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06/02/2013 at 18:26

Currently running a long run of 12 miles, aiming to up that one mile each week, fit in another three/four runs each week and start fitting in some back to back runs to get ready for the Challenger event.

Sounds like you folk are a bit further along the training track, but I reckon slow and steady gets me there - much like on race day.

Sounding like the party's at Carlisle Central, it's the place to be!

06/02/2013 at 23:15

Geez you guys that is sounding like you're getting some heavy mileage in already! I managed a grand total of 79 miles in all of Jan! I keep having to tell myself to make it a gradual increase due to getting those niggling ITB issues like you Weedy. I'm trying to combat the risk with being sensible training wise, lots (and lots) of stretching/foam roller and subbing extra runs for cycling (managed nearly 600 miles of that in Jan). Nowhere near the run ,mileage of you superhumans but figure I need to follow my plan if I'm going to even make it to the start line!

Might have to start looking at booking in at the Travelodge too it sounds like it'll be filling up!

07/02/2013 at 11:34

I'm on for the Born to Run in Feb see others are doing it, I also have Rome and Rivington marathons in March, three in April, one in May then the Northants Ultra in early June so hopefully I can take these relatively easy and be ready for June. I'm in the Ibis hotel in Carlisle and the Travelodge at 3am again in Newcastle which is not a pretty sight, but it's what there is

07/02/2013 at 11:51

Another one booked into the travel lodge in Carlisle, see you guys there.

Up-and-coming races are

Sussex trail marathon (endurance life) - end March

Exmoor trail marathon (endurance life) - begining April

3 Forts Ultra end - April

Fleet trail Ultra (endurance life) - end of May

then finsih with The Wall as my A-race.



07/02/2013 at 11:55

Hi Foon. Training sounds like it's going well if you ask me.

Benjamin - we can form an invalids team at the back. 

I've pulled out of the Northumberland Coastal Marathon on Mar 2. Waiting for them to get back after I asked to switch the entry to the North Yorkshire marathon one they're organising at the start of May. Fingers crossed. Big goal now is to try and get my long run distance up high enough so I don't have to pull out of Paris.

One day
Alasdair Fowler, Alick, Amster and Mr Amster, Benjamin Kissel, Blakester, Checkmate, EKGO, Gramck +1, Ian78, John MacKenzie, Keith Jones +1, Magnus McGillivray, Mr X, Paulkrunner, Richard Langton, Rockhopper Penguin. The Foon+3.

Two days
Craney, Crash Bang Wallop, Louise Hall, Marcus Nichols +2, Oscarr, Pinkbug, Pursued by Angry Bees +1, RunningRaRa, Sleepy Bear, Weedy.

07/02/2013 at 12:03

Hi all - just popped in to see what's been going on...

It sounds like it's coming together nicely for us all!

My "official" training starts March 4th so don't worry pab - I'll be with you - and happy for all these experienced folk to be in front of us.  We don't need to worry until we find them behind us and then we've definitely set off too fast!

I'm just starting to build up to where my programme starts - so this week I'll be doing just over 6 hours of HR training (one day on my bike to keep my knees a little break) and then it goes up to 7hours next week. 

Oh no weedy - are you ok?  On the plus side - I'm doing the 10k at Whitby so depending on starts/routes etc - we can maybe cheer you on at some point



07/02/2013 at 13:47

Seems to me everyone has a plan - I think Sleepy Bears idea, and B Kissel for that matter, of including 2 wheels to the plan is a good one and should help avoid some injuries, unless you fall off that is!

Have to be careful with the official races and avoid hurting too much; I find it hard to remember that this is one long training plan and that any events entered are not ideal to create a pb!

Running with the ruck sack this weekend; might even put something in it this time!! Any top tips for this?

07/02/2013 at 14:35

Sleepy Bear - Whitby meet up sounds good I'll have to wait and see what CTS say. Can't see a problem with swapping tho. It was all going well using my old orthotics until I started getting left achilles pain. Seen new podiatrist this morning and I'm getting new orthotics on Monday so I'm praying they'll help. And I've ordered the Triggerpoint Therapy book to give that a go. If they don't work, I reckon my next option's to throw all my orthotics in the bin and try the minimalist route.

Foon - Best advice I can give is to pack it so the weight's distributed as evenly as you can, try to get the heaviest items as far down as you can, pack it so nothing moves about as you run and to pull all the straps as tight as you can while still remaining comfortable. The first time I used mine I ended up with friction burns on my shoulders because the straps weren't tight enough. I'm not an expert on running with a pack tho, so others might have better advice.

08/02/2013 at 09:09

Right there with you TF - I'm telling everyone I know that if they see me getting carried away at any events I use in my build up - that they are to rein me in!  I'm trying to think of them more as group training sessions than races!

I run with my rucksac on once or twice a week just as practice and am slowly filling it with the mandatory kit list so that I can tweak it as I go along.  Once I start my back2backs I'm sure I'll find what works for me and what doesn't - at the moment I prefer to have the waist belt and shoulder straps tight but the chest strap looser (so that I feel like I can breathe).

