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02/01/2007 at 12:18
FRA site has been there every time I've tried - and it's there now.

You missed a belter of a run at the Auld Lang's Syne. The new course is a bit 'tracky' but it makes it all runnable.

I'm entering the 3Peaks this year. Hoping to shed a few pounds over the next few weeks, x-country this weekend (my debut), Brass Monkey 1/2 on the 21st, Greeba mountain race on the 27th and then the Rombalds Stride on the 3rd Feb.

Happy new year!
eM.milou    pirate
02/01/2007 at 12:44
The forums are down hamertime or can you access those? I van get into the main website - races etc but as I say the forums are SHUT!!
02/01/2007 at 12:55
I've spoken to brett about the FRA forum and he says it will be back up and running today or tomorrow, fingers crossed!
02/01/2007 at 13:30
Sorry to drop in, but I've a question about cross country/fell running shoes, and wondered if anyone can help.

I want to do some cross country running or a fell race or two, but only have road shoes. One of the races I'm looking at advises I should use spikes or waffles.

So I was wondering what people would recommend, I currently run in Nike Air Structure Triax, and find they're brilliant. I'd prefer to use Nike's again if possible.

02/01/2007 at 14:13
Don't know anything about spikes mark. But I have learnt that off-road muddy running on hills is a no-no in road shoes, unless you're good at ice skating techniques!! :-)

My fave road shoes are the triax too, but I wouldn't run in the mud in them - studs everytime (Inov8 330s for me). :-)
eM.milou    pirate
02/01/2007 at 14:28
innov8's for me too!
02/01/2007 at 22:29
Aha! Just seen that this thread has been resurrected!

Good news about the FRA forums hopefully...I mean, how can I be expected to go back to work if there are no forums to spend the day on? :-)
02/01/2007 at 22:47
Wooooooo hoooooooooo....FRA forums ARE BACK!! :-)

Bye Bye RW!!
02/01/2007 at 22:54
Yep the FRA forum is back! Just not a lot of content at the moment. Still I'm sure it won't take too long to fill up again.
02/01/2007 at 23:02
Oooh, lets have a look then. Are they all empty then?
eM.milou    pirate
03/01/2007 at 14:10
Filling up nicely now!!
03/01/2007 at 15:18
Anyone know any Fell races within reach of London without an overnight stay except Box Hill? I joined the FRA but there's nothing even remotely local. Surely the South Downs must have some races?

Any help would be appreciated.
eM.milou    pirate
04/01/2007 at 10:45
You could try contacting local clubs around the area (south downs)they may have some that aren't in the calender but the lions share of the races are Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbys.
04/01/2007 at 11:27
FRA forum is a sad and empty place - all the huge amount of content built up in the last couple of years has apparently been corrupted and has gone for good - really is a big loss as there is a wealth of good stuff - race route descriptions, write-ups, advice etc that has been lost for ever.

Oh well - better get over there and start filling it up again with mindless drivel!
04/01/2007 at 11:38
It's filling up quite quickly really. And taking up huge amounts of my spare time already, must turn this computer off!

Tis a real shame about all the race route tips though - that stuff was worth it's weight in gold.
04/01/2007 at 12:34
Hi All,

It truely is a shame that the old FRA forum stuff has gone, but I found whilst searching for info on the Edale Skyline that when I googled

www.fellrunner forum edale

I got 5 results but then clicked on

repeat the search with the omitted results included.

I got 252 results and these included lots of other stuff from the forum not specifically about Edale.

If you click on the title to open them you get a "not found page", but if you click on "cached" they open and are readable.

Not sure exactly what you will find with alternative similar searches but I found what I was looking for.

Hope this works for you.
04/01/2007 at 12:43
sharmanian - there's the Isle of Wight fell running festival in September.

Also, a lot of the races in the south Peak district are a 3 hour drive from London on a good day - depends what part of London your're in though, but something like the Black Rocks fell race (which is a weekday evening in July) would be do-able - leave work at lunchtime, drive to Cromford (Junction 27?28? of M1), do race (starts 7:00/7.30 p.m., go to pub, leave Derbyshire at 9/9:30 ish, back just after midnight - easy.

Or a chap called Dave Denton organises fell races in Milford and Ambergate, which are even further south
(just north of Derby in fact) www.runningwithdavid.com and definitely within day trip range
15/01/2007 at 11:03
Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the race route of the Skiddaw race? I've looked everywhere. Thanks in advance.
15/01/2007 at 11:10
Not sure where you can get a copy of the route but, from memory, it goes;

From the cricket club, up through Latrigg woods to the Latrigg Car Park, then up the main path (no going off route!) up Jenkins Hill (I think that's what it's called), follow the main path to the summit, turn around and same way back down apart from an allowed short cut across the grass at the top of Jenkins Hill.

Finish back down by the cricket club.

If you want some more detailed info from loads of fellrunners, head over to the FRA forums and post the same question.
15/01/2007 at 12:37
Thanks m8, will do.
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