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13/05/2014 at 18:02

Agghhh thats a bugger of a thing to happen T rex. Good at least that you saw it coming and minimised repercussions. Its a pain to have to limit the ambitions a bit, but the 10peaks 55 miles are tough ones and worth a lot more on the flat due to time on feet. If you can handle lower miles on hillier terrain its not a bad challenge.

Like you say its tough for many to get the time in to get the miles in to build the body up for those 50+'s. I can't get the bigger miles in of 2011-2013 now, but I've found a good compromise in doing one big distance challenge/event per month, which seems to be good spacing to prepare me for a distance/intensity step up in the next. So I've kind of trained for a 27miler in January with upto teenage mile length LSR and since only done one training run over 20m, just another longer run 3-6 weeks later - 43m in Feb, 28 in Mar, 51 in Apr, 85 in May. Monthly mileages are down from being 150-240 in most months the last few years to being 135-180 this year. Most of it being focussed training around hillwork, or commute runs made worthwhile by loading up the backpack with clothes and the days food. I sometimes fear I'm not doing enough, but then remind myself that I'm usually getting more value and less junk out of my training miles.

13/05/2014 at 20:59

You're being very intelligent with your training and doing very well on what some would consider 'low' mileage.

To get over this I need to enter some events where I feel I can be reasonably successful, so I think it will be offroad marathons and this 10Peaks event as the main target this year.

On the Thames Path I was running well and the section about 49-52 miles was probably my fastest, mainly because I was trying to get to the half way, drop bag CP before it got completely dark!  I was also chasing someone down who I had been running with and who had got an amazing distance ahead after I stopped for a comfort break.

If that had been the end I would have felt pretty good!!

05/06/2014 at 15:31

The 85m is taking its time leaving the legs, a holiday and assciated indulgences probably didn't help soon after, but getting there and the next challenge is the 10 peaks: The Lakes (short) at the end of the month. Training changed to lower mileage and more hills, nothing much over 10m, but getting a few hundred feet a mile ascent and descent in where possible. Looking forward to just an undulating, longer run in the dales on Frostbite 30 route at the weekend with "other people" for the first time in ages

Hope all is going well out there?

05/06/2014 at 19:07

fingers crossed my body is hanging in there!!! did a relatively flat 24 miles on Tuesday, an easy 5 yesterday and then 90 minutes of forest/grass/soft sand, rarely on paths. in driving rain and wind today with my running friend who likes all things pathless, his mission is to drag me as far off the beaten track as possible I think!!! so that was another nine and legs are feeling OK. Have been adding in a long bike ride on weeks when I can justify the time at the weekend - out with girlfriends for 40+ miles and I swear that is improving my leg strength a lot. Did a forest run race last Weds - 5 miles 36 mins with a few hills and came 9th lady so I was well chuffed with that - two speedy short races in just over a month and I do ZERO speed training, hills are clearly my friend

So next Saturday I have The Dirty Thirty over on the West coast starting in Glenelg. Will be my last 'long' run before the Great Glen Way at beginning of July.  Have two pairs of shoes I am trialing and have yet to decide - some fairly comfy cushioned New Balance Leadville 1210s and then the complete opposite, a pair of Inov8 Terrafly's which are fairly firm ... going to trial the Inov8s next weekend having done the 24-miler in the Leadvilles ... will start in one pair and put the other in a drop bag and we shall see ... not convinced a longest run of 30 miles will see me right for the 73 miles on GGW but fingers crossed!!

Hope you feel more sprightly soon DE, sounds like you have some nice courses lined up though. Today was the first day I actually had to run in rain, most of my stuff has been dry and sunny so we've been really lucky up here in Moray recently.

05/06/2014 at 20:54
Did 32 as my longest for my 69... I'm feeling the same
05/06/2014 at 22:07

 Booktrunk ... that said, I got round the Ultimate Trails Lakeland 100km on the back of a 30-miler in June, the Lairig Ghru race (26ish) in June and then one other long run in August with the race in September so really we know it's as much in the head as the body!!

the thing that worries me about the GGW is the fact the first 30 miles will be virtually dead flat along the Caledonian Canal - that will kill my hip flexors, I think I'll almost be glad of the large hill at Drumnadrochit when it arrives! I was about to say that at least the canal section will be in the dark to start with, but then perhaps that's not such a good idea!!! Mind you, won't be dark for long up here then

06/06/2014 at 12:17

The flat thing does look hard, look at the TP100 that seemed to wipe out a lot of competitors because it's so flat no changes of rhythm, but you can treat the first 30 as a nice flat warm up then the race begins. Two weeks tomorrow until my first over 50m. Getting very excited now.

They need to up the UTMB qualifications at this rate I'll end up earning enough points to qualify for it next year.

20/06/2014 at 13:24

Hi all. 10peaks barely a week away, feeling alright if not fast as doing no speed training this year. Up till this year I've always done about 1 session per week most weeks. I don't think it will do me much harm on a course consisting of near constant walking up hills and trying to get down them unharmed! 

