Can't log out & profile won't update....

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28/06/2013 at 17:25

Can't log out....And....

Trying to update profile, but it just writes it as one long paragraph with no punctuation, which is hard to read, & won't update info.


28/06/2013 at 19:18

Lots of people are having the same won't be fixed until Monday now.

Same old, same old I'm afraid.

30/06/2013 at 12:24
Gertie wrote (see)

If you're desperate to logout then use this link:

and it'll log you out.


03/07/2013 at 13:43

Thanks....Still broken!


04/07/2013 at 00:29

I just noticed that when I try to log out, I remain logged in, but the nice predominently blue page background turns a sort of jade green.


08/07/2013 at 15:47

Hi All,

It seems the logout problem is exclusive to Google Chrome and is resolved it you delete cookies, please see below on how to do this. (History/Clear Browsing data/ Select “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” / Click “Clear Browsing data).

The pirate symbol issue is under review by tech team, apologies.



08/07/2013 at 15:49

My weekly mileage is still "a few pounds", though!  

09/07/2013 at 15:17

Afternoon all,


First time poster so please go gently on me. I have been trying (last night and today) to update my profile and it keeps sending me to the "ooooops something went wrong" screen.


Is this a known problem or is it user error?


Many thanks



09/07/2013 at 15:39

Hi Rich,

you've picked a bad time to start using the site as it is currently "knacked" (to use a technical term)

we're all waiting for it to be fixed...


09/07/2013 at 15:47

Cheers for letting me know Daz.


The site might be knacked, but I am enjoying going through the information contained - at least the members are on form even if the website software isn't!!

seren nos    pirate
09/07/2013 at 16:21

Rich did you manage to think up such a dodgy sounding name

09/07/2013 at 16:33


seren nos wrote (see)

Rich did you manage to think up such a dodgy sounding name

My parents have to take credit for it - it seems that despite what I thought as a child they did infact have a sense of humour!

09/07/2013 at 23:49

@Anne RW

Hi Anne,

I don't use Chrome.  I  use firefox (I tried clearing my history)...  and I also just tried internet explorer, and the log off function doesn't work on either.

27/08/2013 at 04:14

Still broken.....2 months on....I don't reckon anyone from admin ever reads anything on here to be honest.....

29/08/2013 at 13:21

I know - trying to update my forum name but won't save it..........

But then that's hardly a surprise is it?


09/09/2013 at 16:33

I can't log out again!

09/09/2013 at 16:52

Can't stay logged in myself. Have to log in three times a day. At least.

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