Thames Path 100

100 mile point to point run from Richmond to Oxford

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07/07/2011 at 22:36
Double post
Edited: 07/07/2011 at 23:01
07/07/2011 at 23:17

jelly baby- good luck findin a race pack to run with, there are just so many out there to choose from. try and get to a proper runnng store where you can try them on first. to check for little irritating features ect.

also the race went better than i expected. 5.00mile trail race in 30mins 20secs- 7th place overall. loved it. for more in depth read go to-

hope your all doin okay as well.

07/07/2011 at 23:20
Mr F wrote (see)
rich, I'm in sunny warwickshire just outside leamington spa if you know it? So, who has actually done a ton before and is brave enough to enter a second? Or are we all virgins?!

Not entered this as yet, but am very keen. Did a quadruple Marathon in April (104.8miles) and it hasn't put me off doing another 100. Time is a great healer!!!! DId the Thames Trot 50 in Feb which is from Oxford to Henley, so assume the Richmond to Henley (ish) is another 50miles. Thames trot is fairly flat, little hilly section through some woods at one stage but nothing major, and just follow the river and the signs, couple of sections to watch out for. Depending on weather I don't think you would need trail shoes, a road shoe with a bit of grip (i.e. Nike Pegasus, Brooks Adrenaline - my preference). Sorry if I am going off topic, just trying to share my learnings, which may be of some use.
07/07/2011 at 23:35
mr immune. feel free to write all you like. i really need info like what you just posted because, i wont be able to recce any of the course at all so need all the info i can get. thankyou.
07/07/2011 at 23:38

how much food did you need in your qaudruple marathon in april. thank you.

 if you dont mind what did you eat as well because after 25miles i seem to get very bored of cereal bars and sweet cake bars. thanks

08/07/2011 at 07:22
Mr immune, thanks for the advice . I really am still unsure about footwear. In the past I've run the Thames path ultra and my road shoes were all over the place! Henley sounds like a good starting point for the recce then? When I did it the course went from Reading and finished at Shepperton. Was with Ambition Events.

Andy, in my longer ones (24hrs) I had a jacket potatoes at the midway point by also had some breasbroles with either peanut butter or nutella inside. A bit of substence! All well and good getting the calories, but your right, your stomach needs to actually feel like its got something cos over 30 hours we'd miss over 5 main meals and no amount of sweet treats, cereal bars and bananas is going to satisfy me! I believe there is hot food at some of the checkpoints?
08/07/2011 at 09:39

Hi all

Innov8 looks good, thanks Mr F.  I think a trip to the running shop is in order, though it will have to wait for next month's wages.  The local running shop is very helpful so I'll try a few out on the treadmill!

Well done on your race Andy, sounds good.  Do you do a lot of running in Vibrams?  I think I'm far too used to trainer support to give it up.

Hi Mr Immune, glad to hear your considering another after your quadruple marathon.  Gives me hope that I won't be put off running for ever afterwards!

08/07/2011 at 09:43
Good post mr immune. Useful info.

Well done Andy. Good pace.

I was physically sick at mile 27 on a recent caper. Not a good sign. I think too much carb loading during the day?? Anyway only kept certain foods down after that and got through 7 pots of rice pudding and 2 packs of raspberries in the following 23 hrs plus some custard and a pizza with jelly babies. Very strange.

Like the idea of jacket potato mr F. Can be job of support crew to get one at 3am!

