Essential Guide to Children's Running

We've covered all the bases - from the best shoes to healthy limits

Posted: 25 May 2011
by Sam Murphy

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Setting Limits

Make sure your children don't exceed these recommended distances

The International Association of Athletics Federations offers guidelines on the maximum distance children should run in any one session. Weekly training mileage should not exceed twice these maximum distances.

It also advises that training frequency for those up to 14 years old should not exceed three sessions per week; teens aged 15-18 can train up to five times per week.

"What isn't clear is how these volumes should be adjusted for children who regularly take part in other sports," points out coach Chris Donald. "The guidelines may need adjusting depending on the particular circumstances of the child."

Under 9: Maximum distance: 3K
9-11: Maximum distance: 5K
12-14: Maximum distance: 10K
15-16: Maximum distance: Half-marathon(21.1K)
17: Maximum distance: 30K
18: Maximum distance: Marathon (42.2K)

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Essential Guide to Children's Running
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