Two Oceans 2009

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22/01/2009 at 16:49
Thank you all for your calm responses on here. It has settled my nerves and I will check back on here when I start to panic later in my training!
24/01/2009 at 21:43
If you want to re coupe some of your airfare might i suggest you take a box of Bingo dabbers and stand outside the local bingo hall, they sell like hot cakes, i took my aunt  48, all i could fit in my case and paid 25p each for, and my aunt sold them in 10 mins for  25 Rand about £1.50, seems they are very hard to get over there, i should start an import business of Bingo dabbers
06/04/2009 at 13:00

Floosie Sue

 Just found the Two Oceans thread and wanted to sy best of luck and enjoy the event.

Myself and a fellow runner from my running club did it last year and we enjoyed it so much we are doing it again in 5 days time.

 We fly to Cape Town on Wednesday with KLM and intend to go to the Expo on Thursday.

My advice would be to not be phased by the race and break  the race down into bite size pieces, so for example phase one from Newlands to the coast, phase two along the coast to we turn inland, phase three the run in land and so. Each phase is a small 10 to 12 km race and that way it don't seem at all bad.

The runners tent at the end of the race is great with free wine, beer, cakes, sandwisches etc.

The support along the route is fantastic and you won't lack for verbal encouragement and your fellow runners will help and support you all the way.

Running at dawn on Easter Saturday in Cape Town is without doubt a priveledge and joy. Last year  when running the race I recognise that I was unbelievably lucky to be able to run 56km and to have the good fortune to take part in a truely fanatstic event.

 You will love it.

06/04/2009 at 13:57

Indeed, good luck to everyone going out to Cape Town and the Two Oceans.

 I also fly out on Wednesday, from Brirmingham with KLM nice and early!!

 So I hope to bump into some folk at some point - plane, expo, Fridays run or Saturday etc....

 Have a good run all.


06/04/2009 at 14:51

Hi Guys

Thanks for the comments and advice. I am swinging between excitement, nerves and panic at the moment but mostly I am really looking forward to the event.

We fly out on Wednesday ngiht with BA from Heathrow, so hoping to be at the Expo Thursday (Jonathon, I said Friday in my e-mail but SPB's post has just reminded me that I need to go Thursday to pick up the stuff for the Friendship Run!)

I'll be the nervous looking woman in a white "Striders of Croydon" t-shirt at the Expo. I'm the only Strider traveling to SA, so if you see the t-shirt, it can only be me! On race day I'll be wearing my tasteful "Striders of Croydon" green and yellow vest.

I've been logging on to a SA forum for a while now ( and one of the pacers posts on there. I'm hoping to meet up and run with him on the day - he paces the "cut off bus" which is essentially the equivalent of London's "Get You Round".

Have safe journeys and I hope to see you both there. If I miss you, have a great race.


14/04/2009 at 12:58
Just checked the website & Floosie finished inside the cut-off. 
14/04/2009 at 13:44
Well done Floosie, good result.  You beat the cut-off by miles................... almost 5 minutes
14/04/2009 at 16:25
Apparently it was more like 7 mins according to her watch, and I never argue with her.
23/04/2009 at 09:21

How do you know what it was according to my watch?!?! Have you been checking with the office?

Gun time was 6:55:34, watch time 6:52:56. I was aiming for 6:50 so I'm chuffed

How did everyone else get on?

And you are a sensible man not to argue with me, young Gavo

23/04/2009 at 10:38

Hello Ultra Boys and Girls

Two Oceans was a story of two halves. I was a minute up at 28km on last year, got to the top of  Chapman's Peak and then cramped in both feet, both calf's and both lower arms. This experience lasted for 17 km and not only did the race test my physical strength but also my mental strength.

At 48 km I was struggling to walk and running was a distant memory, a local runner went past me and thrust a tablet into mt hand (Myprodol). Within 2 km I was running again and did the last 6 km in 30 minutes with a finishing time of 5hrs 56 mins (29 mins slower than 2008). The race was totally draining and if I had not been English I would have cried. I had trained specifcally for 5 months for this race and was undone by cramp, but, you learn. What had cost me and caused the cramp was a conversation in the early stages of the race which lasted for over an hour with a fellow runner. In training I had done all my long runs on my own and so by engaging in conversation for such a long period of time I had drank for too much water in the firts 90 minutes of the race as my attention had been distracted. I was also 40 minutes late with my first gel. I basically flushed out all my salts and paid a heavy price not only in time taken to complete the race but in elevated pain levels.

I am, given health and finances going to compete in 2010, it remans a brilliant event and I would encourage as many people as possible to participate.

On a different note the Mr Price running team stayd in the same hotel as us, at 4:45am 3 mini buses left the hotel with their runners on board. At 4:55 a confussed Mr Mambo arrived at the hotel door way with no lift available, he eventually got to the race via our taxi and was called en route by the team manger who enquired as to his wereabouts 'In the Casino' came the response from one of the other passengers. Poor Marco Mambo was caught by the the race winner just over 1km from the finish and ended up finishing second failing to win his fourth consequetiive race. The message is that even the best need to stick to a race plan if they want to achieve their goals and get up on time.

Well done to all competitors and finishers and hopefully God willing see you in the Mother City for the 2010 race. Did any see Oasis?


24/04/2009 at 14:54

Glad to hear we all got round safely, I looked out for Sue but did not see any 'Striders' T shirts.

 Johnathan, it was nice to meet you, Maureen and John over the weekend, thanks for the Oasis tip - we went and it was a superb day all round.  It was a bit crazy trying to get off the car park afterwards - we fell asleep in the car, woke about midnight, then drove to Franschhoek!!  Noel and family were at Boulders Beach later on Sunday.

 All being well we should be back next year.


27/04/2009 at 11:32

We saw Oasis and their entourage at the Mount Nelson Hotel on Monday (we were going for tea).

I'd love to go back and do this again. A truly fantastic experience. finances probably mean it will be 2011 rather than 2010 though.

You speedy guys probably didn't see me - I was right at the back - but it was nice to know I had "virtual friends" in the race!

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