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Keep it simple or crank it up

Are you looking for an easy way to complement your running with stretches and gentle, do-at-home exercises? Then follow our plan to improve your flexibility, build strength and hasten healing with just a resistance band, a foam roller, and your own bodyweight...

Or do you want to commit to full-body workout that needs a bit more equipment – and effort – a few times a week? Do this routine in the gym or invest in the kit to do it at home to build your runner’s body and reap the rewards of fewer injuries and improved performance.

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RE "You Win!" on page 147 - as I cannot find anywhere on your site!   Yes, Senor Anaya was 100% correct in his actions.   The Kenyan made a genuine mistake and running is not all about winning at any cost.   I've been running for many years, having completed 66 marathons, and have lost count of the times I have stopped during an event to help another runner in distress.   Worst example was a fellow runner who had collapsed in the gutter on the promenade towards the end of the Blackpool marathon a few years ago.   He was totally ignored by other runners, spectators and marshals.   I have completed in several events in Spain, inc the Las Palmas marathon, and have always been impressed by the sporting attitude of Spanish runners.   Senor Anaya was just maintaining this attitude.   Perhaps some of our professional footballers could learn a thing or two about sportsmanship from us runners!


Posted: 02/03/2013 at 13:15

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