Jess Ennis' Coach: Seven-Step Training Plan

Pick up training tips from Jess'coach Tony Minichiello to transform into a complete athlete and boost your running

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6. Planning

Minichiello offers a quickfire masterclass in the art of effective training planning:

1 "Make training non-negotiable, like eating. Get into the mindset that this is just something you have to do. For example, would you  go to work without having brushed your teeth? Well, don't go to bed without having trained."

 2 "Curb your enthusiasm: variety and hard work are great, but don't overdo it. The cardinal rule I have with Jess is that if something new goes in, something old comes out. Don't add to your workload without taking something out to compensate or you'll get injured."

 3 "Be flexible: don't follow a training plan slavishly if it doesn't fit in with your life, or you'll start cutting corners. Does what you're being asked to do work with your other commitments? If there are clashes, make tweaks. Split a long run into two shorter ones - say pre- and post-work. Life can get in the way, so keep alternative sessions in mind. Something is better than nothing."

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