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12/11/2012 at 22:09
Anyone doing Abbey Dash this weekend? 10km is a bit short for Comrades, so I will call it speed training.
13/11/2012 at 15:18

Anything I do now up to half marathon distance I call speed training. Gosport Half this weekend - speed training.  

13/11/2012 at 15:40

I'm on the good-old hill repeats - 6x2minutes.  Well, that's to say I started last Tuesday and did them again this Tuesday.  Next week they won't happen as I'll be in a very flat part of Japan.  The intention is to build a bit of strength for the up run.  I'll be repeating that work out regularly in the build up.

I am now back as 49072, my number from last year and CMA confirmed I would be running for a B2B medal as well



13/11/2012 at 20:23

Epsom 10 for me this weekend...

13/11/2012 at 21:41
@Bike it: I used that hill session to good effect for the Chester marathon.

@SD: the Epsom 10, would that be 10 marathons.....???

@PH: 21km speed session, nice.
Edited: 13/11/2012 at 21:42
13/11/2012 at 22:04
Stebbing 10 done on Sunday - great event, and for those who love the shiny stuff, a great medal for a 10. Still a kid at heart....

Luton marathon this Sunday and then Pisa next month. I still don't think I've got the rest concept worked out. Which is clearly one problem i guess SD is not qualified to advise on !
14/11/2012 at 10:54
Bike It wrote (see)
would they have underground carparks where there might be ramps you could run when it gets quiet, or treadmills anywhere?

I'm on the good-old hill repeats - 6x2minutes.  Well, that's to say I started last Tuesday and did them again this Tuesday.  Next week they won't happen as I'll be in a very flat part of Japan.  

14/11/2012 at 13:12

I am doing my first Comrades in June next year, very excited and nervous. I am trying to find anyone who lives local (in Manchester) to train with! I am looking at doing it under 10:30 hrs and I am already a member of a club but I am looking for people who are doing similar miles and pace, if not quicker! If you know of anyone or anyone can point me in the right direct, BIG HELP! Thank you

14/11/2012 at 14:09

Hi lorraine welcome along although cant help running wise as I live in Lincs.

ALL. This seems like a good place to start. In 2014 I have decided to have a go at my first 100 miler, I have decided on the Tow path 100 between London and Oxford along the Thames. My issue is I have never run overnight/never had a support crew/never dropped off extra supplies etc and never used a map although have been assured you cant go wrong. I am not prepared to do this alone so wonder if anyone on here may be interested, Entry critea would be fine for all on this thread and a comrades finish would be more than enough. There are 2 targets for those who want the "belt" A sub 24 and a finish which id sub 30. I would be looking for a finish If anyone is interested just post on here and take it from there

14/11/2012 at 14:28

Martin I'm doing it 2013 so will see how it goes - might be back for a second attempt 2014! Did Comrades this year but work schedule doesn't allow it 2013 - even though I did explain it is my only chance for a B2B medal! Will be solo and will just utilise the dropbags. The route is pretty easy I have done Oxford to Walton on Thames and it is pretty straightforward.

14/11/2012 at 16:27

Thanks Jeremy, would be good to pick up after you have finished. Good luck What do your 5 long runs look like or does this need something totaly different?

14/11/2012 at 16:41
Martin I'm doing Thames Trot in Feb which is Oxford to Henley (50 miles) and so could be tempted to add the other half in 2014. I chose it as my training ultra for Comrades as its meant to be navigationally easy and by sheer fluke someone I know did the 50 mile walk from London to Henley a month or so back and she said that half was it was flat and easy to navigate too. I guess that means, all in all, it's a good route for a first 100 miler so consider me a maybe.

As for current training I'm suffering from piriformis in my left hip so speedwork and racing is out but I replaced sprint intervals with 3 miles of hill repeats today. Hopefully back to full training in the next week or two.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend
14/11/2012 at 18:34
Martin - I'm doing it in 2013 too. Comrades training. But I'm about where you are now, so just hoping it works out.... I doubt I would do it twice - always a new event to think about. Comrades is one of the few major ones where I have fallen for the repeat sale hype.
14/11/2012 at 19:08
Blimey 2 at least doing a 50 as a training run! Ive entered the born to run 40 in swansea and thought I was good.

Need to find some more races as hate to run long alone above and london so far
14/11/2012 at 20:08

Hans - it really is only 10 miles - honest!

Lorraine - welcome. You'll have to wait for Carmen to get back online - she's local to you and is going for her third next year.

Martin - I'm trying my first 100 miler at the NDW100 in August 2013 (on the assumption that I will not be successful in the UTMB ballot). Fancy this one?  My reasoning is that I can carry over my Comrades training with enough recovery time between June and August...

Edited: 14/11/2012 at 20:09
14/11/2012 at 22:02
Where is Carmen?
15/11/2012 at 00:00

Carmen is still around - just not been on this thread for a while...

15/11/2012 at 06:45

How's the training going Kevin? I need to start the b2b runs I think, fine for long runs up to 30 but need to ramp it up. Need to look at shoes too, trying to find a trail shoe with a bit more cushioning than my present ones.
SD didn't pick a nice easy 100 for your first then!

15/11/2012 at 09:53

100 miles..... it's on the bucket list.  The appealing thing about the one on the Thames is the lack of hills.  Maybe see you in 2014 then.

Fizziofinn - The only multi-story I know in Japan is for bikes at the railway station - otherwise cars get moved by robot and stacked underground.  Tempo or intervals instead.

I've only got one other race booked as Greater Manachester Marathon on April 28 - nothing else between now and then.  Not sure if I'll be adding much actually.  Maybe something around long or hilly around Feb?


15/11/2012 at 14:38

Hey Guys and Girls

Printing out my Confirmation of Entry with the right number and the right seeding as we speak. Suddenly seems a little more real. Roll on 2013.

Anyone recommend a good ultra in Feb/March to use as a training run?


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