Five tips from a fitness expert

Personal trainer Papillon Luck gives her five top tips to keep you running well this year.

by Lucy Trevallion

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1) Don’t: Believe running is the only training required to improve your PB times

Runners are passionate about - you guessed it - running. Trying to get them to focus on other forms of training which will benefit their endurance and offer them a chance to improve their PB times and overall fitness is often tough because they see the only way to improve their performance is to run.

The solution? You can still run but try incorporating some speed work into your programme. It’s nothing more complicated than running a bit faster at times. Pick a landmark in the distance and sprint at around 70% of your maximum speed until you reach it. Then focus on another further away and increase your maximum speed to 90%. Intersperse the sprints with jogging as your recovery period and add longer sprints to your training as you start to plateau. It breaks up the monotony of running long distances and done frequently, can have a real positive impact on reaching your PB record. Plus it doesn’t require any fixed distances so there’s no need to plan in advance - just go with it and watch your performance improve. 

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Five tips from a fitness expert
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Don’t: Eat & drink at the wrong time prior to running

Yeah... drink that pint of water an hour before your run, and then make sure you go for a wee before you start (especially if it's at a race) ... nothing like the starting gun to make you want a wee all of a sudden!

Posted: 02/01/2013 at 22:26

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