Five tips from a fitness expert

Personal trainer Papillon Luck gives her five top tips to keep you running well this year.

by Lucy Trevallion

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4) Don’t: Eat & drink at the wrong time prior to running

Eating the wrong food at the wrong time can result in indigestion as well as bowel and bladder problems for runners. Getting this right will require a little planning and maybe an earlier wake-up call but eating a breakfast of slow-releasing carbohydrates, low in fat and moderate in protein, two hours before you run can make all the difference to your performance. If you eat too close to running, it may give you cramps and nausea. If you can’t face waking up earlier in the morning to eat before you train, you can always fall back on an energy gel, protein shake or a carbohydrate drink. Don’t forget to refuel within an hour of your training and always include a mixture of carbohydrates and protein to recover and prevent post-run fatigue.

Drinking at the wrong time can also be problematic. If you’re doing a long run or a race greater than 8 - 10 miles, it’s important to make sure you’re well hydrated during the days leading up to your long run. You should be drinking plenty of water and non-alcoholic fluids. On the run day itself, an hour before you start running, try to drink one pint of water, then stop drinking to prevent your run being interrupted by an urgent toilet break!

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Don’t: Eat & drink at the wrong time prior to running

Yeah... drink that pint of water an hour before your run, and then make sure you go for a wee before you start (especially if it's at a race) ... nothing like the starting gun to make you want a wee all of a sudden!

Posted: 02/01/2013 at 22:26

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