Ultra Marathon....a distant dream?

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21/02/2012 at 15:33

Go for it Vicar!  To be honest I found the 33 miler easier than the marathon as you run at a more relaxed pace with more people to chat to and get / give support to.

21/02/2012 at 15:41
Great stuff, RB, thanks for that, I was kind of expecting it to take around the same time as a marathon. I'm looking forward to it, Duchy marathon in between.
21/02/2012 at 16:02

Not at all is this too ambitionous,  I have been running just over a year now.  This year I am planning on 9 marathon and 3 ultras in a 12-12-12 thing im doing.   Just take your time and do not get obsessed with times.   My first marathon last year I was obsessed with going sub 4 and did not enjoy it as much.

Also correct with If I am wrong but I think the general rule for ultra training is to do back to back totalling more than the distance,  So for 35 miles do 20 Saturday and 16 Sunday/

21/02/2012 at 16:07
Cheers Spen that makes some sense I suppose. IE if you couldnt do it over 2 days what chance have you other one!. Good point Its good to hear you say that because I looked at the whole ultra thing as people who have been doing it a long time. Plus I like your comment Running Bench about the further you go the more relaxed you are. ive heard that a few times
21/02/2012 at 16:19

hello 'the vicar' ...we are popping up all over now to give you helpful advice! i too have only been running a short while and did 2 HMs last year and a mara last month..now the rest of my events for ths year are  mostly ultras so it can be done!

i think the hey is definately to enjoy the ultra scene. and as Tiago said, take your time, in choosing events and in running them. i found 10K  and HMs good training but there isnt really a social scene. ultras have a much smaller community and very friendly. plenty of hours to chat to the people you are runnung with

i did my first marathon with the aim of finishing comfortably and not getting too stuck on beating a time-im glad i did as i really really  really enjoyed it and couldnt have asked for a better first marathon...im hoping my first ultra in may will be the same. if you pop over to the newbie ultra thread most of us who have posted above are on ther...you will be very welcome there , Loula

21/02/2012 at 16:55

Vicar, i've been running regulary since 1988 and am an ultra newbie! Been a 10k runner, then halfs and marathons and now ultras!!

You should move to Northern Ireland, we hardly have any races on sundays and a couple of years ago there was an outcry when they thought of moving the Belfast marathon to a sunday!!

Good luck!

21/02/2012 at 20:15
Ultras are within your reach. I did my first ultra by accident.
Ran as a pacer for a friend doing the 73 mile Dartmoor Round intending to run 12miles carrying his food and navigating. Found myself in the pub some hours later having got carried away and ran 50 miles! Never done more than 20miles previously. Been hooked ever since.
Just enjoy your running aim only to finish . If you are not enjoying the view you are running too fast(especially in devon/dorset.
22/02/2012 at 10:26

Thanks Loula for that very encouraging. Thats what I like to hear that theirs a bit of camaraderie going on too. That to me is very important.

Whitehead runner, lol I didnt know that-But i'm not surprised

Hi Ian thanks for that. It definitely seems doable and not out of reach. I have a long way to go before I can do it but its very encouraging hearing other peoples stories

 Just been chatting to a friend who says he is running the Liberty trail from Yeovil to Lyme Regis this July. 28 miles in all. So I may aim for that. Its a lot of trail running so I'm not sure if that will be different training as to road running?

22/02/2012 at 12:12

Nights are drawing out now so it is easier to get on the trails.  Even around parks help.

22/02/2012 at 18:32
Yes, you want to do as much of your training as possible on surfaces similar to the ones you'll be meeting on the day - particularly, the surface for your long runs should be similar. I'm intending to spend a lot of the summer driving or taking the train out to the North Downs Way to practice running along that before the NDW50 in August, and much of my second long run and midweek longish runs with the club will be offroad during the summer.
24/02/2012 at 15:05
Right if all goes well and once its confirmed I have a nice little jog in June along the liberty trail as mentioned above. its not a race or anything like it. It seems to be a group of runners getting together for a easy days running. Their will be check points along where you can bail out for a bit if your getting a bit leggy. i thought this would be an ideal place to start. But as I said its not been confirmed. However because its not going to be all out going as fast as possible,  their will be time to stop and eat etc. So I don't look like a plank what should I bring with me for lunch? Also would it be worth getting a hydration back pack thingy. In the army we called them camelbaks but obviously that's a brand. Would be a good idea I thought to carry keys and wallets etc.. Basically I am going to be out all day. I know it sounds like a daft question. But When I go running at moment I just take myself I just don't want to over look anything....
24/02/2012 at 15:26

