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03/12/2011 at 12:01

People doing the NDW races in August should be more interested in a running cap than a waterproof. 

If it is the hottest August on record, then you are all in for a tough day. 

03/12/2011 at 13:53
Well I have ordered a Montane Atomic Jacket. jacket for £91.   Figure if I buy some kit once a month not too bad.
03/12/2011 at 14:12
Ben Davies 15 wrote (see)

People doing the NDW races in August should be more interested in a running cap than a waterproof. 

If it is the hottest August on record, then you are all in for a tough day. 

duly noted Ben. Ive got a feeling too that if this year is anything to go by i wont be needing the wet gear...but a LOT of suncream and hydration....(will still check out the kids trousers though)
03/12/2011 at 17:16

Spen - where did you get it from, that's a good price and thinking of one as a pressie for OH?

Ben - I do most of my running in Scotland so the waterproof jacket gets good use, if not in events certainly in training.

LLB - I think my trousers were Peter Storm ones. They look quite nice for the money but have yet to use them.

03/12/2011 at 20:55
Elspeth -
03/12/2011 at 21:19

I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Led Lenser H& head torch recently. 

So much so that I am thinking about dropping a few hints that I would like one for Xmas. 

04/12/2011 at 06:31


Buy it and hand over the receipt for reimbursement - only way to make sure you get the right model

04/12/2011 at 08:50
What size pack should you be looking at?  I have a OMM 10l at moment and in the next year I expect to do a 50m ultra.
04/12/2011 at 11:49

 i have asked for a 10l pack for xmas spen, so hoping that'll be big enough for 50miles....

04/12/2011 at 12:43

10l should be plenty big enough for 50 miles, I've got a 15l which is big enough to be totally self-sufficient (all food) plus full w/proofs. Like Elspeth my wproofs get plenty of use up here.  When I did saunders mountain marathon in July in Lakes, was mega hot by day but freezing at night - I had to put my waterproof trousers on inside my sleeping bag as I was too cold at night  Serves me right for taking a tescos £10 sleeping bag to cut down on weight!!!

I grew up in  and lived in Surrey until I moved here last year ... sometimes August is super-hot, sometiimes it a wash-out; equally I was running in shorts and t-shirt and catching the rays on the moray coastal trail just a month ago, today it's 1 degree and we are getting snow downpours in bbetween the sun and my washing was frozen on the line.  Be prepared to be flexible with your kit, check the forecast right before race day and all will be well whatever you get wherever you are

Great running LLB, I've got my long run tmrw - hoping to hit 22+ if I can. Fingers crossed weather isn't too atrocious!

04/12/2011 at 12:48

yes you are right cragc,being prepared is kit good, but if you can avoid carrying unnecessary thn thats better too. like you say, checking weather over and over until last minute is good practice to get into. i always seem to obsessed with checking, even just for training runs! but i like to know what i may need  with me lol...

today was a good run, chilly and i had on right number of layers, needed it a bit of cram by mile 18 , but not too bad...nice calm weather. hope it stays good tomorrow for you cragc

04/12/2011 at 13:35
ben, am i right in saying that from your post any waterproofs , jacket or trousers need to have the fully sealed seams? ..i have found jacket and trousers that are light weight and easy to fold/pack from the little trekkers website for kids tht seren the sale i can get a jacket for £17 (fully wind and waterproof) and trousers for £11 or £6..again waterproof and seam sealed.bargain?
04/12/2011 at 17:53


If these garments are marketed as being waterproof, then they should have fully taped seams. 

The low cost reflects the fact that VAT is not charged on children's clothing. 

Since you are ordering the product online, your statutory rights allow you to return it for a cash refund if it is not what you thought. 

Edited: 04/12/2011 at 17:54
04/12/2011 at 17:57

ben, the description says fully waterproof and taped seams yes

do you work for trading standards lol

05/12/2011 at 15:49
hmmm, need to get myself on little trekkers for some stuff for me and the kids at the mo!!! Sounds like complete billy bargains LLB
05/12/2011 at 16:13
yes do !! there are some easy pack jackets and trews cragc, im going to grab the jacket i think. goes up to age 12 so should be fine for me and you....may have to opt for barbie pink of course
07/12/2011 at 10:11
Can anyone recommend some decent ladies running trousers? I've got a couple of pairs of skins, but with the cold weather they are really more of a base layer. I'm looking for something that is going to keep me warm on the long distance now we're into winter (felt like winter had finally arrived this morning!). I've got a lot of training ahead with my first 44 miler ( in june so looking for all the comfort I can get.
07/12/2011 at 10:36

Jesse - I just wear ROn Hill tights when it is cold - they are pretty thick. If it is particularly cold (as it was -15 last winter) I put a pair of med length shorts over the top. You could also just wear a cheapo pair of footless tights underneath the Ron hills if you are still cold.

Incidentally I been keeping an eye on this shop on ebay as they have some real good Montane bargains.

07/12/2011 at 10:47
Thanks Nick I will seek out a pair of ron hills and check out ebay options.
seren nos    pirate
07/12/2011 at 11:34
jesse I can't help because i run in shorts even in snow and ice.....can't cope with leggings.....need the air to cool me down......
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