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07/07/2012 at 06:05

Well one things for certain Lirish,the waterproof gear has been tested to the max. I did get a lot of blank looks when asking for a waterproof with 50,000 schmiebers? So bought the TNF that they recommend.

Thanks for the advice.

13/09/2012 at 14:48

Did it this year and last year. DNF'd in 2010 - I had very little idea what i was getting into!!! Finished this year but pretty annoyed that it was such a radically altered/shortened course so I will be applying for next year and hoping I am successful in the ballot.... especially as the 'next year guarantee' if unseccessful no longer applies.

Its a brutally hard race and quite unlike any Ultra I have run but my god its incredible. The best start line atmosphere? Probably.

I would echo what a previous comment said. Get on the hills and go up and down them. Over and over again. Milage is useless, its all about metres climbed and more importantly descended.

Dan A is the man to direct questions to but would happily offer up any info I can.

13/09/2012 at 14:58

Will be putting my name in the lottery for CCC...

I will worry about kit later on, I am fairly sure I will have it all somewhere!

13/09/2012 at 18:33

Got to agree with Bruce,it was a real shame to have the course cut short,it was to have been my first attempt at a 100 mile race. I didn't do any other ultras this year simply because there was none in the UK that could anywhere near match the ascent and descent of the UTMB so just got myself up and down the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia relentlessly. It seemed to work as I was still finding no problem with the ups and downs and I'm pretty sure I would have completed the whole course.Oh and definately the best atmosphere I have experienced at a race,simply amazing..Still currently trying to explain to the other half,"yes I know I have a finishers waistcoat,but I dont feel as though I've really done the UTMB,so I've got to try again" Seems reasonable to me?

13/09/2012 at 19:01
Seems like we may have a fair few from RW going to Chamonix next year if you're all lucky
13/09/2012 at 19:55

Yep... gotta get a place first before I even start thinking about it. Plus it is months away.

13/09/2012 at 20:40

Entry day is marked on my calender.

Given my terrible track record for good fortune you've all got a slightly better chance of getting in.

17/09/2012 at 11:54

Andrew Dubois,

Great race report and holy cow! 28hrs! Amazing. As soon as I get another place at UTMB I will be going through your training blog with a fine tooth comb. Incredible time.

17/09/2012 at 12:37

I've been on startline for UTMB (last year) and TDS (this year), DNF both for different reasons, having run long sections of the two all I'll say is both are tough, but in my experiance, mile-for-mile the TDS is tougher, bit more ascent descemt, more technical, rougher, rockier, muddier ground (closer to Lakeland 100 or lake distriuct rough trails in places). UTMB trail is generally pretty runnable stuff, its just the extra ascent/descent picked up over the extra distance that makes it the "daddy"! 

My point in this comparison being. Maybe don't treat the TDS as a step up to UTMB, best to try CCC first unless your hugely experianced with mountainous stuff elsewhere. Though 35 or so miles shorter than UTMB and only 10-15 longer than CCC (based on full routes run - which we know isn't always the case with these events) the extra difficulty of the course made it feel more like a 100 miler than a 50. Having done the Lakeland 50 this year very comfortably the TDS (70m~) was very much a different ballpark.

Knowing what I know now, I'd have tried CCC first and then either UTMB or TDS the next year. But what the TDS does have going for it is that its the only single-runner UTMB series event which didn't go to ballot last year, so if your not hung up on a 100 and just fancy a really serious challenge, this may be worth a punt.

18/01/2013 at 14:22

Thanks Drunken man you just runined my day! I didn't get into the CCC but my mate did! So I opted for the TDS and having now looked into it more I think it might have been an error as there are no mountains in MK

05/04/2013 at 14:03

Totally agree with others posts about the TDS. I finished the UTMB in 2011 (lengthened course) and 2012 (shortened course), and the CCC in 2010 too. You can read my race report for 2012 here; http://kingsleyjones.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/utmb-2012-mud-sweat-fires/. Got a space in TDS this year, and more worried about it than UTMB. The terrain is a lot rougher and way more technical single track than CCC or UTMB.

