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What do people normally put in them?

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22/06/2012 at 00:49

Hi all ...

I'm doing the Clyde Stride 40 on 21 July and there are CPs at roughly 10 mile intervals. Not sure about the official drop bag as I've amassed a group of supporters ... at each CP I'll have a can of full sugar Red Bull, a small ziplock of mini 1" square marmite sandwiches to eat as I run, plus crisp/snack restock (I take 2 bags of Quavers and two pods of mini jaffa cakes per 10 mile section) ... will also have rehydration tablets and bottled water to refill my camelbak. I know it all sounds terribly orchestrated but this is my first ultra and I've tested and tested the process along the route 4-5 times, so I know where I am going and what I am carrying and what I can get at the CPs. Plus on the last (30) CP I have a mini can of G&T ... and yes, I have tested this too! I also have spare socks and base layer at each CP although when I ran a 31 miler last weekend in the pouring rain, I made it all the way, sodden (the plasticky arch section of each shoe still has water sloshing in it) but fine ... I think in a weird way maybe the water kept my feet cool and lubricated?

Anyone else doing the Stride?

22/06/2012 at 11:21

It sounds like you are pretty well prepared. 

You can go mad obsessing about the minutia of your kit on your first ultra if you are not careful.  However thorough your preparations, you will inevitably learn lessons and pick up ideas for next time. 

One tip I will give you is to keep your mobile phone in a sealable sandwich bag in case you get caught out in a downpour. 

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