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17/05/2006 at 19:45
Hi everyone! I just decided Id like to enter the MDS (wanted to enter a while back but hubby wasnt keen so I didnt, getting divorced now so no obstacles!). Im currently living in Canada so I cant enter through BOM so Ive sent some emails to the race organisers enquiring which year I can still enter for etc etc. Ill happily wait til 2008 but if I cant enter til the 2009 race Id rather try and find an alternative - or maybe Ill do something else too.....? Anyway, finally I get to my point and the question - does anyone know of any similar / equally challenging races, anywhere in the world - Im just looking for some big challenges! Thanks!
18/05/2006 at 15:06
marathon of britain? read the blurb, tougher than mds alledgedly.

similar new stage race down in the west country too i think.

not too sure about desert races myself.
18/05/2006 at 16:45
Yukon artic ultra?
18/05/2006 at 16:48
there is one in the Gobi I think? Sorry I don't know any more about it. Mr Jo, occassionally suggests it as a fun thing to do!
18/05/2006 at 17:15
Thanks people - just had a look at all of those - there do seem to be plenty of options anyway. Just waiting from the MDS organisers then Ill decide which to enter. Im very excited!
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
18/05/2006 at 17:24
Ironman in 2007.. come with us, there will be lots of people here going all in a group.

50+ competing at Ironman Germany in July.
19/05/2006 at 12:59
Four similar challenges but possibly not as well organised.
20/05/2006 at 22:44

I endorse Ed's Marathon of Britain suggestion -

It's a small (max 70) friendly race through the heart of Britain. It's in September, so plenty of time to train. It's cheaper than MdS. There are Irish and South African competitors but no Canadians yet!
20/05/2006 at 22:46
Canadian ice in my pic though.
AndrewSmith    pirate
20/05/2006 at 23:11
Yeah MOB would be good, and if you were prepared to pay the thousands that the MSD would have cost it will seem like a bargain at only 750 quid!!

And you don't have to worry about snakes ans scorpions.

Or what about the Spartathlon
if you don't want to get bored waiting for the next stage to start
21/05/2006 at 09:19
"And you don't have to worry about snakes ans scorpions."

thats no way to talk about rory ;-)
22/05/2006 at 08:50
there are a bunch of ultra races/events organised by eventrate (
RW review the norway one a couple fo years ago. they are usually 5 days and are held all over the world. They look great
22/05/2006 at 10:40
You specifically want to desert race?

then you could do the Trans 333

probably a bit of a trial by fire though if you have never done a desert race as its non stop 200 plus miles and your pretty much left to get on with it. Would Certainly be alot harder than the big entry MDS format staged races. My mum did this one and said It was a million times harder than the MDS (which she has also done). I also know someone who has a very entertaining story about being forced to drink his own urine when they ran it in mauritania a few years back.

Or theres the Libyan challange:

this one actually looks quite tempting and im almost starting to consider it myself.
22/05/2006 at 13:18
the Trans 333 is organised by event rate. They do stage races (like the one in norway) or all in one go ones like Trans 333 and 2 in the Yukon (latter is 50 or 100m in one push).
22/05/2006 at 13:32
the trans 333 aint organised by event rate - event rate are just one of the representatives of it.
22/05/2006 at 13:49
oh, i didn't realise that, i just saw it was on their list of events. sounds cool.
I quite fancy the yukon gold one
22/05/2006 at 20:54
I've just looked at the Libyan Challenge website but can't see how long the race is!
22/05/2006 at 20:56
if you have to ask...
oxymoron    pirate
22/05/2006 at 21:01
er, it says 190k on the first page it opens on doesnt it?
22/05/2006 at 21:09
Er, ...yes.
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