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11/08/2014 at 09:06

Thanks. I had a different experience to you as I was in pain for the last few miles of the race and today I'm aching all over and my quads are mashed ! It certainly is addictive; even when I was racing I was planning what other races I want to do next year ! One thing I learnt was that I need to carry less or at least get the right pack. I am used to carrying a 3 litre bladder so that plus all my food, clothes, maps etc made it quite heavy. Regarding food, I only ate a few biscuits at the water stations, 3 gels and a mars bar. I just didn't feel hungry and despite everyone on here saying I must eat I just couldn't force anything down. How did that part of the race go for you ?

11/08/2014 at 09:08

We need a cake to celebrate great running from the pair of you.

11/08/2014 at 09:10

Regarding the bladder, I would guess that the furthest you'd be from a drink is 15 miles most are closer to 8-12 miles between drink stations. So I would think that unless it's a very, very hot day, you would only need to half fill your bladder at most.  Which would save you a bit of weight.

11/08/2014 at 09:13
I took my north face pack with 2 x 750ml of drinks, tablets, jelly beans and sunglasses and cap in there too. Felt this was perhaps too much to carry, but drank the liquids so lightened the load a lot. Food wise I had three gels then ate a peach, jelly babies, bread pudding and small cakes they had at stations, this definitely fuelled me to the end, could have continued running after the finial I had so much energy left! I thought its good to have my own supplies though, hate relying on others, much prefer to be self sufficient that way I can deal with the run in my own way and not be under fuelled if stations didn't have any food to offer...

Thanks booktrunk, cake is a great idea! I had pizza last night
11/08/2014 at 09:15

Cheers BT - Agree about the bladder. I did in fact do just that as it happens. At about 15 miles I saw a water tap on a campsite so filled it up again. However, I ran out of water with about 2 miles to go. I guess I wasn't thinking too clearly towards the end when the pain had kicked in so never thought to fill it up again. And running a race is definitely different to doing a long training run so I could maybe do some things differently. As has been said before, you learn a lot when you run your fist ultra

11/08/2014 at 09:31

Well done both of you, and as for the 'thinking of which ones to enter next', welcome to the dark side  we have cookies 

There is always a tendancy to over pack, I think the heaviest I have carried was something like 8kg but that included waterproofs, far too much food, and everything I thought I would need. I often weigh in at 5+ kilo on an unsupported long training run, but for this weeks SVP100 I have got it down to under 2.5kg (without water) but have about 3 tonnes of stuff in the car which Roni will be following me around in. (she is float working between aid stations to help out)

I think even if you do plan to feed on aid station food, its nice treat to have some of your own that you like, for when you go through dark patches.

I have gone right off gels, they seem to upset my stomach too much but still carry a couple for emergencies, preffering proper food now. This week I will have chocolate rice cakes, veg poelenta cakes, small pasties, macaroons to eat, and will probably go off all of them by 40, so will switch to satsumas melon and milk for the remainder 


11/08/2014 at 10:15

Well done Dank-art and carterusm!

carterusm, remember at Ladybower you'll be passing the start/finish/your car (if you've got a good parking spot) after five miles and again 15 miles later and 15 miles after that. Unless the weather is atrocious, you don't need to carry very much - just what you'll eat and drink during one circuit, really. Maybe a light jacket, just-in-case, and first aid supplies in case of blisters. Then you restock at the end of each circuit. Very different from being out on the hills, because the area gets quite busy, so if you -did- fall and twist an ankle, there would be people about to help - there's no risk of having to wait for hours for rescuers to come get you. I will, however, highly recommend that you have everything well organised in the boot of the car and make sure you don't put the car key down somewhere and have to spend several minutes looking for it... And have some cash in the car so you can hobble down and get a toasted sandwich afterwards. And take sunscreen in case it's very hot and sunny.

Cheesy Rider: If gels don't work for you, have you considered Kendal Mint Cake as an emergency energy supply instead? Sugar, glucose syrup and peppermint oil, so nothing for your stomach/gut to object to.

11/08/2014 at 10:22
Thanks, yes agree with the gels comment, really gone off them, think I'll stick to more substantial foods for my next ultra
11/08/2014 at 10:47

Hi DB  Hows the injury repairing? (ankle, but cant remember which one)

I have heard this mint cake mentioned but never tried it. I also probably look for the wrong thing in the supermarket, the name cake switches me away from looking at bars! I'll try and get some.

11/08/2014 at 12:26

Hi CheesyRider,

Kendal Mint Cake isn't available in supermarkets, mostly. It's widely available in the Lake District! Otherwise, it's available at Lakeland stores - the ones that sell kitchen stuff etc. And some online stores - I see Blacks has it, for example, and they seem to be offering collect-from-store.

