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25/11/2012 at 11:33

Ronhill do a trail short that has a stretchy inner short and more voluminous outer - also has a water repellent finish. Bought them after last year's Blaydon Race in a non-stop downpour and have found them very good, no chafing...

25/11/2012 at 19:44

Bees - You doing North Tyneside 10k? Posted my entry this morning

Just in case anyone hasn't seen the earlier posting, Amster, Mr Amster and I are meeting up on Saturday, Dec 1, to do a recce of the first section of the route, from Carlisle to Lanercost. If anyone's free and wants to join in, you'd be more than welcome. Just message either of us. Plan is to meet at Lanercost at 11am, then drive to Carlisle, leave one of our cars, run, then drive back to Carlisle in the other car.

25/11/2012 at 20:13

Fer sure! As I work over the road from the events team, I handed mine in on Friday night.

Recce sounds ace, but need to take photos of the house to get it on the market - time to downsize and cut the ol' mortgage.

Has anyone seen the Harvey's route map for Hadrian's Wall? If so, is it as indestructible as they say? Actually planning on getting the one for St. Cuthbert's Way - just noticed it's exactly 100km, and that sounds ripe for a run... thinking September, maybe, if plans work out. Used to live by Melrose where it starts - lovely place, even if the first section over the Eildon Hills looks a bit full on.

25/11/2012 at 20:51

See you on the start line...

I haven't seen Harvey's, sorry. I've got the National Trail Guide for Hadrian's Wall, published by Aurum. It's a decent guide, altho I found that the maps in it show you the route, but not enough of the landscape either side to help you get your bearings. Depending on the page, you sometimes get less than 100 metres from the route to the edge where they've cropped the map. I was thinking about photocopying sections of the OS map onto pocket sized pages and getting them laminated.

St Cuthbert's Way sounds great. Be a spectacular finish running over the causeway to Lindisfarne.

25/11/2012 at 21:25

Doesn't sound so good on the Aurum guide - the only thing putting me off the Harveys one (though it's on order from Hamazon as of ten minutes ago) is that it's a 1:40,000 and I'm more of a 1:25,000 type of chap.

If it looks like coming together, I'll post a thred, and if anyone fancies a pop at the same time, then they'd be more than welcome. The causeway does sound ace, but I reckon a bit of planning required to make sure you make it to run over rather than coracle across..

I've only come across a couple of runs on what is a two/three day long distance walk so far, and the last of those back in 2000. He made it in just over 12 hours.

26/11/2012 at 00:19

I am thinking of buying a backpack. I do not have all the gear yet, so I can not imagine  what size of a bag I will need. I would like to run multi day races in the future. I can not decide if a 10L backpack is enough or should I go for a bit bigger one?

26/11/2012 at 09:34

Morning all - thought I'd just pop in and see how every one is!  Sadly I'm on a sports massage course weekend on 1 December and not sure I'd be able to do any real distance just now anyway as I'm trying to be sensible and have a little autumnal rest phase! Very jealous of your recce trip - will look forward to hearing about it.

Really liking the idea of our forum names on us somewhere - will have to look in to iron on letters etc - I've always wondered how people put their names on their vests - anyone done it before???

checkmate - I'm also considering using a 10L but I too am not sure it'll be enough and have a back up 25L.  I guess it depends on how much you want to carry - The mandatory AND recommended kit will quite happily fit in my 10L but if you want extra food and water it might be a squeeze.  Looks like they recommend a 20L on the website.  How about you make a pile that equates to what you want to carry (you can pretend with some things and use a substitute until you've acquired your dream gear pile).  A 25L will see you through races where you also have to carry overnight kit so it really depends on your plans...

Might have to get a copy of the Harvey's map to put on the wall to keep me inspired - now where's that letter to Santa...

26/11/2012 at 18:36

I had a look at the mandatory and recommended kit this morning - looks like it will all fit in a 10l with room for a small bladder. Half thinking you could fit it in a large bumbag...

Intersted that the waterproof top doesn't specify taped seams - my Ronhill top doesn't have tape, but does anyone have experience of whether that's what they really mean?

26/11/2012 at 22:28

When it says on the list you need to carry 100 calories of food with you, it seems low. Do they mean 1,000?

27/11/2012 at 00:16

I think I will buy a 20L bag. I can not see a problem running with a half empty/full bag.

pursuedbyangrybees- I think taped seams are sign of a real waterproof gear. When a waterproof material is sewed through, there will be tiny punch holes through the waterproofing. These holes need to be sealed up, and the easiest way to do that is for the manufacturer to apply a hot-melt tape over the seams. It’s rather like Sellotape which sticks when you iron it on. 


