wannabe ultra runner?

share your ambitions/goals/training here on a 'newbie ultra' thread........

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10/08/2011 at 20:58


That pretty much covers the salient points!

10/08/2011 at 22:22
Hmmm Frodo think I beat you to the link.....
11/08/2011 at 06:54

Re IM vs Ultrarun

I have done IMs and this year I DNF at Double IM (I managed the 4.8 mile swim and got 150 mile through the bike but retired with injured knee)

I would say that IM training is harder to fit in to a normal life as you need to manage all three disciplines and also find the time for 4-5 hour bike rides. When you get into ultra tris and start having  to fit in 10 - 12 hr training rides and 4 mile practice swims then it does get a bit silly.

Ultra run training you can fit in the miles as the opportunities arise and I think the most important sessions are back to back 15-20 milers which with early starts are relatively easy to fit in for the majority of people. I definitely feel less pressure in terms of ultra marathon training than I do for IM training

I definitely find the triathlon scene incredibly friendly (if somewhat bonkers) at the ultra end of things in exactly the same way that Ultra marathons are. I think because we are in both cases a relatively small sub set of a larger sporting fraternity we have a great sense of cameraderie and mutual purpose/suffering which breaks down all barriers.

For most of my ultra friends in both sports I have little idea, and never give any real thought to as to their jobs, backgrounds etc, I just know them as kindred spirits who love the idea of testing themselves both mentally and physically to find out who/what they are and what they are capable of (and also normally share a dislike of public transport and sitting on their backside watching tv)


11/08/2011 at 07:57

morning all Duracells....didnt manage to log back on  last night,veggie boy , i think you said it perfectly there...even on long running threads id say most of the forumites i know and chat to i have no idea what thir day jobs are, and it doesnt matter as li you say, its the choice of running together/doing same thing that matters......yes i too only just manage to sit in a car for as long as it takes to get to work (15mins!)i hate long journeys and watch very little TV....yes for me  i like the idea of wondering just how far my body will go and what it can do...

...i dont think IM is something id want to get into , as like you say the training is of greater proportions and not easy to fit into daily life.....

11/08/2011 at 18:38

Hello folks, hope you dont mind a new voice in your discussions. Have recently started looking into ultra running and getting more and more drawn to the idea. I am planning on some trail runs this autumn with my second marathon in the spring, after that I think I might go for it. I am not a fast runner but seem to be able to run for a long time.

 This might be a really stupid concern but I am worried that at 46 I might have left it a bit late to attempt something like this - i have run on and off for about 10 years but really only started taking it seriously in the past year. Any opinions would be appreciated, Thank you

11/08/2011 at 19:11

i dont think you are ever old Karen-if you can do it ...you can do it!...what trail reaces are you thinking of doing?

11/08/2011 at 19:28

In June I did the Picnic Mara (6000ft of ascent off road) on the Saturday, and then a 10.5m secton of the Ridgeway Relay on the Sunday. Ok I was absolutey Fecked afterwards and my hams spent many weeks teling me I was a nasty person, but I did it. I hadn't specifically trained for it, I just wondered how my body would react with a view to doing an ultra next year. Seems like I'm capable, just need to decide which one......

Karen, I started running a couple of years ago and I'm a couple of years younger than you. I did the Snowdonia Mara last year. Noticed when I was looking at the results a couple of 70+ people beat me so I should have 30 odd years of running ahead of me before I think that Mara's may be the furthest I can go!

11/08/2011 at 20:28

Thank you loulabel and Chimney, If im honest I feel my body can do it, just didnt want to feel daft as an older runner trying to run a first ultra.

 Im running a 10 mile local off roader in Sept and one of the Mucky Races runs in Nov then a half at the end of the year before proper marathon training for April. Was thinking I would like to use and build on that marathon fitness and look for an ultra after that. Dont really know when I should be looking to run it though.

Right now I am workin on 10k distance, I bloody hate it but have been doing the work since Aprils marathon and have brought av speed down by a couple of mins a mile, one more 10k race in 3 weeks time, then back to longer distances and endurance stuff.