The ankle (left!) is improving. I ran nine miles last Sunday (not the one just gone). This Sunday I was going to aim for 10 - then on Friday, just walking around at home, I caught my left big toe in my right trouser leg and strained it! Ran at my parkrun on Saturday, which was probably a mistake, but we had enough volunteers and I'll be Run Director the next two weeks with no chance of running, so... Anyway, it ached enough afterwards that I realised it needs a few days of rest. Frustrating. Still hoping I might be able to run an autumn HM - if I can find one in the area. Can't go for Barns Green at the end of September because I'm Race Director for my club's 5-mile XC race, the Switchback 5, on the same day! I'd love to aim for the Jog Shop Jog 20 in October but I'm not sure I can increase to that distance by then, which is a shame. Got to think long term with this tendon injury, give it and all the other soft tissues a chance to repair, regenerate and adapt to compensate for the damage.

11/08/2014 at 12:43

Debra - I haven't forgotten that it's your fault that my legs are mashed today, you got me in to this ultra malarkey !!! Good advice about Ladybower. I think I could get away with not using my bladder for that one as there are 3 aid stations on the route plus, as you say, I can have provisions in my car. Sorry to hear about your latest setback but hopefully you will be back to full fitness soon.

Cheesy - as well as the extra baggage I was carrying round the back I have realized that I am also carrying too much around the front !

11/08/2014 at 13:08

carterusm: guilty as charged! Note: last year at Ladybower the water containers at the checkpoint were SLOW to run water - it would be faster to have spare bottles ready-filled in your car and just grab them, or even to have a large bottle and fill smaller ones from that, at your car. (I really envied the lady I ran with on the second long lap - her husband came and met her, on a bike, about a mile from the checkpoint, she gave him instructions, and all she had to do when she got there was hand him her empty bottles and take full ones and food from him, and off she went! I lost 5-10 minutes getting myself sorted before heading out for the last lap. Oh well).

Edited: 11/08/2014 at 13:09
12/08/2014 at 11:37

So thinking about my next ultra, can anyone suggest a good one, maybe a 45/50 mile distance, nothing insanely hard, just the next step up from the Salisbury 54321, 50km, country to capital in January, perhaps?

12/08/2014 at 12:15

Danke - after having done my first 50km I have got the Ladybower 50 lined up on 21 Sep. It's a nice easy introduction to this distance with only gentle, rolling paths. Total elevation is only about 4000ft and you will be running on either road, compacted dirt/gravel, grass/trail. It's 3 circuits of the Ladybower, Derwent and Howden reservoirs in the Peak District and offers some beautiful views

13/08/2014 at 09:31

I have also seen the LONGMAN 34 Mile run in Brighton, does anyone know much about this, looks llike a nice one, good scenery and some medal bling for finishers ( i am a sucker for a medal )....

don't think I want to get into 50 miles Ultra's this year, 30/35 milers to end the year i think...just one more!



13/08/2014 at 09:41

Country to Capital is possibly one of my favourite ever races - and it will keep you honest over the festive period  James Adams wrote a great blog about why it's an ideal first ultra after this year's event...


 Which reminds me - I really ought to pull my finger out and enter the 2015 event

Edited: 13/08/2014 at 09:42
13/08/2014 at 09:42

Dank-art, don't know about that one, but if you are looking for a lovely ultra then Round Ripon 35 in October is great. I did it last year as my first ultra and loved it. Good organisation, very friendly, fairly flat first half and then a few more testing hilly bits in the second half, beautiful Yorkshire Dales scenery. Run by Go Beyond who have a great reputation.

13/08/2014 at 09:50

Country to Capital looks good too! Too much choice...I am off to Peru for two weeks in early November so didn't want an ultra too close to then, for recovery and possible injury . sore muscles....but saw the Round Ripon, and it looks good too!

) update (

Post ultra blues have made me sign up for country to capital 2015! Really looking forward to tackling the 45 miles, looks like a good one.....All the other decent ultras i have seen for the remainder of this year fall on dates I am working or away, so doesn't look like i'll be doing another this year, maybe a couple of half marathons....


Edited: 13/08/2014 at 17:19
19/08/2014 at 08:21

I have started running again,today 5 miles and last week did a 6 mile run only once, but do feel quite fatigued from the start...am I rushing back into running too quickly, bearing in mind I did my first ultra only 8 days ago....

20/08/2014 at 13:38

Well, it was a DNF for me at the SVP100  mainly caused by a sicky stomach at around 26-7 miles which stopped me from taking on anything and having to walk as even running made it go off at that time! No water or food is draining on energy! So could not do more than walk for 6-8 miles.  It also helps set off cramps in weak legs .... Anyway, I did get that sorted after another runner suggested some really big gulps of water to induce a projectile vomit to clear out my stomach! it worked!  and I settled down to a steady trot again, but was chasing cuttoffs from that point on.

After I cleared 42 miles, I found out what had caused the sicky, it appeared to be my fructose based energy drink, as I had just refilled with it again at Lamarsh and within a few miles It was off again walking, but this time I couldnt manage a clear out  By the time I got to 51 miles, I was totally drained of both energy and the will to continue, knowing that I couldnt make the cuttoffs at the speed I was down to, so took the very hard decision to drop. Still, despite the problems I had beaten my 50 mile time so was a little happy .... and got a beer down eventually too!

The course was excellent but tough, the day great, the organisation superb, and the people, runners and helpers and especially my Crew were brilliant 

Now to decide what to do next .... 

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