Not sure I fancy a 50 mile recce? Where would 40 miles from finish need to start? Near a railway station?
Edited: 08/07/2011 at 11:44
08/07/2011 at 14:19
Hillheader - that might be a good plan - find the nearest train station and recce to the finish from there....
08/07/2011 at 15:07

K.P. - I can also recommend the Raidlight Endurance 10L bag - extremely comfortable, endless pockets and compartments. Best of all, it has a bottle holder on the waist band for extremely easy access - I don't use reservoir/camelback etc so this is brill for me

08/07/2011 at 15:39
One tip I found online today... Cut out caffeine in the 3-6 weeks before race day so then if you use it during the race, which I'm sure I will have to, the effect is far greater. 8 miles tonight for me and I bet I get drenched! On a plus aide I've now found my ipod!
08/07/2011 at 20:53
Awesome 6m tonight off road through woodland trails with the ipod on full pelt and not a cloud in the sky! Ended up listening to a compilation of dance tunes that I last listened to in the night stage of the thunder run last year. Oh the memories the music brought back! Amazing how your mile pace shoots up with good music , really blocks our the pain and makes you seemingly fly along.
09/07/2011 at 00:25

MR F cheers for the nutrition advice that really should help loads once i get past 30 mile, because you can qiute literally get sick of sugary foods. advice appreciated there.

K.P yes i do everything except long runs in the Vibrams.

 <img src="" width="550" height="413" id="il_fi" />

although the next off road race (4.94mile) on the 4th August i`ll be trying it in the vibrams.

because tonight i managed 9.07mile in 58 an arf mins. an felt okay, even the day after the race. happy days.

thanks for well dones everyone.  .

good effort tonight MR F. iknow what you mean about music. the right stuff cn make you run loads faster.

glad people are doin okay today or yesterday should i say.

i`ll be attempting 35mile on sunday eeeek. i`ll just you guys know how it goes. *tells self it`ll be fine*

take care people.

09/07/2011 at 06:43
Andy, good goin there with your 9 miles! Beat of luck with the 35 tomorrow, I'm jealous! I shan't be going near the distance now for a while, going to concentrate on long runs to 21-25m between now and around October time before I start to stretch a things out. Going to hire a cross trainer for 6 months too which should help me train when Im at home with the kids
09/07/2011 at 07:03
the odd long run now is just because of the high peak 40 (sept 17th). i take it your doind 21-25mile long runs now to maintain a good endurance level. 21-25miles regular is good going actually. good luck with the cross trainer. i know how hard they are. fairplay to you there.
09/07/2011 at 11:23
Managed 6km on treadmill tonight. Couldn't face the 37 degrees etc. outside.

Total for last 3 weeks now 16 miles. So much for being an ultra runner! Total for May was 345 so slipping a bit!

35 is a good run for training Andy
09/07/2011 at 22:16

only managed 3.8 in 37mins, just had tight calves, never mind. a good sleep will sort it out.

does anyone know what the longest you need to do in training is. as in longest long run (30mile so far)


10/07/2011 at 07:42
Andy, I have seen a 100 training plan, and i think at its worst it included a 30 on Saturday then a 20 on Sunday. The plan is just not conducive to anyone with a job or a family so I shan't be following it! In terms if big runs I hope to do a 30, 40 and maybe another 35. I have to accept that I'm going to struggle to train aufficiently for this, but that's the norm for me. I've managed in the past and hope IL manage this time!
If your at 30m now them you have got a really good base to work from but training the mind is just as important!
10/07/2011 at 08:05
For my 95 mile race this year I did a 52 mile race 8 weeks before. Longest training run was 40 miles in the hills. I think I did too many races to train properly though with 2 marathons and 2 other ultras. TP 100 will have no races at marathon length or above after October. Probably won't go above 40 miles in a training run. Any longer and it wipes you out for a week or more. The double long works well for me. I did about 25 sessions over 6 months with a 14 miler to work and then anything from 14 to 24 miles back in the evening. Day after try a gentle 10-15. It's all about getting used to running when tired. This way it reduced the impact on family by avoiding very long runs at the weekend. Some of these morning runs to work were utterly miserable though. Head torch and driving snow for example.

Sorry for long post!
10/07/2011 at 08:12
Hillheader, I've just started a shockingly dreadful shift pattern at work that is leaving me tired and drained all the time.the only positive think is that its gonna help me get used to running like a zombie!
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