Take a look at getting yourself a small running daysack. A couple of good companies to  start your search with are OMM, Raidlight and Inov8. Almost all of them will take a bladder in them so you can either get a bladder to put in it or a few of them have bottle carrying pockets. So which ever suits you really. If you are for a day then 15 litres will be plenty. I used a 15l OMM sac on a 3 day trip to the lakes with no issues

With regards what to take. Well you are out all day so a good start would be drink, food, waterproof layer (ok its June but still you never know!), mobile phone and some cash (for extra food or train/taxi if it all goes wrong).

Food is a personal preference really but if you are on the move you will want food that is easy to eat. Common foods are flapjack, malt loaf, crisps, jam sarnies, rice pudding, choccy bars, energy gels.

Drink wise is the same again... personal choice. I am happy with just water but put some elete electrolyte in it for long days out.

Probably worth throwing a basic medical kit in... vaseline and a roll of tape normally does the job! I cant think of a way of telling you to pack vaseline and tape that doesn't make it sounds like a pests day out. sorry.

24/02/2012 at 15:36

Sounds like a sensible starting point.

You'll probably get as many opinions as there are people, but...

I'm using a 5 litre pack containing a 1 litre drinks bladder. As well as water, I carry food (malt loaf, fig rolls, jelly beans, Kendal mint cake), tissues, mobile phone, keys, emergency money, space blanket, lightweight emergency warm top, lightweight breathable waterproof coat, lightweight windproof trousers, one blister plaster, one ordinary plaster. I also wear/carry hat, gloves, windproof running jacket.

 I'm intending to get a 10 litre or possible up to 15 litre pack, because the present load fills my pack and I'm going to need to be able to carry two litres of fluid on 4-5 hour long training runs on the NDW in the summer. I'll also be adding a compass and whistle (and map).

Before I got the jacket (Montane Minimus) I carried one of those "single use" emergency ponchos - totally waterproof, very light, and useful to avoid getting soaked and cold if e.g. you've turned an ankle and are waiting for someone to come get you.

Note: I carry this stuff on practically all my runs (not for e.g. parkrun) so I barely notice it now. You don't want to wait until the day of your long run then set off with a pack on for the first time. I got used to carrying it from when my long run was under 10 miles. 

24/02/2012 at 15:37

Your a star. Thats exactly what I needed. You think 15l is needed? I were thinking 6 lol. Ill take that on board if I never asked see......

Last thing whilst on the subject got a couple of HM and then the above jolly. I dont like wearing shorts I prefer the whole compression leggings thing. Is it a matter of what you find comfortable or am I going to come unstuck on a longer run with being too hot etc?

24/02/2012 at 15:44

It's what you find comfortable. If you like the compression tights then wear them.

Also see above regarding waht I'm fitting into a 5 litre pack - should help you decide. Six litre might be enough, 10 litre probably ample.

Try the pack on before you buy - check the straps are comfortable for you with some weight in the backpack.

24/02/2012 at 15:51

Yeah 15 litres is a bit much really but I don't have different sizes for different events I just use my 15l for everything but yes... like Debra has shown you can get a lot into the smaller ones no problem.

Yes some people use compression tights all year round for long runs and races. If it is what is comfy then go with it.

Edited: 24/02/2012 at 15:52
24/02/2012 at 16:01

Oh dear I've been a plank. Just re-read what was said. I thought 15l of water lol. Its been a long ol day. 15l bag space i geddit

So what about water? if i get a 2l bladder then would another 3-4L bottle be enough?

24/02/2012 at 16:10

Hwo long do you intend to be out for? 2l of water will get you a long way... 6l of water and you might need a yak as well

Seriously though, 2 litres should be plenty for a run out without being too heavy.

24/02/2012 at 16:18
He said it will be about 6-7 hours as its meant to be a bit of a newbie run over quite rough terrain to be fair. Well I usually dont take a bottle unless im doing over 7miles if im doing 10 probably take 500ml?
24/02/2012 at 16:26

I drank 1.25 litres over 32 miles and five hours on Sunday at the London Ultra, and probably should have drunk a bit more, thinking how much I drank in the first hour afterwards.

Take the 2-litre water bladder. If it's very hot, maybe carry an additional 500 mL bottle or platypus in your hand to start with.

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