bike ride before going to Lincoln. Mind you, if I hadn't have had the boys, I would have cycled to Lincoln anyway. Are all the above doing the Tri as well?
09/05/2004 at 20:51
Yes - but Skidpan isn't - he's on the finish line!
10/05/2004 at 09:51
Yeah, I heard he had ducked out. He'll have to do the Spalding Tri instead!

Are you doing the Wolds brick session tomorrow night with Lincoln Tri?
10/05/2004 at 21:52
No - that sounds too serious for me! Anyway its running tomorrow night.
11/05/2004 at 09:02
Blimey, not too serious I hope! I certainly don't intend to be taking it seriously, especially as I have hardly run since FLM!
21/05/2004 at 20:36
It appears that most competetors are novices so youi will be in good company. There is a article on tri for beginners on the Lincoln tri website.
22/05/2004 at 17:33
Hi JCM. That's a good article by Ken. Reassuring.

Hope you enjoyed the duathlon on Thursday as much as I did.

See you both at Lincoln 5K on weds.
22/05/2004 at 22:34
I would like to have done this, but I've decided to do the half marathon instead.
22/05/2004 at 23:10
You could always do both Rickster.
23/05/2004 at 07:47
Who'd be silly enough to do that?.....
23/05/2004 at 15:49
During last years Woodhall half I was passed by a runner who still had his Tri number on his ankle, so obviously He had done both.
If I did both I would probably need about 10 weeks off work to recover!
I'm doing the half marathon, but maybe I'll do the Tri next year if they decide to hold it on a different day to the half.
23/05/2004 at 22:40
i have done the woodhall 1/2m over a dozen times and this will be my frist tri(sounding like a pro already!).

if i don't feel too bad i may enter the 1/2 on the day.

24/05/2004 at 19:54
Hi Proper Bo, What club do you run for?
24/05/2004 at 20:11
hi wakey, sleaford striders. are you in a club?

i've just read my reply. i must have been tired last night. i meant to say over HALF a dozen times!-silly me
24/05/2004 at 20:16
Hi Proper Bo, I belong to Lincoln Wellington. I've only done the half twice but I did it in 2002 with face-paint on my arm! Surely this counts as more ?!!
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