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31/01/2007 at 12:08
A good race for this week end is the Mickledon Straddle, setting off from Langsett to the end of Ladybower then back over again. No route finding problems but two big climbs. Around 13 miles and all runable.

Re Edale Skyline if you were one of the lucky 500 who got in to this Championship race you are in for a treat, first timers should go easy up Ringing Roger. Last year I was the Marshal on Grindslow, Will probably be there again this year so say hi as you crawl past!
01/02/2007 at 23:08
I'll look out for you Ian, this will be my first time at Edale and looking forward to it.
02/02/2007 at 08:32
Hello Ian re. Edal Skyline - look out for a an orange and black Milton Keynes vest (there will only be the one); that'll be me.

Cheers - HLS (aka Raymond)
04/02/2007 at 18:41
Mudclaw 330's ordered from Pete Bland sports great price and free delivery :).
05/02/2007 at 15:54
Ran the Long Mynd valleys at the weekend.

Boy Id forgotten how hard they were

Did a pb on both days tho! :)
05/02/2007 at 16:06
Did you do Titterstone and the Valleys Tilly?

Your legs must be a wee bit tired today :-/
05/02/2007 at 16:16
Hi Juicer

Yep did both

Knocked 4 minutes of last time of running Titterstone and 45 minutes of Long Mynd

Am very chuffed but absolutely kn*****ed!!!

Did you do it?
05/02/2007 at 19:56
That's fantastic Tilly. Well done :-)

I was going to do the Valleys, but lots of training hiccups (falls, colds etc) in January made me lose confidence and I chickened out. Did the Stourbridge Stagger instead. Zoomed over to Church Stretton after to meet fella and friends who had done it though, and share in the copiously available tea. Always really like the atmosphere at these things! :-)

Do you do much of the Shropshire stuff?
06/02/2007 at 08:31
Thanks Juicer :oD

Ive only ever done 2 Long Mynd weekends and 2 Box Hills. Dont normally attempt fell running, in fact Long Mynd was my first

Must be mad! ha ha

You are right though, fab atmosphere.

Im based in Essex so we dont get much call for fell running - ha ha - mind you our club has a lot of people that regularly do Long Mynd.
06/02/2007 at 14:04
Ah, yes. I saw the Essex contingent in the Social Club. Didn't one of your chaps fall and break a few bones, and spend the night in the local Shropshire hospital?

Fancy doing Long Mynd as your first fell race. I think you're right, and you probably are mad. Good on yer!!! :-)
06/02/2007 at 15:14
LOL!! thanks

Yep poor guy, hes broken his wrist and has his ankle in plaster as well, I actually saw him bounce down the hill, not nice at all !

06/02/2007 at 15:20
Well done on your runs TillyP! 45 mins....that's a huge chunk to knock off your PB :-)

Your runner fell on the slope down from "Barrister's Plain" didn't he? Quite a slope! You come over the top and think "what? down THERE!?!?". I was very cautious running it in training but managed a slightly better effort on the day (although was passed by someone who shouted "watch out, suicide runner coming through"!).

Hope he gets better soon and gets back out on the fells :-)
06/02/2007 at 15:37
Thanks Rich - it was lovely to actually return to the social club before the prize giving for a change (not that I won anything) last time I came back to an empty hall!!

Yep thats the slope, I take that slope very seriously!!! I get on my butt and slide down it!

Will pass your wishes over - thanks for that!
15/02/2007 at 14:27
How's your injured runner TillyP?

Was over there again last Sunday. Did hesitate for a second at the top of that slope! :-0

"I take that slope very seriously!!! I get on my butt and slide down it!" - TillyP, I tried that and it didn't work so well for me. Something to do with "size" do you think?!? ;-)))
16/02/2007 at 23:37
Mudclaws turned up today can't wait to get out and try them.
25/02/2007 at 11:56
ND - have you had a chance to test the Mudclaws out yet?

Cheers - HLS

eM.milou    pirate
26/02/2007 at 09:19
eM.milou    pirate
26/02/2007 at 09:20
oh eck - not sure that worked how it should.
16/03/2007 at 09:12
Looks like 'interesting' weather is a possibility for Edale on Sunday! Hoping the forecast of heavy snow holding off to the evening is right.

Cheers - HLS
17/03/2007 at 00:01
HLS - ouldn't try out the mudclaws as they were a half size to big and sent them back still waiting for replacements.

Euro 45 in my other shoes fit fine but the MC's were too big.

Can't run Edale this weekend, a guy who works on my shift left this week now we are short staffed :(
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