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02/05/2006 at 18:24
scar runner just read your report, think its one of the best race stories ive seen. after all your niggling doubts and the bug prior to the race well done on completing it.
its made me think about doing it now.
your body must be absolutley shattered after that epic.
take a well earned rest
02/05/2006 at 19:26
Loz, i'll look out for you tomorrow. cleethorpe's vest is blue isn't it? And will you be wearing your Borrowdale vest FR?
02/05/2006 at 20:24
Yeah blue vest for me, Haile. I think I'm the only from the club going.
03/05/2006 at 08:19
I'll be wearing my Totley Vest (I'm far too slow to disgrace the Borrowdale colours now). I'm the one wearing specs who looks like he's had a fight with a lawnmower. Also a distinct odour of eau de sheep.
03/05/2006 at 09:24
A Totley vest! That narrows it down a bit then...
03/05/2006 at 09:44
Blue shorts, red underpants, black socks NB RX's. Would you like me to wear a rose behind my ear too?

03/05/2006 at 10:08
dont be rediculous, just hold it like any normal person would do...
03/05/2006 at 21:18
Hope you lot had a good race, I had an enforced rest day as I was required to do the times and results for our monthly club race.

Anyone planning on coming to Hunshelf Amble later this summer? Did it last year; good fun!
03/05/2006 at 22:33
Nice to meet you too, Haile and FR, didn't notice any eau de sheep though!
04/05/2006 at 06:56
Yeah blue vest for me, Haile. I think I'm the only from the club going.
04/05/2006 at 06:58
What! how did that get there?
04/05/2006 at 07:35
Nice to meet you two, too.

What did you think to the race? Seemed like a fair bit of road.
04/05/2006 at 09:09
Always good to put names to faces - although I was confused that Haille had a very ordinary nose, and Loz's hair wasn't blue :-))

There was a fair chunk of road - probably about 30-40% I'd say. hats off to the car drivers - very considerate and patient I'd say.

The climb up Limb Valley to the Oxstones was pleasant enough, but I spent far too much time nattering, and didn't make the best of it.

I wasn't too sure about the distance either. If it really was 6 miles then it was very fast. Having said that my back is assuring me that it really WAS 6 miles this morning.

All in all a decent race I thought. Good one for first timers.

04/05/2006 at 11:01
Yeah blue vest for me, Haile. I think I'm the only from the club going.
04/05/2006 at 15:03
Loz, just wondering what colour vest you run in?
04/05/2006 at 16:00
Think it might be blue.
04/05/2006 at 16:47
I don't know why that keeps happening! But it's right my vest is blue. I enjoyed the race, but I must admit there was a bit too much road. Didn't do my fragile calf much good. was glad FR was chatting all the way round tho, otherwise he'd have stormed past me.
04/05/2006 at 16:56
How did SR get on at PPPs?
04/05/2006 at 18:10
i think she did a report on sundays training thread mtb.
04/05/2006 at 18:46
BTW Good luck Haile in the Fred Witton, rather you than me :)
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