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02/10/2011 at 18:53

What an amazing weekend!!!!

 I loved it from begining to end, even with the all the highs and lows that an ultra like that brings!!

Such a HOT!!! day, never known anything like it for October, did anyone know what the temperatures got up to??

Amazing to see a woman win this event this year for the first time, just fantastic!  I managed to place 6th woman overall and was chuffed with that, just being pipped to the post and missed out on Novice womans trophie having been caught up at Minton.  Such a hard event, not to be under estimated, but have been buzzing since!  My feet are mashed, and I'm sure tomorrow will be hard work.  But such a great event!!!

 How did you all get on???????

02/10/2011 at 20:00

Really enjoyed it, only bit i struggled with was the descent off Ragleth as had stomach cramps or something similar.

Thanks to all the marshalls and helpers who were brilliant, particularly liked the Shelve checkpoint. Also great to see loads of support at Bridges/ Habberley.

Missed out on 12 hours by 4 mins but well pleased as it was my first time over 35 miles and with the heat i expected to be aa bit slower.

02/10/2011 at 20:37

Oh my goodness! So difficult but quite happy with the time. 12 hours 42. Gutted I couldn't get in the 11s.

Best bit was Black Rhadly to Stiperstones 

Worst was deffinatly Lawly to high park. Just the inrelenting sun and I ran out of water. Wouded.

Well done to everyone (especially Val!)

04/10/2011 at 14:50

I had to retire at Bridges due to stomach pain that stopped me from even walking the rest. I was (and am still) absolutely gutted.

The girl who won the ladies novice (Emily Millington)  has only been running for 6 months. The longest run she'd done before this was 26 milesand that was only a month ago on the Wistanstow Challenge ! Absolutely amazing.

My wife walked it, fell down Corndon on her face and now has a gash on her nose and two black eyes, plus the usual blisters of course ! She carried on (with 20 miles to go) and completed it in 18hrs 30. Very proud.

Very well done to all those who got around.

04/10/2011 at 21:32

Captin B - Em was the one who over took me at Minton - We both had our eye on that trophie   I just couldn't keep our group of 6 pushing enough to retain my place   She's running really well though, especailly as a newbie to it all Her and Jim were storming at the end!  (I'm sure it was to do with his detailed schedual )  Mercia have some really strong women runners.

Well done all on such a hot day, think the main problem on the day was sickness and stomach cramps.  Val had been throwing up and running at the same time...  Just shows what it takes to win such an event!!! CB - Your wife showed courage to carry on too.

Chris - I echo what you said, the support out on the course was just amazing   Every check point greated you with cheer and the support at habberly and bridges was fantastic.  This event is one in a million, with staff still there in the morning serving a full breakie!!

The Shelve checkpoint bunnie ears brought a cheer when we arrived!  27 miles in and coffee and biscuits  

 This is in my diary again for next year

15/11/2011 at 23:26
Thoroughly amazing weekend! Well done to everybody involved I certainly suprised myself! Pilgrims Challenge next (Prue?).... then the CCC (Prue!) I hope!
16/11/2011 at 12:22
Where were you last night Emily ? I went out with your Mercia comrades and you were nowhere to be seen - unless you were at the back of the group that is ?!
16/11/2011 at 12:35
On a night shift! Did you have a good run?
16/11/2011 at 14:44
Thought that might have been the case.  Im glad I went - it was my first run since the disappointment of the LMH, 6 wks ago. Ive been indulging in self pitty since (first ever drop out) ! Might do the time trail on the 26th, but stomach still not right yet. You doing the wrecker this weekend ?
16/11/2011 at 20:08
You need some short fun races, to get your spirits back up. Wrecker on! Time trial ...on! But I'm taking a different route to the massif
16/01/2012 at 15:28

Only just come across this Forum . What an Event !!!!!!!!!..............Spectacular and the best I have ever done.

