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17/01/2006 at 11:43
I'm considering subscribing to Telewest – they currently offer Broadband (2MB), digital TV (40 channels) and phone line at £30 per month – I have to commit to a minimum of one year’s subscription - does any one have any experience of dealing with this company – good or not so good?

How do they treat their customers - for example are they the type of company that answers the pnone within three rings to a sales enquiry but will keep you holding on for hours for a service-related enquiry? Would I be better off with a package from BT/Sky?
17/01/2006 at 12:11
I've been with them for about 18 months with the same deal I think. They keep upgrading my broadband speed for free! - the deal originally had 512k as standard but now I'm on 2M. The Teleport TV service is quite good too if you miss a program or feel like watching a film. Apparently there's a new version coming out soon called the TV Drive that can record stuff has HDTV and can watch or record 3 programs at the same time.

First problem I had with the service was two weeks ago when the set-top box started freezing, resetting itself and generally not working very well but they sent an engineer round to replace it after one phone call so I can't really complain.
17/01/2006 at 12:16
I've been with Telewest for the last year and apart from one time when 5,000 homes were down in our area for most of a day the service has been ok. The men that installed it were very professional, but cleared me out of coffee and biscuits!

My phone bills are less than BT.

Can't comment about the TV as I haven't given in to the kids' nagging yet.
17/01/2006 at 13:32
same as Fife really, including the biscuits wolfed down.
Excellent service and very patient every time I call the helpline as the thing does not work because my computer is unplugged ;)
18/01/2006 at 11:38
Thanks for the responses - have looked at a few reviews on the internet (some very mixed reviews) and have decided to subscribe to the 3 for £30 offer - next thing is to purchase a home computer.

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5 messages
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