12/08/2011 at 05:54


I will be 46 this year and only started running Ultra's last year

My running buddy is 50

Ultra's are suited to us more experienced types - the youngsters get bored too easily and have nothing to talk about after 10 hours!

12/08/2011 at 07:39
morning!!!!!!!!!!!! um, am i a youngster then?....im 35-...will i get bored?...lol....im not  an experienced ultra runner!....
12/08/2011 at 07:42

what is your 10k time karen? have to admit although i enter a lot of 10ks i feel my body more suited to longer distance...its just more me. i have a 10k in sept, oct , and dec and   a HM in sept but after those i think i will concentrate on training much longer distances...ive been doing my usual 13mile run at weekends for a whike now so its comfortable..time to push it up to 18 /20...

12/08/2011 at 08:29

Veggieboy - totally agree with your comments re IM training vs ultra training in that IM training is more time consuming and harder to fit round a normal life. Having some some serious IM training previously, notching up to 17-20 hours/week with a 5-6 bike on Saturday morning, 2.5hr run Sunday morning etc it becomes pretty anti-social and selfish. You also need to have your bike with you to cycle or a swimming pool nearby to swim. Running - just chuck on your kit and away you go.

However, varying 3 sports tends to load the body differently so can be easier to recover from whereas mainly running with a little cross training uses mainly the same muscles so can take more recovery.

 Karen - I'm 46 too, and having a 2nd lease of running life and enjoying it just as much. Age is no boundary especially in endurance/ultra terms.

12/08/2011 at 08:42

Speed and power may decrease with age, but endurance builds, I'm just starting at 37 and I feel like a youngster! I'm actually better at the shorter stuff, but get more satisfaction from the longer distances so that's what I'll concentrate on.

Rich is spot on about the IM training, the variety is great, but it does take some organisation as it's not as simple as just going out the front door. I loved the IM training, but am now feeling like I want to simplify things - forget about kit, planning, transitions etc - and just run.

12/08/2011 at 09:31

I am still running and swimming just not to the extent I was earlier this year. What I love about running is that it really has no limitations and you get a sense of freedom that the others just don't give

Once NDW100 is over tomorrow I expect I won't run long again for about a month and will just bike and swim 

12/08/2011 at 10:42
Thats it then - ultras here I come, cheers people x
12/08/2011 at 17:02
tiago, i know how you feel..sometimes i get so caught up in trying to think of planning runs and how far and what time etc i forget to just go for a run and enjoy it. i make an effort every now and then to run without a watch so i just forget all that and enjoy the run itself
12/08/2011 at 20:57
Dropping in to say Hi. I signed up the to the London Ultra (50k) last night (my first), and feeling really excited about it this evening.

Someone mentioned about the Ultraladies schedule not being too popular with the experienced ultra-runners, can anyone give insight as to why ? I was going to follow this schedule (I'm a bloke and it looks good to me, but what do I know). Can someone recommend a training schedule. I'm running Dublin Marathon end of October and looks like I'll be jumping straight into 15 week Ultra schedule

Thanks in advance
12/08/2011 at 22:42
My name's Niceirondad and I think I might want to be an ultra-runner...
Never done more than the 26.2, although have an IM in the bag (hence name!).
The Oner is pulling me, not sure why - love the hills, love the sea, love night running, but it feels nuts even thinking of doing it. Don't want to get old not having had a crack I guess.
Not in comfort zone.
Night all.
12/08/2011 at 22:56

stefkirl, i think the ladies ultraplan looks fine and i compared to one on mens health and they were the same...when is london ultra, 50k is a good start distance for my first ultra too..

...niceirondad, a night run is something id love to do too maybe this october if i can find one locally, think there was a halloween one somewhere near me last year-thatd be fun....

..yeah i kinda want to do the ultra thing so when im old i can say, ha, look what granny did!' -lol

12/08/2011 at 23:48
Hi all,next year i'll make a jump into world of ultra with London ultra being my first ultra race.Also planing to do Kent50 in the summer.Running Berlin next month,my 5th mara, on the day of my 50th and then plan to folow Ladies ultraplan.Stefkirl,this plan looks fine to me too .
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