I'll be travelling up on the Thursday evening with the missus and bambino for a mini-holiday based in Kendal around the event. There till Monday so should be a nice break. Still plenty to do really though, I have the kit and feeling fit enough, just need to check map over and focus on the event a bit more....

.... as my recent focus is elsewhere on what could be a very exciting challenge in August (probably). In a year where my journeys have gone from 27m to 50m events, an own challenge 85m overnighter and now shfting to 30m of mountains, my next idea is a staged run of a 180m+ route of my own planning. I live in Hull on the banks of the mighty Humber, so I thought it could be a good challenge to run the length of it from source to where it enters sea! The humber is fed by various sources, but I've chosen the Ure and to run from Ure head in the pennines at the west end of Wensleydale. I'll then roughly follow the river course, as it leaves Wensleydale, becomes the Ouse, then the Humber over the next 4 days ending up at the end of Spurn Point.

Will be a cracking challenge I reckon, need to book some overnight accomodation places, carry all own kit for running and nightime and my energy and hydration maintenence is entirely dependent on what I can carry or buy. I've picked a route visiting many towns, villages and landmarks along the way on variable terrain, and away from the river enough sometimes to put a few hills in where possible - to keep the long hours running varied and interesting. Including the tiny village where my late mother grew up as a bit of a tribute - as I'm also raising money for a charity she supported.

Sounds like all going well enough cragchick, your friend has the right idea with the pathless jaunts and will help your overall prep. 30 sounds ok for 73 to me, as you've done some good variety. How did the Dirty thirty go? how are the shoe choice working out?

Whats the 69 booktrunk?

20/06/2014 at 14:03
Hadrians Wall. Rat race thingy.
29/06/2014 at 21:07

Sorry, be sidelined by some domestic challenges  but anyway ... 

Dirty Thirty was fab - very humid and midgey as you'd expect (well the midges anyway) for West Coast Scotland, but even with low-lying mist and clouds of midges invading ears, eyes, nostrils and mouth and running in rivulets!!! The scenery was as stunning, the hill still as blooming awful (550m from sea level in sharp switch-backs) and the friendliness of the race were all as good as last year. About 8 minutes quicker than last year - which I was delighted about as the course was massively muddier than last year - last year was positively dry but we had bog and mud at every possible opportunity and the steep descent down a long technical trail off the other side of the hill was also running in water so much opportunity for slipping and sliding around ... so I was also delighted to snag 3rd lady and 11th overall out of 41 finishers (can't remember how many women, about 14 possibly).

Shoes, well, ironically the more cushioned shoes I had been using for my longer runs have started to irritate my ITB just above my left outer knee (had same problem after Ultimate Lakeland last year with my Sauconey 4mm drops which were fairly soft). These are NB 1210s. So instead I wore my Terraflys which are 6mm with hardly any cushioning. Well, I knew about it on the two stretches of road I had to run ( 4 miles each), ankles were sore BUT no ITB problems and no blisters ... so I am going to risk 73 miles in the Terrafly's on Saturday and hope for the best!! Have no other options really ...

29/06/2014 at 21:10

That does sound like a cracking challenge DE . Very exciting

I am starting to get a little nervous about the race on Saturday.  However kids break up for school holidays on Friday so I know I will have very limited running options for the six weeks after that so know I can give it my absolute all safe in the knowledge that I won't be out mega running much afters!!!

29/06/2014 at 21:24

Endure 24 for me this weekend, if you hate someone make them do this race,particularly if they're in a competitive team. Weird running a 24 hour race as all we did was take turns to run as fast as we could for five miles through mud then repeat as necessary, no time to talk to people out on their laps, constant checking on what the following teams were posting. Didn't like it

29/06/2014 at 22:20

Sounds hideous GKD!! Something out of my worst nightmare and pretty much the antithesis of all I enjoy (mainly) about ultra running events ... ah well, no doubts in your mind either now I guess!! 

Edited: 29/06/2014 at 22:20
30/06/2014 at 13:30
Well we won so apparently we have to defend the crown next year. I think I'm busy that weekend
30/06/2014 at 14:16

well done on the win then 

01/07/2014 at 11:37

Well done GKD, I'm sure by next year you'll be raring to defend your crown!  Anything "more you thing" coming up?

Well run at the Thirty cragchick, sounds a good run and glad you think you may have the shoe solution that you need for the big one. Sure you'll go well as 8mins faster in muddier conditions sounds a good improvement to me.

I had a nice weekend away in the lakes around what is I suppose a fairly "gnarly" (to coin T Rex ear;ier phrase) trail/fell event. I only did the short 30m+ event - which was quite enough really! As I've said elsewhere I loved and hated this event. Loved the area running in, the thrill of moving fast in the high hills, the seclusion at times, the ridge trail bits like off Helvellyn, the corridor, off dalehead. Not so keen on some of the rocky boulder slogs on and off some of the peaks. Scaffel Pike may be the biggest peak in England, but actually one of the easiest to get up/down in this event. Once up to Bowfell the route didn't drop much before Scaffell Pike, but was slow going as most of the peaks in this areas were just piles of boulders at the top.

