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20/07/2010 at 15:08

this de?
21/07/2010 at 05:03
nothing extreme either way fr..bob on then
21/07/2010 at 10:14
Not with you on that one FR - There is a long history of gentleman's agreement in the Tour. Contador knows this well. He showed he is scared of Schleck by taking advantage of an obvious mechanical slip on ground that was impossible for him to correct quickly. It was very much 'Mano Mano' at that point. Then he claimed not to have seen the obvious mechanical issue. (He should be a football referee) Two things, - if you think it's the right thing to do at the time - then take the boos as well as the cheers. Secondly don't lie to cover your embarrassment. Schleck still has a chance and good luck to him. If Contador wins he will always wonder whether he could have beaten Andy in more style. Imagine if he had waited and then still beaten him on that day - THAT is winning in style.

Meanwhile I'm off to try and rescue my world, which has just gone a bit pear shaped. Although difficult, I'm still trying to get to the race start line.
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21/07/2010 at 13:46

It's a long way to go, Contador most likely would have won it without issue - now I hope Schleck wins it with riding power - not because Contador's Mechanics make a cock up or a dog in the road. It's like the old fashioned gentleman's fight, One gentleman knocks another gentleman to the ground. He then allows his adversary to get to his feet and defend himself before the fight continues. These days you get knocked down and then you're kicked immediately in the teeth. That is the modern way of winning.

Trying to create my own luck FR

21/07/2010 at 14:42

"I believe the Tour will be decided on the Tourmalet - the first guy up there will also win the Tour,"


21/07/2010 at 15:10

Contador stated: "We are big friends and that won't change because of what happened."

Schleck added: "Sometimes in a race things like that happen but now we have settled things with each other."

I'm thinking it'll be settled after the time trial on Saturday

21/07/2010 at 15:59
Fellrunner wrote (see)

Any lets get back to this little trip we are having in the Lakes this weekend, doe`s anybody know what phase the moon is in?, it would be great if it was a full moon with clear skies (Dream on )

Yes, but looking at the forecast a full moon as well may be riding our luck  Though I'm sure I had night conditions as such on one of my recce weekends - priveleged.

Whether "gentlemans agreements" should be honoured or not, its a good climax to the mountains in the offfing.

steve-zodiac wrote (see)

It's like the old fashioned gentleman's fight, One gentleman knocks another gentleman to the ground. He then allows his adversary to get to his feet and defend himself before the fight continues. These days you get knocked down and then you're kicked immediately in the teeth. That is the modern way of winning.

Why I run and leave the fighting to others  Hope you get sorted to be on the line, concentrated and ready for midday Saturday. I expect to see you fly past me sometime early afternoon, assuming i get to Dalemain by 12 that is.

21/07/2010 at 16:45

Mentally I douldn't be having a worse week, whether I can make the start line depends on one or to things that are happening at work - There again working where i work doesn't look like it has a future (I've just found out) so may be I'll be at the start line come what may

DE I hope to be running past you, but I'll stop if your shoe comes off for sure

21/07/2010 at 17:10
Looks like I'm back on the startline again
Edited: 21/07/2010 at 17:11
21/07/2010 at 21:22

sz..i'll catch up tomorrow..i've been out again..

i seem to have ditched a good prep for this in favour of what should be reserved for post run drinking/eating..brought on to by a degree of angst...for which ultra running i find to be the best antidote..but you cant run huge miles 4-5 days before a 50.

21/07/2010 at 21:32

Good luck if I don't hear from you again before or see you at this FR.

Excellent SZ, see you at some point during weekend I'm sure. Sure hope the job stuff works out.

Conditions permitting I'll wear my Humber Bridge 10k or Hardmoors 55 top so should be fairly recognisable if anybody wants to say hi as they overtake me  (I'm hoping just the 50'ers and not 100'ers).

I think my body has sussed what I'm upto, I have the mostly humungously inflated appetite this last week despite only doing 6.5m since Sunday.

I know I shouldn't, but I haven't all week, so I'm going to allow myself a couple of pints tonight. Cheers all!

22/07/2010 at 00:52

FR - we should mellow at some pint...errr...I mean point...Hobgoblin isn't it?

DE - Run like the wind.

CD - If I don't see you tomorrow, I'll see you over the weekend?

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22/07/2010 at 14:27

good luck everyone running the lakeland...espec our 100 heroes..hope to see you up there

for those who dont know us, if you see a collie say hello..we dont bite (well he doesnt)

23/07/2010 at 23:52

Good <<vibes>> for everyone running in The Lakes this weekend.

My abilities at ultras are very modest but I'm working on them.  My next long event is the very straightforward and enjoyable RIDGEWAY 85 in the rolling hills of the Chilterns and the North Wessex Downs, Aug 28. 

25/07/2010 at 20:20
fr - whats the craic?
25/07/2010 at 22:09

let me sleep on it

but agree totally with your last line

night night said zebedee

26/07/2010 at 00:09
Mistakes. FR I made most of my many mistakes mistakes in the last 10 miles when I got sucked into a race with a fellow competitor (an unofficial team). Inevitably due to lack of experience in fell gamesmanship, I lost that one by a shade. No complaints. I am now so much wiser, I'm going to blog the event in detail at some point if not as a memo to myself. Brilliant event. Fantastic support team throughout. Special thanks to the lad at the shop in Ambleside who persevered with my jammed jacket zipper. Great to see DE (What a soldier!) Brit Nick (Class) Clairster (Always smiling!) And first long distance event with CD and Charlie. (Filmstars!) CD and I shared a beer at outside my tent - what could be better in life... A100?
Edited: 26/07/2010 at 00:12
26/07/2010 at 05:56
we had one each sz and a bag of crisps!..the rock n roll life we have
26/07/2010 at 09:27
oh..i forgot to say..i've slept on it
26/07/2010 at 09:54


me and sz did the last section in exact times of 1.24 if my maths are correct

i think i'd best stop posting to myself or i'll be carted away

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