Five tips from a fitness expert

Personal trainer Papillon Luck gives her five top tips to keep you running well this year.

by Lucy Trevallion

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2) Don’t: Wear the same trainers for too long

You may have a cherished pair of trainers that you wore when you achieved your PB or won a race, but think rationally and remember that your achievements were not based solely on your ‘lucky’ footwear. Runners can become very superstitious about particular rites of passage on race days but at some point, your trainers need to be replaced. A lack of cushion and shock absorption which comes from wear and tear can result in injury. Even if they are your favourite pair, make sure you change your trainers every 500 miles.

If you’re loyal to a brand, stick with them but check out their new developments in trainers, they’ve come a long way! Make sure any change in footwear is done with enough time to train wearing the new shoes before a big race. After training hard, there's nothing more disheartening than to find yourself suffering on race day from new trainers.

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Don’t: Eat & drink at the wrong time prior to running

Yeah... drink that pint of water an hour before your run, and then make sure you go for a wee before you start (especially if it's at a race) ... nothing like the starting gun to make you want a wee all of a sudden!

Posted: 02/01/2013 at 22:26

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