Also had some shoe/sock issues. Got a hole in one of socks early on and think I'd possibly done a run too far in them already as got huge heel blisters on both feet. Could equally be that roclites 295s in my normal size are a slightly bigger fit than old models, maybe can re-lace them a bit to compensate. This made descending a bit slow and painful throughout second half of race.

Nearly had a breakdown/freeze coming off Great Gable! Didn't mind the tough slog up too much, but then just lost it on top, couldn't find the right way off, started a descent that looked very steep and abandoned, tracked across face a bit north and found some other guys to follow, but this also ended up on loose rock scree that took ages to get down. At one point almost didn't want to move. By the last scree bit I could have probably gone faster, but concerned about sending rock sliding down and hitting guys just in front. Shared opinion between the four of us descending here at this time was this wasn't a comfortable experiance and we probably didn't take the easiest (safest) route.

Nice to run again along moses trod to Honister, but painful coming down to the YHA and CP. This was an indoor CP so had a long stop to eat, drink, most time spent looking at feet, had to dress heels as no blister plasters sizable enough. This helped a bit, but still painful on last descent off Dale Head, but the descent was so scenic that was a nice distraction. After this, with so little running in middle-third of event hitting peak-after-peak I had loads of energy for the long run in along Newlands Valley and finished really strong with the feet not suffering such a battering on the flatter tracks, paths, roads of remaining miles.

I think I've learnt from this I maybe don't like the mountain stuff on loose rock, etc... as wasn't that comfortable even in good conditions on parts of this course. Going to divert my focus back to more hilly trail stuff where I can run more. Relishing sorting out my big August challenge

Edited: 01/07/2014 at 11:39
01/07/2014 at 12:35

DEoT: that sounds awesome (and like you had the odd slightly nervous moment). What is your big August challenge?

01/07/2014 at 15:33

Hi Booktrunk, it was a pretty memorable event, both very good and quite bad memories really. Certainly the most action-packed and possibly slowest 30m I've ever done!

I've put a bit about the challenge in an earlier post, roughly I'm going to follow the entire length of the river Ure from source high in pennines as it runs on to become the Ouse and then Humber, finishing at the end of the long spit of Spurn head. Its going to be over 180m. I'm a bit further on with route and now need to sort accomodation.

Day 1 - I plan to book in to a little remote inn west of Hawes mid afternoon which will probably take a few bus, train, more buses to get to. Then I'm going to run north up the hills (pathless by look of map) to seek out the river's source, then follow it back to where it passes near Inn. Have tea, drink, bed. 8m done.

Day 2 - follow river to east the length of Wensleydale, then take south turn, probably stay in Ripon area overnight. 55m (63 tot).

Day 3 - follow river roughly south as it becomes Ouse, through York and stop overnight in Selby. 46m (109 tot).

Day 4 - follow river to when it joins Humber and follow East. Finishing the day in Hull (so I can sleep at home that night ). 46m (154 tot).

Day 5 - Hull to Spurn point - 35m (189 tot).

Thats the theory anyway. Just need to figure transport, book accomodation, train to get used to day-after-day big miles carrying a heavier than usual pack, hope I don't get stuck in a bog somewhere remote on route....

I'm still catching up on blog, but he's first part of Centenary Way write up (May's challenge).

01/07/2014 at 15:59

That's an awesome 5 days running Hope it goes well.  Take chargers so you can keep us updated. One or two seriously long days in there!

Hope you get good weather for it. Are you carrying all your food from day 1, or just enough for 48 hours and everything else you will pick up as you go through towns etc..?

You need to get your own T-shirts printed up with the river shape, distance and name of prominent places you are going through


02/07/2014 at 14:03

T-shirts, great idea Thanks  booktrunk.

re. food I'll probably carry enough specialist running foods like chia flapjacks and gels from day 1 to last me to end of day 4 when I can resupply at home. Due to the slow pace I'll go I don't necessarily forsee need for half or hourly energy replacement like in an ultra event and can afford to take bigger feeds on the run and slow down while digesting. So will rely quite a lot on a big breakfast, lunch, tea and fill in the gaps with things I can buy in shops on route (cola, sandwiches, lager/cider in pub if a warm day). Much of the route doesn't go too far without visiting a village/town with pub or shop.

I've done 3 and a little bit days in a row before of wainwright coast 2 coast route, before stopping injured, so can learn from that. And I know I can carry the minimal level of gear I need in a 20L pack (without compromising safety). Main lesson from that venture probably the refuelling, didn't do anywhere near enough even for the slow pace. Should be a little easier on this route to find shops then in Lake district and remote areas of dales.

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