27/11/2012 at 01:08

I'm more thinking towards angry bees way of thinking. Whilst I'm really pedantic with safety and not getting caught out I feel like most of the kit could fit in a small bag as remember we will have a drop bag at half way. I can't stand the thought of getting caught out and always pack double what I need but I always fit it in my small pack. This doesn't attribute for the fact of the sheer distance we'll be covering but the checkpoints (going on the videos) should hopefully have sandwiches and some solids although again I'm loath to rely on possibilities and get caught out as I know how much that will hurt!

As far as clothing goes I'm definitely planning on taking several thin layers so I can adjust throughout depending on conditions. I know that may make my pack a bit heavier and crammed but I feel it'll be worth it.

On the other note I'd definitely be up for us all meeting up before/after! Are you all planning on staying at the castle the night before? I definitely am as I'm foreign (NZ) and we don't have castles there so I'm jumping at the chance! Also, I don't really have mates that are into running so it would be great to meet some like minded people Trying to convince my missus to come support as well!

27/11/2012 at 07:25

Weedy - I wondered that, 100 calories is half a Mars Bar or thereabouts, and that just doesn't seem like much. Mind, judging by the video of this year's event there is plenty  treats to stuff in your bag at the checkpoints, so maybe it's just enough to get you to checkpoint one where you can stock up on caramel shortbread?

Checkmate - yup to the taped seams - might drop them a line, I like my Ronhill, but it's not hill-top gale kind of protection. I figure that the water will get in regardless and that the seams aren't so much of an issue, more prolonging the inevitable decline of my dryness. Plus, if it's too good, then it'll stop more moisture getting out, which means I get wet from the inside instead...

Benjamin - thinking about staying over, though it's a bit more expense I don't need right at the moment - if I do then I'm up for a meal and a hello. Would be great to meet up with a runner from other shores.

Carlisle Castle is pretty nice, and I reckon you'll like Carlisle, I've shot a few weddings over there and it's a canny place.

27/11/2012 at 08:42

I wouldn't bother too much about carrying food, there was so much on offer it was crazy, last year I was sick of the sight of Sandwiches, millionaires shortbread, mars bars etc.

I think the 100 calories is in the event you actually get caught out and feel bad through the run whilst you are away from check points.

27/11/2012 at 09:41

Been trying to do some research on training plans for this and it's a bit of a minefield if i'm honest.

Horses for course and all that. I know it will be down to the individual and what works for them. But does anyone have a decent training schedule for this type of distance that they would like to impart on a newbie.


27/11/2012 at 12:03

Benjamin - what part of New Zealand you in? You coming over especially for it? Can't let the missus stay at home! Sure there'll be plenty of people's partners she could join up with and come and see you at the checkpoints and along the way. If she doesn't fancy a tent and needs somewhere to stay on the Saturday night, there's the Twice Brewed Inn, which is about a mile from the campsite. http://www.twicebrewedinn.co.uk/ I stayed there twice and I'd recommend it, altho some of the rooms aren't en-suite, so I'd make sure to ask if you want one.

I'm booked up in the Angus Hotel in Carlisle http://www.angus-hotel.co.uk/ Again, I stayed there twice and I'd recommend it. 13 mins walk to the castle according to google. Breakfasts are usually from 7.30am but I asked and they said they didn't mind putting on an earlier breakfast, especially if there was a few of us. I use porridge pots and a kettle anyway, so I'm not worried about what time breakfast is.


27/11/2012 at 23:49

angrybees- Nice one! Loving the sense of community in this forum in comparison to some of the others you read on here

gramck24- I'm planning on using the one on the site for the race itself. Let us know if you find a better one though...

Weedy- I actually live here (in greater London) but am originally from Christchurch in the south island. If anyone ever wants some beautiful runs head that way. I'm trying to convince the missus of the same so shall pass on your nice words and thanks for the heads up!

28/11/2012 at 11:48

Hi all

gramck24 - I'm gonna give this one a crack:

ultra plan

(though I will be playing it by ear and not sticking to any particular pace!)

You need to scroll down below the white space to see the plan itself...

Benjamin - nice part of the world!  I had a great trip down there a few years ago - would love to run Gillespie's Pass now I'm a bit fitter!

29/11/2012 at 19:30

Hi all its so nice to see so many of us up for this run, really looking forward to it, and looking forward to this weekends recci.  .

01/12/2012 at 21:57
Hi ekgo. Just read you not doing Portsmouth hope you can make Gloucester.I'm been hit with a chest infection but hope to do Portsmouth..
01/12/2012 at 22:02

Things I've learnt today...

1: Amster and Mr Amster are very nice
2: Amster doesn't like ice
3: Ice is slippy
4a: If there's a sheet of ice in a field, there's a good chance there's a layer of ankle-deep freezing water underneath
4b: My ankles don't like freezing water
5: It's a nightmare getting pictures from a Blackberry phone onto a computer

Full report on the Carlisle to Lanercost section to follow in a day or two (and hopefully one or two inspiring pictures Sleepy Bear) In the meantime, here's the elevation profile from my Garmin - Carlisle on the left. Hills on the profile look a bit hillier than they are in reality.




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