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20/03/2007 at 12:18

Did you all survive Edale then? Bit of a plain day wasn't it - I was actually having trouble making progress downhill off of Mam Nick into the teeth of the gale....
20/03/2007 at 12:54
We went up to spectate at Ringing Roger and Mam tor and I think that Norseman Dave had a lucky escape. MrB went to the rescue of one lassie on Ringing Roger who had already lost the will to live (and that was 20 minutes into the race!) and was sitting on a boulder crying. Also gave a runner a lift down from Mam Nick who had retired with exhaustion. I got blown off my feet a few times just spectating - for once I was glad I wasn't running! (not often I say that!!)

20/03/2007 at 20:00
I saw on the Kinder Mountain Rescue site that they collected SIX people up by some rocks who were suffering with hyperthermia and exhaustion.


Well done everyone who braved it and survived!!
20/03/2007 at 21:48
Well living and working up here I knew what to expect, but even so there were moments when I questioned whether it was an entirely wise endeavour. I figured though that after Mam Nick the quickest way home was to complete the course.

Thats the second time in three years that the weather has played havoc with the field.
21/03/2007 at 09:18
Hello there - as I've been telling anybody who will listen Edale was my first time out on the fells (not just first race but my first time running on them...have done some other hills though!). A lot of it was an awful experience at the time. What wasn't awful was mostly uncomfortable; and only for a relatively flewting few moments was it actually enjoyable.

Having said all of that, the post race sense of achievement was and remains immense; I managed to make the cut off in 2.12 and finally got round in a tortoise like 4.32. Running, walking and at times clambering (out of boggy holes and up and down freezing cold rocks) has taught me at least three valuable lessons:
1. Don't imagine that the fells are like the Downs (obvious I know but then distance can produced all sorts of deluded beliefs...I live in Brighton). They both go up and down but there the similarity ends; the steepness and the terrain underfoot demand very different approaches.
2. Technique; from the above there is no real substitute for learning how to run over bogs and boulders, you just have to learn to do it by doing it. Apologies to those people who I slowed down coming off Ringing Roger at the end; honestly that was as fast as I dared to go.
3. Don't underestimate the physical challenge; for me this means being realistic about the amount of training I missed in the run up to the race (due to colds and a chest infection) and taking much more care to keep fuelled up on the way round. Next time I will eat much more (dates are good but not good enough).
And there you have it; there will be a next time...hopefully the weather will be better, I'll be fitter, my technique will have improved and who knows I might even get to enjoy the going round bit as well as the post race endorphin induced euphoria.

Cheers to all those who the Edale Skyline happen last Sunday: organisers, marshals, mountain rescue teams, supporters, kit checkers and caterers...if I've missed anybody out apologies but you know who you are.

All the best - HLS (aka Raymond on the FRA forums)

p.s. there having got all that of my chest feels better.
21/03/2007 at 17:11
Well done HLS. Just out of interest what made you choose Edale (an AL) as your first fell-race? Jumping in the deep end springs to mind :-)
21/03/2007 at 19:53
And the one Peak District race thats rated alongside the Cumbrian classics....

You have my respect HLS - a true mountain man
21/03/2007 at 20:16
Hello Juicer - I went on the FRA forum site, said that I liked running on hills, that I prefered longer (1/2 marathon plus) to shorter races, and that I'd enjoyed the Beachy Head marathon last October...and asked 'could anyone suggest a first fell race'.

They came up with Edale - and yes I did ask if they were serious - so that's where I found myself.

Fell Running - thanks for the vote of confidence; I think mountain novice would be much nearer the mark.

Next on the agenda - alongside improving fitness and technique - is learning how to navigate.

All the best - HLS
21/03/2007 at 21:55
Awesome work HLS. It sounds like the race was a bloodbath!
22/03/2007 at 09:09
Its was too cold for blood RJK...

Knowing the area I've seen it in all its moods - and on Sunday it was "Grumpy to moderately p*ssed off".

Good plan to learn how to navigate HLS - If you'd done Edale three years ago you'd have found it blanketed in fog. Almost 40% of the field missed the cut off - some of them are still missing :-)). So there are a lot more fell runners around than you'd think who can't navigate. So it ceratinly gives you an edge in longer races.
eM.milou    pirate
22/03/2007 at 15:25
Raymond - I'm just back from the FRA navigation course in Kettlewell - can thouroughly reccomend it!!

trying to get on the elterwater one 2008 - it gets booked up really quickly as is very popular!
22/03/2007 at 22:34
HLS/Raymond - yes, I remember that thread on FRA. And they were right to recommend Edale weren't they? You were up to the challenge, well done mate :-) Despite what Yorkshire Thug has been ranting about!!!
23/03/2007 at 08:23
Hello the Juicer - yep they were right to recommend it. The YT thing did get my goat at first, but on reflection I think that was its intention (not to get my goat but to provoke just the sort of outraged respones it did...'fun run', 'jog' and 'lightweight' indeed :-)) so why give them the satisfaction?

Now I'm looking for an AM or another AL to get the qualification for next year's Three Peaks; any thoughts?

Cheers - HLS/Raymond
23/03/2007 at 08:49
If you want another race in the Peaks then The Totley Exterminator is an AL 17m/4000. I've done the Terminator and Tormentor iterations of this race. Its in early September. Website here:-


eM.milou    pirate
20/04/2007 at 16:47

Anyone racing this weekend?

Anniversary Waltz for me and would you just credit it - FLMers get sunshine and heat and for those of us several hundred feet up it's forecast 100%cloud

compass and map at the ready :-(
20/04/2007 at 20:34
Hi Emmilou

I've not been on here for a very long time. Have a good Anny waltz, Watch out for that first big climb.

I'll be in Wales checking out the last two legs of the Paddy Buckley with a few others.

Oh Humm another 8-9 hours on the hill.

Ian (aka Ian DPK)
eM.milou    pirate
21/04/2007 at 19:37
HI IAN!!!!

I did it!!

Yep Robinsons is not the easiest but i took a different route and went off on my own (following some way behind Swoop!) it was the route Chris K showed me on the recce - much better!!!:-)

How did your day fair?

Are you doing the Trog? Not sure if I can get a pass out but will try!
01/06/2007 at 09:30
Looks like this one has died a death - see you all over on the Fellrunner forum!

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