Gear Pick of the Week: Adidas Evil Eye Pro sunglasses

Adidas Evil Eye Pro (£155)

Kerry says: Stop squinting during your sunny summertime runs and protect your eyes with Adidas Evil Eye Pro S sunglasses.

Many runners find it hard to find the right sunglasses - no-one wants bothersome slippage, sweat around the eyes and frustrating fogged lenses.

These shades block the sun - and runners' worries - with their traction grip arms and two height level options on the nose bridge.

Runners need a sharp, clear view to be aware of surroundings and to optimize safety. Along with a wide angle of vision due to ultra curved lenses, these glasses include a ventilation system to keep fog at bay. Strong light variations are stabilized through the lenses ensuring a crisp view and a safe run even on the sunniest of days.

100% UVA protection and multiple frame and lens colour options make these sunglasses an excellent addition to every runner's kit bag.

Buy it now from the Runner's World Store!

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