I am typically a fairly plodding runner of 10Ks & Half Marathons (at about 1h.50min pace) , but was talked into LongMynd 2011 by some friends who did it in 2010 .

Loved it . Fantastic organisation , spectacular course , great support & friendship . Never thought I'd complete it (our longest training was 22 miles recce of night time section) but kind of just kept pushing on and knew that given the balmy weather I would never have a better chance of doing it.

Finished in 20hrs 44mins . Never have I felt so emotional & close to tears at the end of any run I have done. LMH is something else.

With the blisters I swore blind at the end never again but that & the blisters soon went & now in training for LMH 2012 as well as some more Long Distance events with the same mates (Black Mountains roundabout & Challenge are our next two).

The LMH Organisers & support team are incredible .

And the "Ultras" above who can run it ?..........you're just Nuts .

Bring on 2012.  

16/01/2012 at 20:34
Well done in getting round David. To be honest, doing it in 20hrs plus is harder than running it. To be on your feet for that long and not give up is great going. My wife said never again, but shes said that a few times before and is already saying "well, maybe". See you in 2012 for some more pain, thats worth it in the end. Looking forward to it already !
02/08/2012 at 20:25



I have done the Long Mynd Hike twice in the last three years but this year missed out on registration because I was working and it sold out so fast!

I am just writing this to beg if anyone knows of anyone who is not going to do it I am desperate to get a place. I am on the reserves list.

I look forwrd to hearing from you.

03/08/2012 at 09:30

Full after just 10hrs. Incredible really. I get very anoyed with how many people enter and then dont turn up on the day. Theres too many people who think its a "nice idea" but then dont train, dont give up their place and then dont turn up on the day, or dont turn up because the weather forecast is crap. I wish the organisers would increase the registration fee to say £50 and then give half back as long as you start the race. I know people who have done this a dozen times and havent got a place this year. Its wrong

05/08/2012 at 08:43

its my first time doing this event, and ive been looking forward to it for so long.  i was hoping that it would be very friendly as you are all there for the same purpose of completing this challenge.but im slightly worried now having read the above post that there may be some hostility towards any first timers due to people wanting a place and not getting them as it sold out so fast. ive been wanting to do this event for two years and have been working my way up to distance for a long time,so come hell or high water i will be at the start.so please dont be too cross at any new people, we are all there for the same reason.

18/09/2012 at 15:14

Alistar Dean - I can't contact the enteries sectrtary through the web link - And have tried to get his email addi to let him know that I am unable to do the race - Have emailed the email address in FRA book - to no avail...  As I am not running now due to injury flare ups I've been having again...   So you are more than welcome to try and contact them and have my entry... Don't want anything for it -   I would rather it went to someone who appreciates the race and wants to take part...  Feel free to contact me if needed - I think your email is disabled as I can't email you through here!  

08/10/2012 at 13:39

Well, I am pleased to say I completed this course and can even use my legs today! 14 hours 39, which was better than I ever expected, mainly as I'd only got a place through the reserve list and didn't know/hadn't done anything specific for it until September! Yikes!

The support around the course was outstanding, the organisation was superb at every point and the cheery nature of the marshals, especially at the later posts, where they'd be in place until well into Sunday, was awesome. Seeing the leaders coming down the Lawley as I went up was just a stunning sight. Can't wait to see where I placed in the official results. Secretly hoping for top 100...

I guess the no-show issue will always be there, but the organisers did make it very easy (and cheap) to quit officially, for which I shall be thankful, given my reserve spot, but making an event so good has its downsides I suppose. I think as a failed entrant to the London Marathon, I'd be very annoyed if I ever found out the number of people who were no-shows there, but I don't think there was any animosity at first-timers. If you set foot on the trail, it was a common goal for al!

Finally, I have to say a huge thanks to the four chaps I was grouped with, without whom I would have been considerably slower, both from a navigation and a pace point of view. I was in such a state when we were grouped, having just covered five miles with a much too fast group I can't remember any names, though I do have one business card for photo-emailling purposes.

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