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4 reasons runners need to start swimming
Presenter Gethin Jones tells us how to swim for success

How to build stamina fast
Harness mental strength with the help of Aaron Ramsey and New Balance to score match-winning stamina.

Aaron Ramsey's stamina-boosting tips
Scoring superior stamina is simple if you give yourself a mental edge, says New Balance ambassador Aaron Ramsey.

The simple steps to a winning mindset
British tennis star Heather Watson shows us how to tune your mind for success.

Heather Watson's 5 top tips for beating your personal best
The golden girl of British tennis serves up her strategy for unlocking your potential.

The 3 move at-home endurance boosting workout
Try Millie Cotton’s equipment-free stamina-boosting moves to help you run further than ever.

3 brilliant ways to build running stamina
We caught up with Instafit New Balance Ambassador Millie Cotton to discover how she builds stamina and muscular endurance.

How to pace your run
Running out of steam? Preparation and mental strength is key to creating the perfect pacing strategy

How to eat to boost your stamina
If you can’t finish a long run, it’s often your nutrition that’s to blame. Fuel up the right way with these tips

3 simple yoga moves for runners
If running leaves you feeling tight and sore, use these yoga moves from New Balance Ambassador Shona Vertue to loosen up and ward off injury.

The best workout moves for runners to build leg strength
We caught up with PT and yogi Shona Vertue to find out the moves you need to build stronger legs.

How to build strength for long distance running
Maximise your strength and smash your personal best with these tips.

The runner's strength training plan
The ultimate guide to unleashing your true running potential.

Q & A: Team New Balance Manchester
Team New Balance Manchester talk ‘Always in Beta’ from New Balance

Haile Gebrselassie: Career in pictures
Discover the highs and lows of Gebrselassie's extraordinary racing career.

5 essential tips to maximise your potential
World champion triathlete Non Stanford reveals the strategies you need to improve your running.

Non Stanford on how to build a winning mentality
World champion triathlete Non Stanford reveals how to master your mind and unleash your true athletic potential.

3 foam roller moves for runners
PT and New Balance ambassador Richie Norton demonstrates the three prep and recovery moves every runner needs.

How to run for longer
PT and New Balance Ambassador Ben Camara presents the tips you need to increase your mileage.

How to improve your endurance
Fitness blogger and New Balance ambassador Millie Cotton presents the moves you need to boost your stamina.

1 to 20 of 529 articles

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