Being 'outed'!

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15/10/2003 at 14:28
I like to keep my identity private, and happily there's an option to let you do that, via the'My Page' thingy. The problem is that it has been changed to public twice now without my permission - God knows how long it was like that before I noticed.

Obvously I can change my name to something daft in case it happens again, but I don't want to - apart from anything else, it's a pain when registering for races online.

So anyway, when you say things will be kept private, can you please keep them private? Ta!
15/10/2003 at 14:31
p.s. no, no-one could have accessed my PC and changed it.
15/10/2003 at 22:18
Are you famous then?
15/10/2003 at 22:28

Er.... no.

Weren't you in Blake's Seven?
16/10/2003 at 18:56
Swerve, we'll look into that - our apologies. These things are usually caused at the member's end, but you say not. I'll get on to our tech people

Sean, RW
17/10/2003 at 20:06

ALMOST found out whose those legs were...
17/10/2003 at 20:11
In my youth Swerve
18/10/2003 at 00:43
members end

fnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr !
02/11/2003 at 19:12
Happened again, RW.
02/11/2003 at 19:15
Ah! Think I've spotted why - if you change your nickname (or other details), you change from hidden to public. Probably shouldn't happen, but at least (I think) I know how to avoid it.

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10 messages
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