Five tips from a fitness expert

Personal trainer Papillon Luck gives her five top tips to keep you running well this year.

by Lucy Trevallion

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3) Do: Find time to stretch

Finding time to stretch is an absolute must but it frequently gets overlooked as it’s considered a ‘luxury’ rather than a ‘necessity’. Stretching increases flexibility in tight hamstrings, calves, shins and quads and can prevent shin splints, runner's knee and lower back pain. It can also help prevent soreness following a run. If you don’t have time to stretch, then you need to shorten your run distance and make sure you fit in time to do some static stretching at the end. Your body will thank you for it and it will aid recovery, enabling you to get back to training faster. If you’ve not yet tried foam rolling, invest in a soft foam roller and roll it under each muscle group. When a tender area is found, maintain pressure on the tender area for 30 - 60 seconds. 

Stretches for runners

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Don’t: Eat & drink at the wrong time prior to running

Yeah... drink that pint of water an hour before your run, and then make sure you go for a wee before you start (especially if it's at a race) ... nothing like the starting gun to make you want a wee all of a sudden!

Posted: 02/01/2013 at 22:26

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