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01/12/2011 at 21:42, shall i curse/swear for you spen..
01/12/2011 at 21:43
As for runs - I'm managing a parkrun Christmas Day then doing lunch for family, so I'm not sure I'll get a proper run that day. Managing the parkrun on New Year's Day as well but will hopefully go for a proper (long) run afterwards.
01/12/2011 at 21:46
I have spent a lot more than that on t shirts when I was younger and would buy designer clothes.
01/12/2011 at 21:51
yes..have to admit tht when i started work i spent every weekend at the designer village and would think nothing of £200 in one go on a few i want a whole outfit inc shoes for £50 these days ...
01/12/2011 at 22:13
I wonder if I ask my daddy nice enough he will get me one of the Jackets   Cannot really afford it at the moment,
01/12/2011 at 22:23

I think my montane waterproof/breathable jacket was about £90 two years ago. Don't have lightweight waterproof trousers so just use my Rab mountaineering ones but they are quite light. Equally, whilst I am competitive, am not a front of the pack runner so probs don't notice the extra weight slowing me down!!  On the northumberland ultra I was very very glad of carrying them, jogging across the pennine way in the cheviots at 10pm in the fog and rain was hypothermia central!!

Debra - that's a good idea. I've got one of those in the back of my car for breakdowns etc.  I find Montane to come up on the slim side which suits me fine. My jacket is an XS and I am a size 6 sometimes an 8, I can get a fleece under it if necessary plus a decent base layer and still move but anything more would be a squeeze!

Great club run (10km) in the dark and the rain and now they are gritting and it's icy. 10 miles tmrw morning hopefully after the school runs ...

01/12/2011 at 22:24
... and LLB, don't worry, NDW it is. Looking forward to running on some home turf (well the first section anyway!).
02/12/2011 at 05:28

I was at AT this year (I DNF in the Double due to a knee problem)

If you had fully waterproof kit with taped seams on the the last weekend, people would have sold their children to get it

seren nos    pirate
02/12/2011 at 07:49

veggieboy.......apart from me........Eddie was really nagging me to put soem clothes on.........i was running in shorts and vests..........but even I put on my montane jacket for a few miles............If it was on an exposed hill then I think the jacket would have been on all run..............( only did the single this year)

You can't expect it to be good weather just because its in june

02/12/2011 at 07:51
cragchick wrote (see)
... and LLB, don't worry, NDW it is. Looking forward to running on some home turf (well the first section anyway!).

yay!!! look forward to seeing you there seren has put above just because its in aug doesnt mean it wont rain...maybe i should get waterproof trousers...had an email frm likeys sports with a sale so maybe i will check out the trousers...problem is getting thm small enough
seren nos    pirate
02/12/2011 at 07:52
i think you m ight need kids sizes loulabell
02/12/2011 at 08:14
the likeys ones say xs and the marmot jacket i have in tht size is ok but still room for things under it. its not the length so much i have trouble with just waist and hips with it all falling there anywhere that does kids waterproofs suitable for running in...
02/12/2011 at 08:14
age 12 is fine for me
02/12/2011 at 09:11

I have inov8 milsitepants as waterproof bottoms. Never really needed to use them.  I think they are around 150-200g and pack tight.

Like Debra's 50g mac.  I might buy something like that to satisfy race organisors despite it being a warm day/unlikely to be required.  always on look out for weight savings

02/12/2011 at 14:31
i dont want to carry anything really!!...can i bring a KEZ to carry the stuff?....still want a Kez of my own
02/12/2011 at 17:34
I bought cheap kids waterproof bottoms, am quite short. Figure that for the ultras I have done/will be doing in the future they would only be used in an emergency not everyday like if for some reason got injured and couldn't run. If I was doing mountain events would invest in a better pair(unlikely). Splashed out on a montaine atomic jacket which I use in poor weather all the time and it's great.
Edited: 02/12/2011 at 17:34
02/12/2011 at 18:01
which make of kids trousers elspeth?
02/12/2011 at 23:14
My kids have both got regatta ones that are mega lightweight, was planning on getting a pair for myself. Think I got theirs off Little trekkers website in sale, probs cost about £15 tops.  Am always scouring kids sites for bargain outdoor kit cos we are all outside so much.
02/12/2011 at 23:15
and I have been drenched on the NDW in the summer plenty of times ... but it really is soooo much warmer down South than it is up here, even if we get more sunshine
02/12/2011 at 23:48
I have the Minimus Jacket and it is very good bit of kit. For a slightly cheaper option, but still v v breathable and fully waterproof you could try the Marmot Mica or Super Mica which won a few awards when it first came out.
My Montane Marathon jacket and a good baselayer and t-shirt see me through 95% of the year, but always good to have fully waterproof available, and as others have said it 's mandatory kit for some events. Decide what you can afford and how much use it will get and go from there. 
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