Jess Ennis' Coach: Seven-Step Training Plan

Pick up training tips from Jess'coach Tony Minichiello to transform into a complete athlete and boost your running

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4. Core Strength

The Session: Foot-tap and arm-tap planks

1 Get into a plank position with your back straight, bum in line with the rest of your body and hands beneath your shoulders.

2 Lift your left arm 30cm to the left, tap it down, then return to the start position. Do 10 reps, then repeat with your right arm. That's one set. Do three sets of 20 with 60 seconds' rest in between. Repeat the action with your right leg, then your left leg.

Tony says: "You should be running tall, with your torso solid and strong so you don't lose energy controlling a weak mid section," says Minichiello. "This is what core strength is for. Jess needs it for the throwing events, but it also benefits her running."

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