27/05/2013 at 16:21

Hey all, this post looks like a bit of a TDS fest !  I completed the CCC last year and am ultimately aiming for UTMB 2014 but have opted for TDS for 2013.  Like all the posts above state, I am pretty sure that overall, the TDS will be the hardest of the lot (despite most locals saying the CCC was the real race last year)!  Drop outs were so high in the TDS last year and I can only assume this is testament to how tough the terrain is in bad weather.  The weather for TDS and CCC was horrific last year and I can only assume the finish rate on the CCC was much hogher because the trails were like those on the UTMB (i.e. good).  I am under no illusions that the TDS trails will be a nightmare!  After a patchy winter's running, I will be spending most of the next 3 months running up muddy/sandy hills...

BTW - anyone over for the Marathon du Mont Blanc or the new 80km?

27/05/2013 at 17:42

CR - I'll be at the Mont Blanc marathon (for the 5th time), and TdS for the first time (although was in the UTMB each year from 2007-2011).  Verbier Trail and Davos SwissAlpine in between.  Can't wait.

MB marathon is great fun, though very hard. Double your road marathon time & that's a fair finishing time.

27/05/2013 at 20:40

Nice! Surely after CCC/UTMB etc the Mont Blanc Marathon doesn't come as a shock though does it?  The thing that looks pretty bad is the long uphill finish.  Can't wait to get back there either.

10/06/2013 at 09:43

I'm over in Chamonix for MB marathon CR. It is a lovely marathon and the final uphill is a killer Quite a few of us are going so maybe email me and we can all meet?

12/08/2013 at 13:46

Guys and gals, I missed the Marathon du Mont Blanc but am still in for the TDS (finished CCC last year).  Am totally psyched for it now.  I am running it with another UK based runner (his first experience of the UTMB races).  We arrive on Monday 26th but I note we can't register until Tuesday.  It would be good to meet up with any other UK runners....perhaps on Monday night!

Question:  is there a hot meal at Cormet de Roseland or not?  Map says no, but guide says yes?

This is where I now spend two weeks looking at weather forecasts  After last years Arctic CCC, I can't work out if I want it hot or cold.

12/08/2013 at 15:49

Hi Cool-runnings, not as such that I can remember last year (but I was in a bad place at Cormet de Roselund). Much like other larger TDS food places I think you can get the hot salty soup (which is very good) and hot drinks. But I think otherwise its little enrgy bars, cheese, crackers, salami, chocolate and other nibbles. Maybe its changed after last year as it was there that the heaviest rain struck and lots of people got very cold, very quick! So I'd play safe and not expect it, then its a bonus if you get it

Edited: 12/08/2013 at 15:52
12/08/2013 at 16:09

You can leave a drop bag which is distributed at Cormet de Roseland.  Worth leaving any specific food in there if you have a particular requirement.

I'm also arriving on the Monday. Had a decent run at the MB marathon this year in a few seconds over 5 hours.  Kidney problem badly affect my Davos race after a strong first half, so a bit unsure of how the TdS will go this year.  Steady start and see where I am after 5-6 hours I guess.  Can't wait to get out there now...


12/08/2013 at 16:23

Odd that you get a hot meal (it saved me) on the CCC but not the TDS.  Oh well, I guess it means putting tons of nice food in your drop bag (which you don't get on the CCC).  Hot meal would have been nice though.

Ditto - just want to finish work and get gone.  2 weeks today...

12/08/2013 at 17:01

Dan A - A drop bag at Cormet is also new this year, previously no drop bag during TDS. Just one bag at start to go to end with warm clothes, etc, in. A useful addition considering no hot food point in this event.

Cool-R - From 2012 guide, which I think has translated to english badly...

substantial refreshment posts : drinks (as above) + cereal or energising bars, sponge cake, chocolate, bananas, oranges, raisins, prunes, salted biscuits, cheese salami, bread (and at Chapieux and Cormet de Roselend a more substantial soup and pasta at Courmayeur and Champex).

Which I think meant a more substantial soup at Chapiuex and Cormet and pasta at Courmayeur and Champex. Is that similar to whats in 2013 guide? Can't say I remember the soup being different there to other places really. But wasn't in a good state at the time.

I guess CCC has hot food at Champex as UTMB does, so is already setup to provide. TDS CP between Bourg St Maurice and Les Contamines are at high level in large marquees so may not be possible/practical to provide hot food other than food/drinks?

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