2 day mountain marathons.

How do you train for them?

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10/09/2003 at 19:48
Hi Friend of Mak

I was in the Carrock Fell class. My friend is has been doing orienteering for a few years, so she picked the class to enter. We were 53rd, which I was pretty pleased about, seeing it was our first attempt at anything like that.

I did like the camp, most civilised! I even had a shower, very nice, even if I did have to dry on a used top belonging to my friend (after she had used it first, fairs fair!) We had a nice stroll down to the village, which Im sure helped the stiffness in my legs, my friend is a physio, so she decided we should to that.

I found it hard comming down some of the steep hills, in fact my knees are still hurting now.
That hill to the first checkpoint and to the finish was a killer. Im glad that I wore Walsh shoes as I saw people falling over because their shoes didnt grip.

We did go a bit out of our way a couple of times and I must admit that there were times when I felt a bit low, but there were times when we reached points that we were trying to get to when the joy was tremendous! I felt that the second day was a bit 'follow my leader'. We tried not to for the first 3 or 4 checkpoints, but got demoralised when people who we had left at the last checkpoint turned up in front of us all the time. We made a big mistake on the second day too, by casually strolling up at 8.25 to the start, only to find about 500 people in front of us! We then couldnt get past until the end of the path and then got in a queue to go up the rocky slope after the valley and that lost us a load of time. Still, you live and learn. We are both keen to enter it next year.

What has it been like in the past, terrain wise?
10/09/2003 at 20:44
I've been reading this thread with interest. Had heard about KIMM races but never been too sure what they entailed. I'm confident when orienteering and generally run a 9min mile on the road. Have done several hikes and expeditions in the lakes, Brecons, Snowdonia (each lasting 5+ days, carrying everything!!) I'd love to try something like KIMM (poss 2004/5)and wondered if anyone had any advice. I was looking at the C class or a score class?? Any advice?
10/09/2003 at 22:28
I'd say that that area in the Lakes is the most difficult. The worst I have ever seen was a KIMM in Kielder, which was mostly knee high heather. Did you know one team got from the last control to the finish in 2:48? and we thought 15 minutes for was fast.

The last KIMM I did was in 2000, 'C' class and we were out for a total of 13 hours and came 84th out of 220 teams. We jogged/walked most of it.

If you do the score classes then you have a strict time limit.

I like the score classes since you can make your own route up and there is less of a crocodile of runners (as Saran noted on the Saunders). Basically to compete you have to be fit enough to remain on your feet and moving for about 6 hours, and then be ready to do it all again the next day.
12/09/2003 at 11:36
Put me on the list of 'potential first timers' :)
Started (regular) offroad running and orienteering this year, doing well with the orienteering, experienced hillwalker. Boyfriend has done KIMMs in the past and may be persuaded to do LAMM next year (as it is a more civilised time of the year according to him :), but if he doesn't get fit fast enough I'll be back here to look for a partner!

12/09/2003 at 12:01
I havent done kimm or lamm, but have done one of their nav courses and have plenty off road experience

Will be looking for partners next year.
13/09/2003 at 18:59
is anyone looking for a partner for the kimm still. Am doing MDS next year. 50 miles a week... 1 x 20 miler...but no navigational or ultras experience...havent got much of the kit either but Im still keen.

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