Resistance Band Workout: Upper Body

Try this routine after a run to strengthen your upper body and core

Posted: 18 February 2011
by Ruth Emmett

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When you're sorted out for shoes, if you can only invest in one more piece of kit, make it a super-stretchy, versatile resistance band.

"I get my clients to use bands all the time," says running coach and RW contributing editor Nick Anderson ( "They can come back from their runs and pack in strength and conditioning work without going to a gym."

Bands are colour-coded according to their thickness. A thinner band (normally yellow or green) offers less resistance and an easier workout. Anderson recommends you chose a thin band to start with - you can always increase its resistance by making it shorter or doubling it up."It's tempting to let the band's recoil pull you back quickly, but that would nullify half your workout," Anderson says. "So keep it steady."

The bands let you isolate and work on particular muscle groups. For runners, who often neglect their upper body and core, this means you can balance out your runs with a full-body workout. Try this routine a couple of times per week, after a run.

Picture credt: Eleonora Ghioldi/ Getty Images

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I am doing resistence after my every 10KM run which is daily,,,,,,, is that OK? so far no problems, but I don't think I am eating enough....
Posted: 04/03/2011 at 16:56

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