Jess Ennis' Coach: Seven-Step Training Plan

Pick up training tips from Jess'coach Tony Minichiello to transform into a complete athlete and boost your running

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1. Speed

The Session: 4 x 40m sprints (with 3 mins recovery), then 4 x 300m sprints (with 6 mins recovery)

Tony Minichiello says: "Speed training in heptathlon is crucial as there's an element of it in every event - just as there is in every race distance for running, whether you're doing a 5K or a marathon," says Minichiello. "Jess does very short speed reps and then 'over reps', where she runs further than the race distance.

The short reps with long recoveries prime your  body for quick bursts of intensive energy. The over reps are performed in order to give the athlete confidence that they can run quickly beyond the required distance, so you know you're not going
to slow down towards the end of a race."

Illustrations: Peter Liddiard, Sudden Impact Media

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