Have a good weekend all - I'm doing a sports massage course so I'll be at that all weekend so been cramming all my training into the weekdays this week!

08/02/2013 at 11:13

I shall load some relevant gear in the pack and see how it goes; planning on around 18 miles and a lift back at the end from my daughter. Thanks Weedy and Sleepy.

Sports Massage eh? Could be very useful!!

Hope the weather stays kind and thanks for the welcome you have shown. Happy long- running all.

08/02/2013 at 17:13
I like 2L of cider in my packbag with lots of bread & cheese . Ha ha .. I normally carry 1L of water with a couple of high 5 tabs and refill at pitstops with a few treats .I run better just sipping and a few gels around 8 miles each time.. Doing 20 sat catching train to bath and run back to Bristol then a 5 Sunday then a nice easy two weeks before born to run .then up training again . Enjoy your weekend runs ..
08/02/2013 at 19:35

A very slow 20 for me tomorrow and maybe another 6 Sunday. Next week I have the Parbold hill race near Wigan, and the Wrexham Half Marathon, I like a couple of back to backs then its Born to Run for me too, 

08/02/2013 at 21:52
I'm off to the Meon Valley Plod on Sunday so a hopefully not too slow 21 for me. Fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled like my last one!

Blakester I think I'll avoid the cider this time round but I might go for the high fives (cheap through my work - always good!).

Weedy fingers crossed that ITB doesn't give you too much jip. I'm trying to be very careful with mine but can always feel it twinging which is worrying! I live with a physio though so I might have to sweet talk her into some help!

Happy weekends all. Enjoy all those long runs!
09/02/2013 at 16:28
My 20 in the bag ran ok but legs heavy but fitness fine think my 22 weeks training is catching up now but the chinese didn't help last night . Hey ho taper weeks now. Does anyone take the cherry active juice with your recovery shake after run.. Enjoy weekend
09/02/2013 at 16:55

Resting now and watching the rugby; my 20 in the bag too, and felt ok really. The ruck sack was chafing my neck at half a mile so I came home and dumped it! Need to resolve this! Cheeky recovery run tomorrow - hope the weather is as good as it was today; v cold but no wind and a bit muddy on those Suffolk lanes.

Blakester, I hven't tried the cherry active - do you recommend?

10/02/2013 at 09:15
Hi the foon.its raining cats & dogs down here poping out for a cheeky 5 trail run.yes I use the cherry active with my shake after and touch wood works ok .and I normally have a glass of beetroot juice as well.does it really work ?
10/02/2013 at 10:06

Got my race calendar largely sorted, I think - North Tyneside 10k at the end of March, Blaydon Race start of June, Wall at the end of June, off for Secret Plan X at the start of August as a birthday treat to myself (it's a 100km one-day run along a long distance trail), then the Great North Run in September. Only doing the GNR so I can say I've done it, as it's my local HM. North Tyneside runs past my house so it's a must-do, and the Blaydon Race, well, it's the Blaydon Race, isn't it - how many races have their own song, start with Can-Can Dancers and finish up with a locally brewed beer and pickeld onions?

Training has got serious-er, as part of Marathon Talk's Jantastic I'm running 12/13/14/15 mile runs during February, then 16/17/18/19 in March. Going to start to put in a back-to-back the next day once I get the ol' feet used to having run a HM the day before. At present I still pretty much need the next day off.

The only bother I'm getting injury-wise at the moment is the joint on my big toes tend to hurt - think that's just due to wearing barefoot shoes though, and presuming they'll harden up as they get used to more regular long distances.

Good idea sticking the mandatory kit in your pack - will give that a go - I've been running with about a litre of water in my Last Drop, but not much else. Trying the kit means I'll know it fits - genius!

10/02/2013 at 11:49

Foon - v wise of you to dump the pack. I'm the sort who would have run on pig-headedly and paid the price. Some packs have adjustable straps so you can make the harness and pack sit lower or higher on the body. Maybe look at one like that? Maybe try the one you've got with a different T shirt on as well? Might help.

Feel way behind compared to all you lot in the 20s. Did 8 Friday and another 8 yesterday. Good news is nothing's dropped off and all my bits and bobs are fine this morning. Feeling a lot more confident now. Going to try a 10 on Wednesday.

If that goes okay, I'll prob head back on Friday and finish off the recce of the second stage of the run - Gilsland to Vindolanda. Short notice, but if anyone fancies joining, just message me. Amster? I'll do my usual rambling report for everyone else.

Bees - My Jantastic target's 8, 11, 15 and 18. March still to be decided depending how that lot goes. This your first GNR?

10/02/2013 at 15:19
Hi lan78 ... When is the exmoor ultra and the distance . Will be looking to do a 30+ ultra in early April....
10/02/2013 at 20:35

Only just spotted this thread, I am running it this year also. I am going to be running it with a colleague from work. It is my first ever ultra event... in fact I have never run further than a half marathon before, but training is going well apart from some aching feet. 

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