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15/02/2016 at 14:16

After a cutback week I have now started my last 2 big weeks of training before tapering for HM55. The legs are starting to feel really good now and my change to a low carb high fat diet is paying dividends; in addition to losing a stone this year I've now managed a 21 mile fasted run and it felt pretty good. I'm almost down to my target weight for this race which should hopefully help as well. I've got a couple of little niggles at the moment but hopefully that's all they are. I've been transitioning to a midfoot strike and I've been getting a bit of discomfort just to the side of my knee but not quite to the outside where I have had ITB issues in the past. My thoughts are now turning to the logistics including trying to make sure I can fit all the mandatory kit into my race vest. Hotel booked as is the bus to the start line. I just need to get myself to the start line injury free

17/02/2016 at 14:43

Very exciting about the Spine Challenger booktrunk! Have you heard whether you are in yet?

carterusm - lots of things put me off LCHF! I'm not one for following a particular diet - I'm very much a believer in everything in moderation! Plus with 2 young children (5 and 3) who would eat pasta every meal if allowed it is not a very practical proposition. I also don't think it would be the right thing performance wise, because as well as my ultra running I also do a lot of orienteering which requires high intensity and speed.

I've been listening to an interesting Radio 4 programme about food and running: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06tq3tk

It has some interesting stuff in Part 1 about high carb versus high fat diets (not listened to Part 2 yet!).

Sounds like you have been getting some good training in and that the diet is working well for you. I have a similar plan and currently doing my last 2 big weeks before HM55, including a trip to the Lake District next week for some hilly recces on the Lakeland course, which will get some welcome climbing into my legs! Been feeling a bit of a cold coming on for a few days, so drinking lots of water and trying to get plenty of sleep and hoping to hold it at bay!

17/02/2016 at 15:18

LNandB: yeah, for my sins i'm in

(got pretty much everything, Might need a pair of shoes/boots)

Also want to look at a smaller sleeping bag, mine is just way to large even compressed down when you throw everything else into the bag.

So now it's just keep on training and getting outside when i can. Make myself as comfortable as I can be with being outside. which isn't as easy for some as i'm a sad techie that sits in front of a computer all the time.

19/02/2016 at 14:27

That's great news booktrunk. Busy year for you!

19/02/2016 at 15:15

BT - congratulations, rather you than me on that one !

LNandB - Most people are quite sceptical about LCHF until they see you get results. I've had a couple of people asking me about it at work after they commented that I had lost weight. Enjoy the lakes, hopefully the weather will be kind to you. My friend went running up there earlier this week and they reported a wind chill of -15 on the peaks.

So, I've spent the last few days ordering new kit, as you do, and it has all now arrived. I packed it all into my racing vest, or at least attempted to, when I discovered that it was only a 7L vest and I thought I had bought the 12L version (I bought it a few months ago). I had to cram everything and it didn't seem as though it was going to be particularly easy to get things in and out. I can't justify a new bag after paying out all that money for new kit so I moved things about, added some stuff into a bum bag and now everything seems fine. I am putting it to the test tomorrow with 25 miles around Burbage, Padley Gorge, Abney, Shatton, Ladybower and back to Burbage. 

22/02/2016 at 08:32

A tough day out on Saturday. Right from the very start I had little energy and my legs felt heavy. There were also a few miles in the woods that were very muddy and this seemed to drain out any remaining energy I had. A couple of gels failed to help so I decided to call it a day and head back for the car. So, 7 miles later with lots of climbing and plenty of strong gusts I made it back to the car with a total of 8 miles and 2,400ft of climbing done. I averaged just under 13 min miles which, all things considered, wasn't too bad really. All my new kit worked well and kept me fairly dry and warm so that was a plus. My vest and bumbag set up worked ok as well so I think that is sorted for race day. Yesterday, I decided to go out and see how the legs were and test out the new headtorch. I headed up for Burbage Bridge in rather strong winds and heavy rain. I felt pretty good and made my way nearly to the top but the wind was incredibly strong and literally brought me to a standstill on a few occasions. The descent was rather rapid too. A total of 11+ miles in 9.30 and the legs felt so much better than Saturday. A good finish to the week with a total of 54 miles done. One more big week and then it's taper time.

22/02/2016 at 22:13

my oh and I are driving up at 5:30-5:45 am on the day so should get there around 8ish... (McDonalds mcmuffin and hash brown from motorway services for breakfast).

Then basically he will sod off for the day. Might chat on the phone and possibly manage one hello visit, but I don't think so, and I'll hopefully see him at the finish around 11pm (he will just wander around for the day with the dog, and spend the evening in a pub). then we will drive home, hopefully not to much cramp from sitting in the car for 2.5 hours.

i offered to rent a hotel room, but like me he's bloody stingy and doesn't want to spend money

(yeah, he has no idea I'm signed up for the spine, not told him I've spent £325, and £95 for a hotel room, so £420). 

Edited: 22/02/2016 at 22:16
23/02/2016 at 00:14

Carterusm: giggle did you post in the hardmoors group about your pack? ... Bit of stalking  

i'm completely u decided on slab12 or raidlight 14. Thinkin pg the 14 a bit heavier, but I might end up with thst et Lakeland so will be good practise... Then again the slab is higher on my back so can wear a belt or waistbag with it. (Can stuff all the things I want to get to easily in the waist bag). Decisions, decisions guess I should try one of each over the next two weekends. 

Pif you are still struggling with bags can always just post you my slab12 if you want to borrow it for the race. It's the s/m 

24/02/2016 at 11:28

BT - yes, that was me. I don't mind asking silly questions if it gets me the answer I need ! I think I'm all sorted now but thanks for the offer.

I did a double day yesterday, 9 miles at lunch and 8 miles at night. I felt pretty good and strong so Saturday's rubbish run is behind me now. One long run on Saturday left and then it's time to taper. I'm starting to feel it a bit now so will be glad to take it easy for a while before the race

26/02/2016 at 15:53

That's me done with my long runs in preparation for HM55 and I'm now tapering. 20 miles this morning around the Hope Valley were very tough indeed. Mud and ice up Jacob's Ladder and even more up Kinder. It was freezing cold up top even with 6 layers on ! The knees were absolutely battered at the end and I'm very happy to be able to put my feet up for a while....

27/02/2016 at 14:20

Snap carterusm! Last 20 miler done for me this morning and now time to taper. This is the first race I have allowed myself a taper for this year and looking forward to a few quieter weeks!

27/02/2016 at 15:10

Arrrrgh someone asked on the hardmoors forum about best price for the Petzl ano, so I said allbatteries, but then someone said yeah go outdoors will price match it and another 10% off, and like a sucker I couldn't resist so ended up just ordering one myself, just emailed them asking about the price match and they emailed me back, then just had to phone them and place the order or could have ordered and done it through store hehe.

06/03/2016 at 17:26

After two weeks of no long runs (and 10 days no running) with an apparent groin strain that turned out to be a tight adductor, ran 26.25 (plus a few hundred yards when I'd forgotten to restart my watch) this morning, with more than half off-road, which I always prefer. Since I was taking it steady for the adductor (which still isn't 100%, but is okay if I don't push the pace) I also decided to run it fasted to remind my body about fat burning, and that worked well. Didn't feel any need for intake of Kendal Mint Cake or anything the whole run. Did have water with Elete electrolytes in (which I highly recommend - no flavouring, you really don't taste it, and you can put more/less in as suits you).

Couple of 15-minute sessions of sports massage has really helped the adductor. From now to Comrades I'm intending to get a 15-minute sports massage every couple of weeks - catch any niggles and get them sorted early.

07/03/2016 at 14:40

Debra nice work, good to see you get a decent lonf run in.

LNandB - how is the taper going ?

BT (or anyone really) - talk to me about the Petzl Nao. I've just got one but am struggling with the settings. I set up a profile so that when on reactive lighting the battery will last about 6.5 hours. However, when I went running in the woods the other night only one of the lights came on despite it being pitch black where I was expecting the second light to come on as well. It comes on when on normal setting but obviously I'm trying to save battery life too. When it's on reactive setting it's still giving off a decent amount of light. So, is this how it's meant to work i.e. it might be pitch black but the light it is offering me should be sufficient so it's not switching the second light on or is this completely user error (probably) and I haven't set it up right ? Ta

09/03/2016 at 10:11

Glad you are getting some good running in Debra.

carterusm - taper is going OK, but unfortunately children have over-shared and I now have a cold. Taking a couple of days off in the hope of shifting it quickly and keep telling myself there is plenty of time to go...

13/03/2016 at 09:47

Just back from D33 as trainig for the fling- am feeling not too bad today, and am now unsure whethe to take it easy this week, or just get straight back into my trainig plan, which includes some faster stuff- I'm modifying a P&D marathon plan, as I feel endless plodding just encourages me to slow down, and I was pleased to see that the "run" sections of my run/walk yesterday were reasonabley fast, even at the end, - the run intervals just got shorter and shorter.

6 weeks to go to the fling, so if I can get in another solid 3 weeks before I start to taper, I'll be happy. Can't really afford to ease up for a week!

13/03/2016 at 11:35

Well that was a crap week. Had a bit of a cold, and didn't rest and it bit me in the bum Monday, and had a bit of an asthma attack on Monday morning. 

spend Monday to Thursday in bed. takes what feels like forever to recover from one, but hopefully my running fitness has helped and I even managed to walk 7km yesterday, so feeling better lungs are back up to around 85% of what I can normally blow on my spirometer thingy! 

What a bleeping annoying thing to happen!! Not sure if I should just completely forget about hardmoors55 and sulk, or just rest, maybe do a gentle 5k tues/wed. Then see how I feel. Friday. before I took up running an asthma attack wiped me out for ages, now I feel pretty darn good less than a week after so fingers crossed.

13/03/2016 at 12:45

Sounds like  a real pain, booktrunk, but hopefully you'll recover in time for the race. Given that we're not usually running at a pace that makes you breathless, during an ultra, hopefully it won't be such a big deal as it would be for a shorter, faster race.

Guess it depends whether it was simply an asthma attack, or whether you have a post- viral chest infection.

Good luck.

14/03/2016 at 09:32

Glad you had a good run tricialitt. If you didn't race it and feel fine, then I would have thought you would be fine to get straight back into your training, although you may need to be careful about the speedwork for a couple of weeks - maybe try an easier session this week and if that is fine then you could get back into your planned speedwork programme.

Feel your pain booktrunk. I still haven't managed to shift my cold/cough. Haven't run for a week now and going slightly stir crazy! I'm hoping to manage a gentle run on Wednesday and then go for it at the weekend!

14/03/2016 at 10:26

BT - hopefully you will make it to the start line at the weekend. If not, there are plenty more races out there so make sure you don't risk making things worse for yourself.

Tricilitt - I agree with LNandB. Have a couple of days rest and then go for a nice easy trot to loosen the legs up a bit. Sounds like you had a well executed strategy at your race and feeling 'not too bad' the day after is always nice !

LNandB - I'm sure your cold will have gone by the weekend. All the hard miles are done now so having an easy week should benefit you.

I've had a bit of a cold too which has hung around longer than usual. It's only man flu though so nothing serious ! I went for a lovely 5 mile run on Saturday and if the weather is anything like how it was then we are in for a cracking day. Bib number 74 on Saturday so give me a wave if you pass by my on the Cleveland Way....

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